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[1/27/2015] Yomiuri Giants, Hanshin Tigers, Hiroshima Carp, Chunichi Dragons, Yokohama Bay Stars, Yakult Swallows

by on Jan.28, 2015 @ 3:30 am, under NPB

Yomiuri Giants

  • Hayato Sakamoto delayed his trip to Miyazaki on Tuesday because of some light tightness in his lower back. Sakamoto first started feeling some discomfort in his back while training in Guam. The condition does not appear to be serious. He is expected to join the team by the 31st. Source: Sponichi 1/27/2015

Hanshin Tigers

  • Matt Murton arrived at Kansai Airport on Tuesday. Source: Daily Sports 1/27/2015, Nikkan Sports 1/27/2015
  • The Tigers are not sure when Mauro Gomez will be arriving in Japan. He was originally scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, but that plan fell through after his passport was stolen (someone broke into his car and took a bag that contained his passport). Hanshin is still hoping he can make it to Okinawa by the 31st. Source: Sports Hochi 1/27/2015, Daily Sports 1/27/2015, Nikkan Sports 1/27/2015
  • Shintaro Fujinami threw about twenty warm-up pitches to a standing catcher before throwing thirty-six pitches, including the curve, slider, and cutter, to a squatting catcher in the bullpen on Tuesday. It was his first session of the year. Ryutaro Umeno caught Fujinami. Source: Sports Hochi 1/27/2015, Chunichi Sports 1/27/2015, Daily Sports 1/27/2015
  • Seung-Hwan Oh arrived at Kansai Airport on Tuesday. Oh will be in the final year of a two-year deal. He told reporters that he felt good, better than last year. He is currently able to throw at distances between eighty and ninety meters. Source: Daily Sports 1/27/2015, Daily Sports 1/27/2015
  • Second round draft pick Tsuyoshi Ishizaki is planning to only throw fastballs during his bullpen sessions until he starts to hit the corners with frequency. Source: Daily Sports 1/27/2015
  • Third round draft pick Taiga Egoshi swung at thirty-pitches during live batting practice on Tuesday. It was his first live session since joining the Tigers. Source: Sports Hochi 1/27/2015
  • Uemno is planning to use a Tomoaki Kanemoto model bat this season after swinging a few different types during a meeting with SSK in December. He picked the Kanemoto bat because he liked the grip. Source: Chunichi Sports 1/27/2015
  • Takashi Toritani could become the target of more advertising deals after all the exposure he got this off-season. He could make upwards of about seventy million yen per deal. Source: ZakZak 1/27/2015

Hiroshima Carp

  • Jesus Guzman, Kris Johnson, and Mike Zagurski arrived at Narita Airport on Tuesday. Source: Daily Sports 1/27/2015
  • Ryuji Ichioka will be using a green glove this season. Source: Sports Hochi 1/27/2015 ... Ichioka threw thirty pitches to a standing catcher on the 25th. Daily Sports 1/27/2015
  • Allen Kuri, Jumpei Ono, Takaya Toda, Shota Nakazaki, and Ichioka all tossed bullpen sessions with squatting catchers. For Kuri, it was his third session in as many days. Nakazaki threw thirty-five pitches, including a forkball he has been working on. Source: Daily Sports 1/27/2015
  • The Carp unveiled about 330 new products for the 2015 season to the media on Tuesday. Source: Daily Sports 1/27/2015, Team Shop

Chunichi Dragons

  • Second round draft pick Tomohiro Hamada threw thirty-eight pitches, all fastballs, to a squatting catcher on Tuesday. Source: Sports Hochi 1/27/2015

Yokohama Bay Stars

  • First round draft pick Yasuaki Yamasaki threw ninety-two pitches in the bullpen on Tuesday. It was his tenth session since the start of rookie training camp. Source: Nikkan Sports 1/27/2015

Yakult Swallows