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[3/4/2015] 2015 NPB Team Salaries: Softbank moves into first

by on Mar.05, 2015 @ 12:22 am, under NPB

Team Total
Prev Yr
1 2 Softbank 4.589B +838M
2 1 Yomiuri 4.528B +16M
3 8 Orix 3.722B +1.341M
4 3 Hanshin 3.303B +118M
5 9 Yakult 2.728B +418M
6 5 Chunichi 2.526B -130M
7 12 Hiroshima 2.516B +448M
8 6 Lotte 2.447B -42M
9 10 Seibu 2.438B +195M
10 7 Nippon Ham 2.395B -14M
11 4 Rakuten 2.311B -479M
12 11 Yokohama 2.254B +168M

* salaries are estimates made by ZakZak and do not include incentives

Source: ZakZak 3/4/2015


5 comments on “[3/4/2015] 2015 NPB Team Salaries: Softbank moves into first

  1. anon

    And I thought the Giants still had the most bloated paychecks… Anyways, nonparametric statistical testing showed that 2014 payroll size and win percentage are significantly correlated (yes, I have lots of spare time). But I hope Ranks 3 and 4 will make it to the Japan Series this year. :)

  2. muratafan

    Outside of the Big 4 (Giants, Hanshin, Chunichi and Softbank) there is so much parity/variety in the ranks. This kind of movement (for example Orix from 8 to 3?!?! And Rakuten from 4 to 11!?!?!) is what makes NPB so fun…especially now with the expanded playoff structure. Coaching/injuries and even ONE good free agent signing can have a huge difference in the standings.

    ready for the regular season to start!

  3. T-Ray

    Amazing that DeNA had the 6th biggest increase in salary and still dropped from 11th to 12th! Also interesting how little the Giant increased their payroll this season. On paper they don’t look like they have improved much (if at all) since last season, mind you.

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