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[9/21/2015] NPB Rumor Mill for the week ending on September 27

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Player Rumor Mill (last update 9/28 @ 6:53am)

Player Team Latest Update
Cruz, Luis HAN [09/27 @ 10:36pm] The Tigers are interested in Lotte's Luis Cruz because he can play multiple positions. Matt Murton might be too expensive them. They have hold an option on Mauro Gomez, but have not yet decided whether or not to exercise it. Source: Sports Hochi 9/27/2015
Murton, Matt HAN [09/26 @ 11:17pm] There is a good chance this will be Murton's last year with the Tigers. Reasons include: rising salary, inconsistent performances, and the team's desire to change directions. Source: Nikkan Sports 9/26/2015, Nikkan Sports 9/26/2015
Oh, Seung-Hwan HAN [09/28 @ 1:07am] A number of MLB teams are reportedly interested in Oh. He might be able to get a two-year deal worth ten million US dollars. He has said in the past that he would like to pitch in the Majors. Source: Daily Sports 9/27/2015
Kurihara, Kenta HIR [09/28 @ 1:44am] There was a report that the Carp told Kurihara he was no longer needed. Kurihara posted a message on his blog denying the rumor. He also mentioned that the article was later updated. He promised fans he would let them know of any developments through his blog. Source: Blog 9/27/2015 [09/28 @ 1:18am] Kurihara spoke to team officials about his future with the team on September 26. He told them his first option was to stay with Hiroshima. If not, he may be open to signing with another team if it means he can continue playing. He has not yet made a full comeback from his right elbow surgeries in 2012 and 2014. Source: Daily Sports 9/27/2015
Hernandez, Anderson CHU [09/23] The Dragons are planning to offer Hernandez a contract for the 2016 season. Source: Sports Hochi 9/23/2015
Matsuda, Nobuhiro SOF [09/26 @ 6:37pm] The Hawks are planning to give Matsuda special treatment during contract negotiations for the 2016 season. His salary this year is an estimated 220 million yen. He could see a raise of over 100 million yen. They could end up offering a four-year deal worth an estimated 2.5 billion yen, in total. Source: ZakZak 9/26/2015
Bullington, Bryan ORI [09/26 @ 6:28pm] The Buffaloes will most likely offer Bullington a contract. Based on his numbers from this year, he will most likely see a cut in salary. Whether he is okay with that is another story. There is a chance he may not want to return to Japan next year. His family has already decided to send their eldest daughter to a school in the United States. Source: Tokyo Sports 9/26/2015
Caraballo, Francisco ORI [09/26 @ 6:34pm] The Buffaloes have their eyes on a few MLB players. If some of them are released, they could shift their focus to them and drop Caraballo. Source: Tokyo Sports 9/26/2015
Dickson, Brandon ORI [09/26 @ 6:24pm] The Buffaloes signed Dickson to an extension. [09/21] Dickson is the in the final year of a two-year deal. According to Sponichi, he is close to finalizing a multi-year extension with the Buffaloes worth over an estimated 150 million yen a year. An announcement could be made before the last game of the season on October 3. Orix began discussions before the start of summer because other teams were showing interest in the thirty-year-old. Source: Sponichi 9/21/2015
German, Esteban ORI [09/26 @ 6:30pm] The Buffaloes are not expected to offer German a contract for the 2016 season because he cannot play third and they already have enough bodies at first base. Source: Tokyo Sports 9/26/2015
Igawa, Kei ORI [09/28 @ 6:53am] Retirement could be an option if Igawa is unable to find another team to play for. Source: Nikkan Sports 9/27/2015 [09/27 @ 10:28pm] The Buffaloes have decided not to offer Igawa a contract for the 2016 season. They were originally planning to sign Igawa to an extension, but ultimately decided that they wanted to focus on rebuilding the team. The thirty-six-year-old is not ready to retire and would like another shot at pitching at Ichi-gun. Source: Sports Hochi 9/27/2015
Maestri, Alessandro ORI [09/26 @ 6:34pm] The Buffaloes have their eyes on a few MLB players. If some of them are released, they could shift their focus to them and drop Maestri. Source: Tokyo Sports 9/26/2015
Mahara, Takahiro ORI [09/23] Mahara is not expected to return to the Buffaloes next year. He was offered a salary that was significantly reduced. He could have either agreed to the offer or declined and become a free agent. Mahara reportedly chose the second option because he thought the large salary cut was a sign that the Buffaloes were no longer interested in him. He apparently has little interest in playing in Japan and will be looking overseas for options. Retirement is also a possibility. Source: Sponichi 9/23/2015
Cruz, Rhiner RAK [09/23] The Eagles are planning to offer Cruz a contract for the 2016 season. Cruz reportedly likes Sendai and is interested in returning. Source: Sports Hochi 9/23/2015
Sanchez, Gaby RAK [09/28 @ 12:22am] The Eagles are planning to part ways with Sanchez. Source: Daily Sports 9/27/2015
Mickolio, Kam RAK [09/23] The Eagles will most likely offer Mickolio a contract for the 2016 season. Source: Sports Hochi 9/23/2015
Pena, Wily Mo RAK [09/28 @ 12:20am] The Eagles are planning to part ways with Pena. They were hoping for some more production from his bat. Source: Daily Sports 9/27/2015
Wheeler, Zelous RAK [09/28 @ 12:25am] The Eagles are still in the process of deciding whether or not to offer Wheeler a contract for the 2016 season. Source: Daily Sports 9/27/2015
Fujikawa, Kyuji -- [09/24] Chunichi could be preparing to offer Fujikawa a multi-year deal. Source: Daily Sports 9/24/2015


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