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[12/7/2014] Yomiuri Giants, Hanshin Tigers, Hiroshima Carp, Chunichi Dragons, Yakult Swallows

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Yomiuri Giants

Hanshin Tigers

  • Shinya Azuhata (26) is planning to marry a twenty-six-year-old woman living in Aichi. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/7/2014
  • Kazuyuki Kaneda and Akira Iwamoto will be working out with Seung-Hwan Oh in Guam for about ten days in January. Source: Sanspo 12/7/2014, Sponichi 12/7/2014
  • Tsuyoshi Nishioka wants to compete as a middle infielder. Source: Sponichi 12/6/2014 ... Nishioka's divorce from model Naoko Tokuzawa (30) was recently finalized. Source: Sponichi 12/6/2014

Hiroshima Carp

  • Shota Dobayashi will use three different kinds of bats next season. Type 1: The same kind of bat he used this season (910 grams, thirty-four inches). Type 2: Same as Type 1, but lighter, between 880-900 grams. Type 3: Same as Type 1, but with a thicker handle. Source: Sponichi 12/7/2014, Daily Sports 12/7/2014

Chunichi Dragons

  • Katsuki Matayoshi faced Manny Ramirez three times while playing winter ball in the Dominican Republic. Ramirez went 1-for-2 with a walk. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/7/2014
  • The Chubu Sports Writers Club decided to give Daisuke Yamai their baseball MVP award. Source: Sanspo 12/6/2014

Yakult Swallows

  • Yoshihisa Naruse was using a Shota Dobayashi model bat this season. He will continue to use the same model, but will switch over to a Kazuhiro Wada bat handle. The bat will also be about ten grams lighter, between 880 and 890 grams. Source: Sponichi 12/6/2014

4 comments on “[12/7/2014] Yomiuri Giants, Hanshin Tigers, Hiroshima Carp, Chunichi Dragons, Yakult Swallows

  1. chris

    As an American, this is something that has always intrigued me.

    Why does it seem like every year there are a bunch of Japanese players who specifically train in Guam and Hawaii? Why not the Philippines, Taiwan, Australia, Malaysia or even Southern Japan? Wouldn’t these places be closer, potentially cheaper and still have warm weather?

    Those are both US territories, so I am curious what the connection is.

    1. fighting ham

      The Philippines: No infrastructure and typhoons.
      Taiwan: Not as warm.
      Australia: Desert in summer.
      Malaysia: What sport players train in Malaysia?
      Southern Japan: Not as warm.

      Besides weather, in those US territories, the Japanese language is spoken among Japanese Americans, expats, and some natives with years of dealing with Japanese tourists.

    2. Steve Novosel

      Guam’s closer than all those places, Hawaii is closer than Australia and about the same as Malaysia.

      Nobody would train in Malaysia because there are no facilities and the air is horrible.

      Hawaii is lovely, has great weather and all the facilities players need. Why wouldn’t people want to train there?

  2. chris

    Just as an addition to the above comment: I know Guam is relatively close, but compared to some of the other places I listed, it is still only closer by an hour or so. My point being, I feel like that is negligible.

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