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[12/14/2015] 2016 Fresh All-Star Game to take place on July 24, and other news

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The NPB announced that the 2016 Fresh All-Star Game will take place at Muscat Stadium in Kurashiki, Okayama on July 24, 2016. The 2015 Fresh All-Star Game was scheduled to take place at Muscat Stadium this year, but it was canceled due to bad worth caused by a typhoon.

The 2015 Premier 12 is expected to finish in the black by about 120 million yen.

The NPB decided on a number of preventative measures to educate players about damaging activities. Workshops will be held at all spring camp locations in February; teams will educate players and staff on damaging activities using posters and pamphlets; and the NPB commissioner will announce that transfer of money between players dealing with baseball and gambling with large amounts of money will not be allowed. A committee made up of disciplinary representatives from each of the twelve NPB teams will also be established to discuss and exchange opinions.

Source: Sports Hochi 12/14/2015, Daily Sports 12/14/2015, Sponichi 12/14/2015

[UPDATE 12/17 @ 1:29am]

Recap of preventative measures:

  1. workshops for all players during Ni-gun spring camp
  2. educational tools to help educate players -- informative posters and pamphlets about damaging activities
  3. commissioner's statement that money exchanges connected to baseball between players and gambling with large amounts of money is prohibited.
  4. all teams must be involved.
  5. information and opinions can be exchanged and shared through a committee

Source: Sponichi 12/15/2015, Daily Sports 12/15/2015


The Student Baseball Coaching License progam took place at Waseda University in Shinjuku, Tokyo over the weekend (December 12, 13). The two-day program was attended by 119 former professional players. Another session will be held in Osaka next weekend (December 19, 20).

Among the attendees:

Takao Ise
Shoji Sadaoka
Sadaaki Yoshimura
Ryuzo Yamasaki
Tadashi Matsumoto
Hiromi Matsunaga
Takashi Ide
Hiroshi Yagi
Tetsuro Kawajiri
Masahito Kohiyama
Susumu Otomo
Tadahiro Ogino
Seisuke Toyoda
Hiroaki Matsuura

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