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[10/15/2015] Yokohama Bay Stars planning to acquire Yokohama Stadium Co., Ltd.

by on Oct.15, 2015 @ 3:30 pm, under NPB

The Yokohama Bay Stars are thinking about acquiring Yokohama Stadium Co., Ltd. and additional shares to improve operation efficiency and their bottom-line. The Bay Stars finished 1.3 billion yen in the red for period ending in March 2015. The acqusition could help lower operating costs and increase revenues from advertising, sales, and tickets.

The Bay Stars and Yokohama Stadium Co., Ltd. have already met and agreed to the plans. The organization could begin placing take-over bids on additional in November in attempt to acquire over half by January. It could cost the Bay Stars about ten billion yen.

Major Stockholders Shares (%)
TV Asahi Holdings 5.74
Yokohama Bay Stars 5.74
Tokyo Broadcasting Holdings 5.74
Fuji Media Holdings 5.74
Yokohama City 5.74
Bank of Yokohama 4.88
Obayashi Corporation 0.86
Kajima Corporation 0.86
Shimizu Corporation 0.86
Taisei Corporation 0.86
Takenaka Corporation 0.86

The Bay Stars are also thinking about making renovations at Yokohama Stadium. Improvements include converting the artificial turf to natural grass and increase seating capacity.

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