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[1/19/2015] Yomiuri Giants, Hanshin Tigers, Hiroshima Carp, Chunichi Dragons, Yakult Swallows

by on Jan.20, 2015 @ 1:52 am, under NPB

Yomiuri Giants

  • First round draft pick Kazuma Okamoto took things slow during practices on Sunday because of discomfort in his lower back. He first started feeling some tightness in his lower back on Saturday. Source: Daily Sports 1/19/2015
  • Second round draft pick Chiaki Tone tossed twenty pitches in the bullpen on Sunday. It was his first session since turning professional. Source: Daily Sports 1/19/2015

Hanshin Tigers

  • Naoto Tsuru worked out with Kyuji Fujikawa in Okinawa on Monday. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/19/2015
  • Second round draft pick Tsuyoshi Ishizaki threw sixteen warm-up pitches before throwing thirty fastballs to a standing catcher in the bullpen on Sunday. Source: Daily Sports 1/19/2015 ... Ishizaki tossed another session on Monday, his second in as many days. He threw thirty pitches, all fastballs, to a standing catcher. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/19/2015
  • Fourth round draft pick Koki Moriya threw forty-six pitches to a standing catcher in the bullpen on Sunday. He threw twenty-five fastballs, followed by one curve, another fastball, another curve, three fastballs, another curve, and then fourteen fastballs to finish off the session. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/19/2015 ... Moriya also threw thirty pitches in the bullpen on Monday, his second session in as many days. Source: Sponichi 1/19/2015

Hiroshima Carp

  • The 2014 draft class practiced at Mazda Stadium on Monday for the first time. Morning workouts were held at the Ono facilities and shifted to the stadium in the afternoon. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/19/2015
  • Ikusei outfielder Tsukasa Morishita shaved his head on Saturday and said to reporters on Sunday, "I feel this will be the end if I don't make it this year. I did it to psych myself up." Source: Daily Sports 1/19/2015
  • Former Carp Kila Ka'aihue (30) signed a minor league deal with the Washington Nationals that includes an invitation to Spring Training. Source: MLB.com's William Ladson 1/19/2015

Chunichi Dragons

  • Second round draft pick Tomohiro Hamada threw twenty pitches to a standing catcher in the bullpen on Monday. Source: Nikkan Sports 11/19/2015
  • Ikusei second round draft pick Kodai Ishigaki threw thirty-five pitches in the bullpen on Monday. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/19/2015

Yakult Swallows

  • Kenichi Matsuoka worked out at Jingu Gaien on Monday. He was in the United States between January 2 and 18 working out in Los Angeles with Kentaro Kyuko. Source: Sponichi 1/19/2015
  • Shohei Tateyama (right elbow) threw off the bullpen mound on Monday (twenty-six pitches to a standing catcher). He will most likely start the year at Ni-gun spring camp. Tateyama was training in Hawaii from mid-December until January 16th. Source: Sports Hochi 1/19/2015, Sanspo 1/19/2015
  • Masanori Ishikawa tossed batting practice to Yuhei, Hiroyasu Tanaka, and Akihisa Nishida for about thirty minutes on Sunday. Ishikawa dropped his fat content by three percent to fifteen. Source: Sponichi 1/19/2015
  • The Swallows announced on Monday that seventh round draft pick Izumi Hara was diagnosed with influenza A. Source: Daily Sports 1/19/2015