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[8/20/2015] 97th Summer Koshien: Okoye’s post-game interview

by on Aug.20, 2015 @ 11:26 am, under High School, Summer Koshien

Rui Okoye's August 19 post-game interview, from Daily Sports:

[What are your thoughts now that] the game is over?

It's a frustrating end, but we played top class high school. We can only face great pitchers like this by making it to the Koshien. I have no regrets.

You recorded your first hit in your fourth at bat.

We were already behind by quite a bit, but I wanted to create a scoring opportunity. I felt I may not have the skill, but I do have the desire.

After everyone lined up after the game, what did you say to TokaiDaiSagami's Ogasawara?

I told him to win one for us as well.

Can you tell us about your at bat against Ogasawara [in the 8th]?

I was happy he came at me with his fastball.

Did you hear the cheering during your fourth at bat in the 8th?

I heard them. The fans gave me power.

What was the Koshien like for you?

I grew in a lot of areas, like mentally. This will be a place I'll never forget. I got the crowd excited by making good plays. It's a great place.

What now?

I want to play professionally. I want to become a player that excels in everything. I want to brush up my skills and I want to be the kind of player that leads a team with his running, hitting, and fielding. I want to become like no other player in Japan, it will be different. I batted third in the fall and I don't have to bat lead-off. I want to find the best style.

Source: Daily Sports 8/19/2015