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[10/26/2015] Hiroshima’s Kenta Maeda wins 2015 Sawamura Award

by on Oct.26, 2015 @ 6:12 pm, under NPB

The selection committee for the Eiji Sawamura Award met today and decided to give this year's award to Hiroshima's Kenta Maeda.

For a pitcher to be considered for the award, they must meet as many of the following criteria as possible:

  • fifteen or more wins
  • 150 or more strikeouts
  • ten or more complete games
  • 2.50 or better ERA
  • 200 or more innings
  • twenty-five or more games
  • .600 or better winning percentage

Maeda won fifteen games, struck out 175, tossed five complete games, recorded a 2.09 ERA, threw 206.1 innings, pitched in twenty-nine games, and had a winning percentage of .652. He only missed in one category, complete games. Maeda also won the award in 2010.

Hanshin's Shintaro Fujinami and Nippon Ham's Shohei Otani were also under consideration.

Selection Committee Members: Tsuneo Horiuchi (chief), Masaji Hiramatsu, Choji Murata (absent), Manabu Kitabeppu, and Hisashi Yamada.

Source: official announcement

[UPDATE 10/28 @ 9:21pm]

A little more on the selection: Horiuchi did not think it was necessary to name a recipient for the award this year. Maeda was an option, based on the number of criteria he met, but Horiuchi was not impressed with his performance, mostly because it was not much better than what he accomplished when he won the award the first time around in 2010. He felt the pitcher needed to do more to win the award a second time.

Horiuchi felt Otani had a first-half that warranted a Sawamura Award, but the second-half left a lot to be desired. Fujinami was also considered a really strong candidate with his 221 strikeouts.

Source: ZakZak 10/28/2015

5 comments on “[10/26/2015] Hiroshima’s Kenta Maeda wins 2015 Sawamura Award

    1. Azza

      But maeken was the only one who met most the criteria so there wasnt much of a choice, i still stand by my view that he should have won it over settsu years ago!

      Anyway as a carp fan i cant complain too much about this

      1. EJH

        Based on the criteria, of course, Maeda was the best choice, but I do no think anyone can easily say that he was the best pitcher this year.

        1. Azza

          I agree with you that he wasn’t the best pitcher this season and nor was it his best season, he has had better seasons thats for sure! But we all know well how Criteria pretty much is everything for the Sawamura award unless if they are an unfit character for the award :p

        2. Steve Novosel

          I wouldn’t say he was easily the best pitcher, but I don’t think it’s particularly controversial that Maeken won it over Otani.

          Otani’s K/9 and WHIP are better, their K/BB are almost the same, Maeken’s ERA is lower and QS% much higher.

          Otani got beat up pretty badly in three of his last nine starts, too.

          Very nice season for him, but I don’t see any issue with Maeken winning over him.

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