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[11/25/2014] Orix Buffaloes: Chihiro Kaneko will likely have surgery to clean right elbow

by on Nov.25, 2014 @ 11:20 pm, under NPB

Chihiro Kaneko (31) told reporters earlier today that he was going to have surgery to clean his right elbow.

"They found a small piece of loose cartilage. It isn't in a complicated spot, but I have a chance at a quicker recovery if I have the procedure done sooner rather than later," said Kaneko.

Kaneko was examined at a hospital earlier today and is planning to get a second opinion on the 28th. Assuming he gets the same recommendation, he could have the procedure in late-November. If he goes under the knife, it will be his second elbow cleaning.

Kaneko's interaction with the media:

Why are you not going to ask to be posted?

I wanted to hear what MLB teams had to say by posting, but domestic teams showed a lot of interest so I decided to give it my best in Japan. I felt strongly about it and made the decision on the 21st.

What about the surgery?

It shouldn't be a complicated procedure. It came down to being the sooner I have the surgery, the quicker I can recover.

You also had your elbowed cleaned in 2011. How was that?

I have already had this procedure done before, so honestly, I'm not that worried. You could say that the early detection will allow me to get the surgery and rehab done, which means I'll be in better condition to pitch and I'll be able to show what I'm capable of when healthy.

What are your plans moving forward?

I'd like to hear what other domestic teams can offer and hopefully I'll be able to give an update.

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[UPDATE 11/26 @ 4:19pm]

Kaneko took a team physical on the 23rd and started feeling discomfort in his elbow while he was changing after he returned home. Loose cartilage was discovered when he visited a hospital in Kobe for tests (CT scan) on Tuesday morning. He will get a second opinion on the 28th. He plans to get the elbow cleaned if there is no change in the diagnosis. He could go under the knife as early as the 29th.

When Kaneko had his first elbow cleaning in February 2011, he made it back to the active roster in June. The Buffaloes believe it will take about three months for a full recovery.

The Buffaloes have promised to pay for all expenses, even though there is a chance he will sign with another team.

It should be noted that Kaneko is denying his decision not to ask Orix to post him this off-season had anything to do with his elbow.

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