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[3/19/2015] Mizuno’s SwingTracer

by on Mar.20, 2015 @ 3:15 am, under NPB

Mizuno unveiled the SwingTracer on March 16. Use of the system requires a sensor unit that attaches to the knob of a bat that records various information, including swing speed and swing angle. The data can be viewed through a smartphone application (Android only, only available in Japan).

There is an upfront cost for the attachment and sensor unit and a monthly fee that covers server costs.

  • Silicone Attachment - 1,944 yen
  • Sensor - 32,184 yen
  • Monthly fee:
    • Player - 1,058 yen per 31 days
    • Coach - 3,218 yen per 31 days

The attachment and sensor unit will become available on May 9. Mizuno is hoping to sell 1,200 sensors and open 3,500 accounts during the first year.

Source: official site, press release