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[10/28/2014] Orix Buffaloes: Chihiro Kaneko News and Notes

by on Oct.29, 2014 @ 3:42 am, under NPB

Some notes on Chihiro Kaneko:

  • Kaneko watched Game 3 of the World Series with some one from Arn Tellem's office.
  • Some dates to keep in mind: players have seven business days from the day after the last game of the Nippon Series to file their FA options; the Suzuki MLB All-Star Series will take place between November 10 and 20; players can be posted any time between November 1 and February 1 of the following year.
  • Kaneko could be worth anywhere from seven to ten million US dollars a year.

Source: Sanspo 10/28/2014, Sanspo 10/28/2014

Some Kaneko quotes taken from various sources:

  • "I felt experiencing American baseball first hand would be important for me. The fans were more passionate than I expected. I always liked the atmosphere of the stadiums. My feelings for wanting to play over there did not change after watching a game."
  • "It is not like 100 percent of my thoughts are on positing right now."
  • "I have a chance to face hitters from [the Majors] during the Suzuki All-Star Series. I would like to think things through again once [the series] is over."
  • "When I think about my future, I want to consider everything because my options include domestic free agency and the Majors."
  • "I want to consider all of my options. I would like to try playing [in the Majors]."
  • "They may have said it might be a possibility depending on results during [negotiations] last year. These opportunities don't come every year."

Source: Sponichi 10/28/2014, Sports Hochi 10/28/2014


Orix manager Hiroshi Moriwaki on where he thinks Kaneko will be next year:

We have never talked about the Majors. I believe he will be our opening day starter next year. I have no doubt about it, not even one percent.

It's important to respect [his desires] but I have not even one percent of a doubt. I feel he will be our opening day starter and he will try for [another] Sawamura Award and a championship.

Source: Sponichi 10/28/2014, Sanspo 10/28/2014


Kaneko's interaction with the media.


When did you start thinking about the Majors?

I never thought about it when I first turned pro, but with all the Japanese players going, I had more opportunities to watch games on TV. Reading articles about scouts coming to games also got me thinking about it.

How did your feelings for playing in the Majors increase?

In speaking to various people. I don't think opportunities like this come around every year. If there is a chance, then it means that becomes an option in my mind. There was no one thing that got me thinking about it, it just happened over time.

What about your love for Orix?

I only have love for Orix.

Source: Sponichi 10/28/2014

Sports Hochi:

What was your impression of the World Series?

I had an idea of it since I watched games on TV, but it exceeded by expectations. Things just sort of happened naturally, even without the fan cheers fans and instruments. I'm not a fan of either team, but I felt I had to stand when I saw other people get up (referring to standing ovations).

Did you tell the organization you were interested in the Majors during negotiations last year?

I never thought it would be a possibility when I turned pro, but I had more chances to watch [games] as more Japanese players when to the Majors. I also heard that scouts were coming during the season. I thought they were checking up on me.

Do you feel you can make it in the Majors? What about your love for the team?

I won't know unless I try. I only have love for Orix, since I've never played for another team.

What now?

I will have to be posted if I am to go. But that doesn't mean I'm thinking that 100 percent right now. As luck would have it, there is the Japan-US games so I'll be able to face [Major Leaguers]. I would like to think things through again once that's over.

Source: Sports Hochi 10/28/2014