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[1/13/2015] Orix Buffaloes, Nippon Ham Fighters, Chiba Lotte Marines, Rakuten Eagles

by on Jan.14, 2015 @ 2:14 am, under NPB

Orix Buffaloes

  • Daiki Tomei threw about thirty pitches to a squatting catcher in the bullpen on Tuesday. This was his second session of the year (he tossed his first on the 10th). Source: Sponichi 1/13/2015

Nippon Ham Fighters

  • Shohei Otani told reporters on Monday he would not turn any members of the 2014 draft class away if they wanted to visit him in his room. Source: Daily Sports 1/13/2015, Nikkan Sports 1/13/2015, Sponichi 1/13/2015 ... Otani tossed 128 pitches during indoor batting practice to Ryo Watanabe on Tuesday. He told reporters it was like playing catch. Source: Daily Sports 1/13/2015, Sports Hochi 1/13/2015
  • Some are taking exception to Sho Nakata's hair styles and the way he sometimes chews gum during games. Acting owner Hiroji Okoso spoke up during a fan event in Sapporo on Monday and said he was okay with players expressing their individuality through their hair styles. He also said opinions can change based on the things players say and do and their public persona. Source: Sports Hochi 1/13/2015, Nikkan Sports 1/13/2015
  • First round draft pick Kohei Arihara currently weighs ninety-seven kilograms. He would like to get that down to between ninety-three and ninety-four. Arihara (right elbow) played catch at a distance of about thirty meters on Monday. Source: Sponichi 1/13/2015

Chiba Lotte Marines

  • The Marines announced on Tuesday that they signed Chad Huffman (29) to a new contract for the 2015 season. The deal is worth an estimated twenty-six million yen. Source: official announcement, Daily Sports 1/13/2015
  • Second round draft pick Eisuke Tanaka is trying to get about nine hours of sleep a night. He usually averages about seven, but increased it to nine because of the higher levels of stress and fatigue. Source: Daily Sports 1/13/2015

Rakuten Eagles

  • The media learned on Monday that fourth round draft pick Fernando Luciano had surgery on his left hand in December last year. Source: Daily Sports 1/13/2015
  • First round draft pick Tomohiro Anraku completed 104 shuttle-runs on Monday (sixth out of nine). Source: Daily Sports 1/13/2015 ... Luciano completed eighty-eight (ninth out of nine, only player that failed to reach 100). Ikusei first round draft pick Takumaru Yaoita completed 126 (first out of nine). Source: Sports Hochi 1/13/2015, Sports Hochi 1/13/2015 ... Ikusei second round draft pick Hiroki Osakaya completed 114 (third out of nine). Source: Nikkan Sports 1/13/2015
  • Anraku on his shoulder and elbow: "My shoulder and elbow are a consumable commodity so I'd like to discuss how to proceed with the trainers. When I was in high school, a part of me threw a lot on purpose. I want to play for twenty more years, so I don't want to overdo it." Source: Nikkan Sports 1/13/2015 ... Otani does not like throwing bullpen sessions because there are no batters to face. His velocity tends to remain below 140km/h. His fastball also tend to stay below 150km/h during practice games. Source: Sponichi 1/13/2015

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  1. EJH

    Nakata started chewing gum during the playoffs and then he started hitting homeruns. Some conservave jackasses might not like his gum chewing, but no Ham fan is going to complain. I think it helps him relax and hit better. Whoever suggested it to him deserves a raise.

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