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[3/13/2015] Five-team attempt to double female NPB fans by 2019

by on Mar.14, 2015 @ 12:03 am, under NPB

Yakyu Joshi

The five teams in the Kanto region, Lotte, Seibu, Yomiuri, Yokohama, and Yakult, announced that they were going to work together to double the number of female fans by 2019. Among some of the special events they have planned:

  • My Dreams - teams want to know what kinds of things female fans wish they could do when it comes to baseball. They have created a website where female fans can submit their dreams. Yakyujoshi
  • First-timers - each team will invite 100 first-time female fans to the game each year. Staff will provide hands-on help on everything from how to buy tickets, how to select cheer goods, and how to cheer.
  • Field tour - teams will open up the field to female fans during games involving the five teams.
  • Facebook - pictures and reports from the above events, merchandise reviews, and team policies toward female fans will be posted to Facebook.
  • Free newspapers - free newspapers on baseball will be handed out to first-time female fans.

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