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[11/22/2014] Rakuten Eagles, Chiba Lotte Marines, Softbank Hawks, Nippon Ham Fighters

by on Nov.23, 2014 @ 3:58 am, under NPB

Rakuten Eagles

  • Hiromoto Okubo would prefer players not select ballads for their intro music. He thinks the slower music could put a damper on rallies. Source: Sanspo 11/22/2014
  • The Eagles announced that Toshiya Nakashima (34) has decided to retire. A retirement ceremony will be held during fan appreciation day on the 23rd. Nakashima will remain in the organization as a junior coach for the organization's youth baseball clinics. Source: official announcement

Chiba Lotte Marines

  • Most of the players that attended Kamogawa fall camp will likely be assigned to Ichi-gun spring camp next year. Source: Sponichi 11/22/2014
  • Hero Interview Award: fans selected Hideaki Wakui's hero interview from September 28 as their favorite for September/October. Wakui's interview racked up 201 of 651 votes. Alfredo Despaigne's hero interview on September 23 came in second with 197 votes. Source: official announcement

Softbank Hawks

  • There will be a championship parade in Fukuoka for the Hawks on the 24th. Owner Masayoshi Son, chairman Sadaharu Oh, and Nobuhiro Matsuda will be riding in car one; Koji Akiyama, Seiichi Uchikawa, and Ryota Igarashi in car two; president Yoshimitsu Goto, Kenichi Nakata, and Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce chairman Norio Sueyoshi in car three; pitchers and catcher in bus one; infielders, outfielders, and Pepper in bus two; Ikusei players, executive committee members, and the father dog in the tour bus. Source: Nikkan Sports 11/22/2014
  • The Hawks announced that Shintaro Ejiri (37) has decided to retire. The Hawks will hold a retirement ceremony during fan appreciation day on the 24th. Source: official announcement, Nikkan Sports 11/22/2014

Nippon Ham Fighters

  • Naoki Miyanishi was named the next team captain on Saturday. Source: official announcement
  • The Fighters have set up a strict three-year development program for Shohei Otani that kept him from being used as a position player during the Suzuki Japan All-Star Series. The three-year development program is slated to end after the 2015 season, which leaves open the possibility of Otani participating in the 2015 Premier 12 and the 2017 World Baseball Classic as both a pitcher and position player. Source: Sanspo 11/22/2014, Daily Sports 11/22/2014
  • Former Fighter Masaya Ozaki (30) has decided to retire. Ozaki attended the first twelve-team tryout on the 9th but did not receive any offers. He decided not to attend the second tryout on the 20th. Source: Sponichi 11/22/2014