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[3/7/2016] Samurai Japan collects 365,973yen in donations

by on Mar.08, 2016 @ 6:10 am, under NPB, Samurai Japan

Samurai Japan announced on March 7 that they received 365,973yen in donations during their two-game series against Chinese Taipei. The money will be donated to the following organizations:

Source: official announcement

Samurai Japan also issued an apology to fans that were affected by a seating problem at Nagoya Dome on March 5. Reserved infield seats on the first base side (321 seats) were accidentally marked as non-reserved. Ticket holders to the section were unable to sit in their seats because they were already occupied. These ticket holders were relocated to a non-reserved section on the fifth floor.

Source: official announcement


The NPB held an executive committee meeting in Tokyo on March 7. Among issues discussed:

  • Doing a better job of recognizing umpires with additional awards. The hope is provide umpires with the motivation to continue honing their skills. There will be three new awards: an Honorable Mention Award for young and middle-aged umpires worth 300,000 yen and a Fine Judge Award worth 200,000 yen.
  • Establishing a council with the Baseball Federation of Japan in April to promote baseball.

Lotte also issued a formal apology to other members of the NPB for the incident involving Yamaico Navarro.

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