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[1/17/2015] Yomiuri Giants, Hanshin Tigers, Hiroshima Carp, Chunichi Dragons, Yakult Swallows

by on Jan.18, 2015 @ 2:54 am, under NPB

Yomiuri Giants

  • Kan Otake is about four kilograms lighter than last year. Source: Chunichi Sports 1/17/2015
  • Toshiya Sugiuchi started cleaning his toilet before his starts when he was in a slump five years ago. In Feng shui, clean toilets can lead to good health and fortune. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/17/2015

Hanshin Tigers

  • The Tigers held a moment of silence at the Naruohama facilities on Saturday to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Great Hanshin Earthquake. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/17/2015
  • Tsuyoshi Nishioka had a follow-up exam on his right elbow on the 14th. He is making good progress and is close to regaining full-range of movement. He will most likely be assigned to Ichi-gun spring camp. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/17/2015
  • Second round draft pick Tsuyoshi Ishizaki, third round draft pick Taiga Egoshi, and fourth round draft pick Koki Moriya could be assigned to Ichi-gun spring camp. Source: Sanspo 1/17/2015, Sanspo 1/17/2015
  • Yuya Ando and Kosuke Kato will most likely be assigned to Ni-gun spring camp. Ando told pitching coach Kiyooki Nakanishi that he wanted to start the year at Ni-gun camp because he was taking things slow. Source: Sanspo 1/17/2015

Hiroshima Carp

  • The 2014 draft class took physical fitness tests on Friday. Source: Daily Sports 1/17/2015, Nikkan Sports 1/17/2015
  • Hiroki Kuroda is prepared to retired if he fails to record at least ten wins this season. "I need to win at least ten games. At this age and with this kind of contract, there are obligations to consider. If I don't meet those obligations, there will come a time where I will need to make a decision," said Kuroda. Source: Daily Sports 1/17/2015, Nikkan Sports 1/17/2015

Chunichi Dragons

  • Daisuke Yamai, Yudai Ono, and Kazuki Yoshimi are among the candidates for the opening day start on March 27. A member of the 2014 draft class is also a possibility, like first round draft pick Ryosuke Nomura and second round draft pick Tomohiro Hamada. Source: Daily Sports 1/17/2015

Yakult Swallows

  • Yuhei Takai used a black and brown glove last season. He will change to a brown-only glove this season because brown leather is better quality than black. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/17/2015