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[11/9/2015] Softbank Hawks: Nobuhiro Matsuda to exercise FA option

by on Nov.09, 2015 @ 12:27 pm, under NPB

The media learned on November 9 that Nobuhiro Matsuda is planning to exercise his international FA option. Nikkan Sports is reporting that Matsuda is choosing between the Softbank Hawks and MLB. Sponichi goes into a little more detail and adds that the thirty-two-year-old infielder was happy with Softbank's offer, but wanted to exercise his option for more time to think about whether or not he wanted to pursue his dream of playing in the Majors. Sponichi also mentions the San Diego Padres as one of a number of MLB teams that might be interested in Matsuda.

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[UPDATE @ 6:47pm]

Tokyo Sports posted the following excerpt from a statement made by Matsuda:

Many baseball players dream of playing in the Majors. I wasn't necessarily the exception, but the Majors felt out of reach so I never imagined it would be a possibility for me.

But, it is also true that with this opportunity to represent Japan and play against teams from other countries that I developed a much stronger desire to become better.

In hearing from players with MLB experience and seeing my name in the news, I started wondering if I could actually play in the Majors, if someone out there might be willing to give a chance. If I want to find out, now is the best time.

I know it won't be easy at my age and with my skill set, but baseball lives are short and to make sure I have no regrets, I decided to exercise my FA option to gauge interest.

This option isn't about going to another team, it's about wanting to find out what MLB teams think of me and if there might be an opportunity for me to play in the Majors.

Source: Tokyo Sports 11/9/2015