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Important Announcement

by on Apr.05, 2016 @ 6:50 pm, under Site Updates

I have an important announcement to make.

YakyuBaka will no longer be updated, as of today. The site itself will remain open and accessible, but updates will not be made.

Some of you may have noticed that updates have been a little inconsistent since March. This is in no way an indication of a loss of interest on my part to keep the site updated. In fact, quite the opposite.

I started working on a new site that should make it easier for everyone to find the information they want. When I first started YakyuBaka, I did not put much thought into organization or presentation. It was not much of a problem early on, but with over 33,000 posts in the books, I feel this is something I have to address.

Keeping the YakyuBaka name was an option, but after careful consideration, I decided to go with a new name.

Beginning today, all new updates will be made at YakyuDB.com.

Please update your bookmarks accordingly.

I am not sure if this move will sit well with everyone. But my goal has, and will always be, to provide as much news about yakyu in Japan as I can. To that end, I felt starting over from scratch was the best way to begin.

I should note that other factors did come into play when I decided to move to a new domain, but I am not at liberty to discuss them at this point in time.

As always. if you have suggestions or comments about the new site (direction, format, design, speed, or anything else), please send them to me at info at yakyubaka.com or post them in the comments section below. You can also leave comments at YakuDB.com.

23 comments on “Important Announcement

  1. Eiki

    I’m fan of your work and very greatful for the news you provide. I’ll follow you wherever you go.
    Long life to YakyuBD now.

    1. Patrick Wilson

      Man, the girls keep passing in my life, but your writing is always there!


  2. NPB Card Guy

    You’re the one-stop shopping location for what’s going on in Japanese baseball. I’m constantly amazed at the level of detail you provide. You’re one of the people who make it possible to follow NPB from the US. Thanks for what you do and I’m so grateful that you’re just starting another site – when I started reading the post I was scared that you were retiring altogether!

  3. Ren

    Really love your work and the happenings you provide us in Japan’s Yakyu Gen! Like Eiki said, we, your loyal followers, will follow you wherever you go.

  4. Mike

    This site is a lifeline for Yakyu fans, thanks so much for everything that’s gone into it! And best of luck with YakyuDB!

  5. wada

    My god, I was so afraid when I read the beginning of your post! I’m an addict to your website even if I don’t often write anything. Long life to the new version and THANK YOU!

  6. muratafan


    Keep up the INCREDIBLE work and we NPB junkies will always find you! You really SCARED me there with that opening sentence!

  7. T-Ray

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into covering baseball from this side of the pond. All the best to you on the new site – I’m sure it will be even better than what you’ve done here, and that’s saying a lot!

  8. Craig

    You’ve done so much to make Japanese baseball accessible to fans like me over the years. Thank you so much, and I’ll be sure to follow the new site.

  9. Andy G

    Had me worried there for a minute! Great news about the new site. Looking forward to reading it. Thanks again for all your hard work providing all the baseball news – always enjoy reading it.

  10. Chris

    Thanks so much for everything you do Gen! As some others have mentioned, you make it possible for someone like me, with little knowledge of the Japanese language, to follow the sport.

  11. Kevin H

    Thank you for the info you provide on this site, I read it everyday.
    Im sure the new site will be great!

  12. Shayko

    Thank you so much for all the work you’ve done so far. The new site is looking awesome!

  13. DK

    Thank you for everything Gen. You helped me get into NPB and I’ll be sure to keep following the new site.

  14. fordmo47

    Just like kababayan Ren I have to follow you wherever you go. You are my only source for the play-by-play of the games. I just hope in your new site you can elaborate more in your plays. For example if you wrote it as G3 would it mean that it is grounded to first unassisted or first base to pitcher?

    Here’s hoping to see more of you from your fellow baseball fans in the Philippines!!!

    1. anon

      eh? you can access it? i’ve been trying to for days on my laptop, tablet, smartphone, but all in vain (connection timed out). (ಥ_ಥ)
      I was able to access the site a few days ago though, and it looked great! I wish I can access it now because I’m dying to read NPB news. >_< In any case, thanks for all your efforts Gen! You're a lifesaver.

        1. anon

          Unfortunately, yes. I’ve been trying to access the new site everyday since you made the announcement, with every browser, device (PC, tablet, smartphone), available within my reach. I tried it with other wifi networks apart from my home network, and on another computer in a hotel I stayed at in Mie last week. No luck. :( Error message is always “connection timed out”.

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