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[11/5/2014] Practices suspended at Kanoya Chuo, Imabari Nishi manager slaps player

by on Nov.06, 2014 @ 5:30 am, under High School

The media learned on the 2nd that Kanoya Chuo High School suspended baseball practices because second-year students on the school team were physically assaulting a first-year teammate.

School officials informed the media a first-year student on the baseball team was physically assaulted by five second-year teammates at least six times from late-May to August. The second-year teammates were apparently punishing the first-year student for his practice methods. Acts included slaps to the face and kicks to the buttocks. The first-year student was also forced to sit with his legs folded underneath himself for a long period of time.


The incidents came to light in late-August when the first-year student said he wanted to quit the team. The student is now planning to drop out of the school.

All second-year students on the baseball team were suspended from practices for about three weeks beginning in late-September. A second suspension began on October 2 after the incidents reached the media.

Officials have not yet filed a report with the Kagoshima High School Baseball Federation because their top priority was dealing with the situation. They are expected to contact the federation shortly.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/2/2014, Yomiuri 11/3/2014


The Imabari Nishi High School baseball team manager slapped a second-year player three times on the cheek during the semifinals game of the Fall Shikoku Tournament on the 1st. The Ehime High School Baseball Federation director confronted the manager after the game and the manager admitted to slapping the player. The player did not suffer any injuries.

The school will file a report with the Ehime High School Baseball Federation after it finishes its investigation.

Source: Sponichi 11/5/2014, Yomiuri 11/6/2014