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[12/26/2014] Japan Women’s Baseball League announces changes

by on Dec.26, 2014 @ 2:44 am, under Women's Baseball

The Japan Women's Baseball League announced changes to their league structure on Thursday. Beginning next season, each team in the league will be aligned with a specific region/location instead of a general direction.

  • East Astraia > Saitama Astraia
  • West Flora > Kyoto Flora
  • South Dione > Hyogo Dione
  • North Reia > Tohoku Reia

Tohoku Reia will become a development team for young players.

The season will begin in late-March and will be split into First and Second halves. An All-Star game will be scheduled between the two halves. About sixty games will be played in one year. Updated rosters have been posted at the official league site. [Direct links: Astraia, Flora, Dione, Reia]

Source: official announcement

One comment on “[12/26/2014] Japan Women’s Baseball League announces changes

  1. B

    I’m torn. I really liked Leia, they were my favorite team! Presumably, they are going to play actual games, as they do have management staff. Should be interesting how this is going to work. I get that this is probably a better idea overall, as 13 player rosters were clearly unsustainable. Guess I’ll have to root for Dione (because of Sato) now…

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