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[1/19/2015] Softbank Hawks, Orix Buffaloes, Nippon Ham Fighters, Chiba Lotte Marines, Seibu Lions, Rakuten Eagles

by on Jan.20, 2015 @ 1:49 am, under NPB

Softbank Hawks

  • Taiga Kasahara threw forty-five pitches in the bullpen on Monday, twenty to a squatting catcher. It was his third session in as many days. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/19/2015
  • Fifth round draft pick Yosuke Shimabukuro threw twenty-one pitches to a standing catcher in the bullpen on his day off on Sunday. It was his second session this year, first since the 15th. He returned to Tokyo on Monday for college examinations and will rejoin the team on the 22nd. Source: Sponichi 1/19/2015
  • Ayatsugu Yamashita has managed to drop his weight to eighty-eight kilograms, about four less than what he weighed last year. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/19/2015

Orix Buffaloes

  • Fourth round draft pick Ban Takagi threw twenty-four pitches to a standing catcher in the bullpen on Monday. It was his first session of the year. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/19/2015
  • Takahiro Okada worked out with Ichiro Suzuki in Kobe on Monday. Okada has worked out with Ichiro in the past five other times (2008, 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2014). Source: Sports Hochi 1/19/2015, Nikkan Sports 1/19/2015

Nippon Ham Fighters

Chiba Lotte Marines

  • First round draft pick Eisuke Tanaka threw twenty-five pitches to a standing catcher in the bullpen on Sunday. He threw twenty fastballs, followed by four curves, and finished with one last fastball. Tanaka graded his session a sixty percent. Source: Daily Sports 1/19/2015

Seibu Lions

  • The Lions held a staff meeting at a hotel in Tokyo on Monday to discuss spring camp assignments. The 2014 draft class will begin the season at Ni-gun spring camp. Source: Nikkkan Sports 1/19/2015
  • Second round draft pick Yasuo Sano threw thirty pitches, all fastballs, to a standing catcher in the bullpen on Monday. It was his first session since November last year. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/19/2015
  • Tatsuyuki Uemoto took a batted ball off his face while throwing baseballs to Kyohei Nagae during soft-toss batting practice on the 13th. He suffered a chipped tooth and required seven stitches to close a cut. He resumed practices on the 15th. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/19/2015

Rakuten Eagles

  • The 2014 draft class visited the Nikka Whisky distillery in Sendai on Monday. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/19/2015
  • Takahito Otsuka threw thirty pitches to standing catcher in the bullpen on Monday. Source: Sports Hochi 1/19/2015
  • Senior Adviser Senichi Hoshino visited kobo Stadium on Monday and met members of the 2014 draft class. Team staff celebrated his sixty-eighth birthday a few days early by presenting Hoshino with flowers and three bottles of Dom Perignon. Source: Sports Hochi 1/19/2015
  • First round draft pick Tomohiro Anraku will be leaving the team for six days beginning on the 25th to take his high school final examinations. He will rejoin the team in Kumejima on the 31st. Source: Daily Sports 1/19/2015 ... Anraku has reserved places to practices, like Botchan Stadium, while he is away from the team. The Eagles are concerned about the downtime and are hoping it does not delay his training timetable. Source: Sports Hochi 1/19/2015