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[1/8/2015] Yomiuri Giants, Hanshin Tigers, Hiroshima Carp, Yokohama Bay Stars, Yakult Swallows

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Yomiuri Giants

  • Hirokazu Sawamura returned to Japan on Thursday. He spent the last month training in Hawaii. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/8/2015
  • Tetsuya Yamaguchi is about ninety-one kilograms. He is looking to drop five kilograms because he considers his ideal weight to be eighty-six. Source: Sponichi 1/8/2015
  • Senryokugai Kazuki Mori retired and started working for a security company this year. He plans to take college courses at night to earn a teaching degree. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/8/2015

Hanshin Tigers

  • First round draft pick Yuya Yokoyama has not done any throwing since the 21U World Cup in November last year (about two months). Source: Sports Hochi 1/8/2015, Daily Sports 1/8/2015 ... Yokoyama wants to avoid getting hurt and does not plan on throwing a ball until he feels his body is ready. He does not mind starting out at Ni-gun spring camp, so long as he manages to make it to Ichi-gun for the start of the season. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/8/2015
  • Tsuyoshi Nishioka has not prepared an outfielder's glove because the Tigers have not approached him about playing the outfield. He is still only focused on playing either second or short. Source: Daily Sports 1/8/2015 ... "First, I am thinking about second base. I feel so strongly about playing second or short, I'm almost willing to do it in a back-up role. I have not prepared an outfielder's glove and I have no intention of doing so. I also have no intention of being a back-up player," said Nishioka to reporters on Wednesday. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/8/2015 ... A slightly different quote on playing second: "When I joined Hanshin, they needed me at second, but I got hurt and [Hiroki] Uemoto stepped up and got the everyday job. When I was with Lotte, there were players like Makoto Kosaka, but when they got hurt, I won the job. Perhaps that kind of competition is good for the team. If I end up in the back-up role, then that's that. Of course, I don't intend to be a back-up player." Source: Sanspo 1/8/2015 ... Yutaka Wada would like to be the first person to talk to Nishioka about where he might be playing this season. Said Wada, "I'm sure he's already thinking about where he wants to play, but I have nothing to tell him at this point. But I things are going in a direction where that will change over the next few days and I'd like to be the first to tell him." Source: Sanspo 1/8/2015
  • Takashi Toritani could provide the Tigers with an answer some time early next week. Source: Sanspo 1/8/2015

Hiroshima Carp

  • If Kenta Maeda gets the opening day start on March 27, Hiroki Kuroda could start the third game of the season on March 29. "I would [ideally] like to give [Hiroki Kuroda] a chance to make his first start at Mazda Stadium. There's the fans to consider. It might also make it easier for him to get into the season. The first step is really important. I want to help him get into a good rhythm," said pitching coach Tatsumi Une. Source: Daily Sports 1/8/2015, Nikkan Sports 1/8/2015, Sponichi 1/8/2015

Yokohama Bay Stars

Yakult Swallows

  • The Swallows have informed the Yomiuri Giants about their compensation for losing Ryoji Aikawa. They have reportedly asked for a player and money. Source: Daily Sports 1/8/2015

4 comments on “[1/8/2015] Yomiuri Giants, Hanshin Tigers, Hiroshima Carp, Yokohama Bay Stars, Yakult Swallows

  1. IM

    If Toritani really wanted to play in MLB and could have gotten a major league contract from someone, he should have gone for it.
    Hanshin and their money were always going to be there, at 33 I doubt there will be another chance to play in MLB for him. But it’s probably pretty likely he didn’t end up getting much of an offer from any of the MLB teams.
    Hopefully Ichiro will get a MLB contract sometime soon.

  2. Patrick Wilson

    When you’re a star for your team and you get offered to change position, your offense gets questioned, only San Diego and Toronto seems to be intrigued… you maybe better staying put… Of course he is good enough to play in MLB…

    1. IM

      It just depends on what your personal priorities are.
      Mune Kawasaki has been a marginal MLB player, but I doubt he would give up the experiences he’s had, maybe guys like Nakajima wish they hadn’t gone. I would always suggest erring on the side of pursuing your dreams what ever they may be.

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