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[5/22/2015] An interruption in the posting schedule for this weekend

by on May.23, 2015 @ 4:31 am, under Site Updates

Just a quick an announcement...

There will be an interruption in my posting schedule this weekend because I'm getting married on Saturday. I still plan on posting box scores, but that will probably be it. I might make an exception if there's a breaking story, but otherwise, it will probably be a fairly light weekend. I'll try to catch up on the news starting on Monday.

33 comments on “[5/22/2015] An interruption in the posting schedule for this weekend

  1. EJH


    Congratulations. Have a fantastic weekend. Do not worry about your readers. We can wait a few days for our baseball fix.

    I do have some concerns, though, about you getting married. Are you sure you have thought this through? You might not have the time and motivation to update Yakyubaka 24 hours a day anymore. I would hate to see your priorities getting out of whack like that. I hope you have made it clear to your bride that Yakyubaka comes first.

    1. Gen Post author

      I know, where are my priorities?!

      We all know baseball > relationships > life itself.

      Don’t worry though, she’s cool about Yakyubaka. She’s been very supportive.

      1. EJH

        I am much relieved to hear that.

        I hope you had a terrific weekend and, quite sincerely, congratulations.

  2. Dylan


    Congratulations! Your bride is a lucky woman. Hope you have a lifetime of happiness.
    Great music choice. Sinatra rules!

  3. Jman

    Thank you always for your hard work.
    I am addicted to this site.
    It is the first site I check when I wake up. Ok, second site, I check my Line messages first.

    Life’s biggest fear is if this site were to ever close.

    I don’t pay for any apps or for access to any sites, but if there was ever a site I needed to pay to have access to it would be yakyubaka.
    Long live Gen, his marriage & yakyubaka

  4. Koshien

    Congratulations! This site has been a joyful part of my daily life for the past few years. It’s all thanks to you!!!

  5. anon

    Congratulations, and best wishes to you and your lucky bride! May you have a memorable one. :)

    1. Gen Post author

      Fortunately, she enjoys baseballs quite a bit.

      She’s actually a Rakuten (she went to college in Sendai) and Yokohama (she grew up in Kanagawa) fan. She also absolutely hates Yomiuri.

      1. EJH

        I knew you are too good of a person to ever marry a Giants fan, so that last bit comes as no surprise.

  6. NPB Card Guy

    Congratulations! Today is a great day to get married (even it’s now yesterday where you are) – it’s my wife and I’s 23rd Anniversary.

  7. Bell Canada

    Congrats!!!, I wish you the best, Enjoy the weekend and dont worry about our NPB fix, we will manage for a few days. But only a few days!!!!!, lol.

  8. Dan Evans

    Congratulations on your marriage & thank you for the constant high quality of your NPB information.

  9. Gen Post author

    Thank you all for your comments.

    For those wondering, we had a great ceremony. We were worried about rain, but the weather held up and was fantastic. We could not have asked for a better day.

  10. NPB on Reddit

    A belated congratulations from all of us on reddit. Enjoy the start of a new adventure and another world of happiness (there’s happiness outside of baseball?).

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