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[10/8/2015] Rakuten Eagles hold press conference to introduce Nashida as their new manager

by on Oct.08, 2015 @ 7:18 pm, under NPB

The Eagles held a press conference at kobo Stadium earlier today to announce Masataka Nashida as their new manager. He was assigned the uniform number 99. He reportedly signed a three-year contract with a yearly estimated salary of 100 million yen.

A few notes:

  • He chose the number 99 because "My mentor, Yukio Nishimoto, tried for the Nippon Series eight times and failed. I tried for the Nippon Series twice. Together we tried ten times and failed. We're missing that one push. Ninety-nine is hakuju, so if you add one, it becomes 100. I am striving for a Nippon Series, the one I'm missing, so I asked the organization for 99."
  • He respects Senichi Hoshino. He was happy when Hoshino told him he was the only one that could help the team. He accepted the position because he could feel how sincere Hoshino was in trying to improve the team.
  • With regards to this season, he felt injuries and inconsistent foreign players were part of the problem.
  • He wants to continue pushing being aggressive on the base paths, for all players.
  • He believes they could be, at the very least, around a .500 team if players played to their potential. His first goal is to field at least a .500 team.
  • He wants to spend fall camp determining what kind of players he has on his team and then build a game plan based on strengths. He also wants to help players discover hidden talents.
  • He is scheduled to join the team for fall practices on October 18.

* Hakuju (白寿) is another way of saying ninety-nine-years-old, in celebratory form. If you add an ichi (一) to the haku (白) kanji, it becomes the kanji for 100 (百). Hyakuju (百寿) is another way of saying 100-years-old.

Source: official announcement, NHK 10/8/2015, Sponichi 10/8/2015