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[10/20/2015] Hanshin Tigers: Tomoaki Kanemoto’s press conference on October 19

by on Oct.20, 2015 @ 11:50 pm, under NPB

The Tigers held a press conference in an Osaka hotel on October 19 to introduce Tomoaki Kanemoto as their new manager.

Various notes:

  • Twenty television cameras, thirty photographers, about 250 members of the media attended the press conference.
  • The press conference started at 4:30pm. Media registrations were scheduled to start at 3:30pm but began about fifteen minutes early because of the large turnout.
  • Over half the seats were filled about an hour before the start of the press conference.
  • Owner Shinya Sakai, president Nobuo Minami, and director Keiichiro Yotsufuji were also a part of the press conference.
  • He is both worried and hopeful. Hopeful in that he just wants to get in there and do it.
  • He started off being mostly worried and concerned. That changed to wanting to do something to help the team.
  • He decided to accept the offer because he could feel how passionate and determined the organization was to improve the team.
  • It took him time to make the decision because he was initially indifferent about the job. He also felt like he had nothing special to bring to the table.
  • He wants to put together a team fans can have fun watching and feel excited about. He wants a team where everyone (managers, coaches, players, staff, and the front office) is on the same page.
  • He wants to see low scoring games with players doing their best for each out, each play, each base.
  • He feels the team might be missing the motivation to play, the drive to win.
  • He knows rebuilding the team will take time, but he also wants to do his best to win as they rebuild. He does not want to feel like he has time to accomplish the task he was asked to do.
  • He believes practice and awareness will help the team improve -- players should not practice for the sake of practicing, but to improve aspects of their game.
  • He wants to help grow the next group of hitters with pop. He feels players like Taiga Egoshi, Shintaro Yokota, and Naomasa Yokawa have the potential. He seems to be particularly high on Egoshi (based on what he has seen so far).
  • He referred to Toshiyuki Mimura, Hiromitsu Ochiai and Tatsunori Hara when speaking about the kind of manager he wanted to become.
  • He was worried about his lack of coaching experience, but he also sees that lack as a potential positive: not knowing means he will not be fettered by preconceived notions.
  • He wants the coaches involved and everyone practicing toward a goal.
  • He wants passionate coaches that agree with his line of thinking. He wants coaches that are willing to do whatever it takes to help a players develop.
  • Next year's slogan could be "厳しく明るく," or "strict and cheerful."
  • He has not thought about what kind of players the team should sign to help. He would ideally like to work with the current group of players, but realizes that is not realistic.
  • He is planning to attend the 2015 Amateur Draft. If there is a drawing in the first round, he will be the one to select the ticket.
  • The two sides agreed to a three-year contract with an estimated yearly salary of 120 million yen. A number has not yet been assigned.
  • Owner Sakai promised, with help from all levels (staff, coaches, and front office members), to provide Kanemoto with whatever support he needed.

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Other related updates:

  • Kanemoto is the thirty-third manager in franchise history.
  • Kanemoto could be assigned his old uniform number 6. Senichi Hoshino's old uniform number 77 could also be a possibility.
  • Kanemoto visited the clubhouse at Koshien on October 20 and met coaches and players. He also sat down with a number of players individually.
  • Kanemoto could have an economic impact of about 4.2 billion yen next year, assuming the team is competitive.
  • The Tigers are not going to expect results in the first two years.
  • The organization has been approached by a larger number of foreign players since news about Kanemoto broke.
  • The front office is planning to go over foreign player and free agent options with Kanemoto. Anything they might have decided before, will be "reset" until it has been cleared with the new manager.
  • The media learned on October 19 that president Nobuo Minami will be stepping down. Director Keiichiro Yotsufuji will most likely take over as the next president. Minami will mostly keep a spot in the organization as an adviser. The move should be effective November 1.
  • A number of names have been dropped by the media as possible coaching candidates to support Kanemoto: Atsushi Kataoka, Akihiro Yano, Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi, and Teruyoshi Kuji.

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[UPDATE 10/21 @ 4:05pm]

Public relations manager Yasuhiro Nakamura has been assigned to Kanemoto.

Source: Sanspo 10/20/2015