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Japan Student Baseball Association hands down sentences [4/16/2015]

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The Japan Student Baseball Association met on Thursday to determine punishments for the following cases:



Dohto University director
Delayed report on underage drinking
Three months beginning on February 28

High School

Game Suspensions

Toryo (Miyagi)
From March 24 until August 21
Ube Nishi (Yamaguchi)
One month beginning on February 10
Niihama Higashi (Ehime)
From February 28 until July 10
Fujiidera Koka (Osaka)
Three months beginning on March 16
Kyoto Kokusai (Kyoto)

Three months beginning on April 1


School name, prefecture withheld director
Violated Prefecture Youth Protection Ordinance


Waseda Jitsugyo (Tokyo) director
Allowed first-year players to play in a practice game in March before their entrance ceremony
One month until May 15
Fujioka Kogyo (Gunma) manager
Violence and delayed report
Six months beginning on March 18
Nissin (Osaka) manager

Violence and delayed report
Four months beginning on March 21
Ota Daichi (Ibaraki) manager
Violence, strong language, and delayed report
Four months beginning on December 19, 2014
Fujioka Kogyo (Gunma) director
Delayed report
Three months beginning on April 8
Shoshi Gakuen (Hokkaido) manager

Delayed report
One month beginning on April 8
Kyoto Kokusai (Kyoto) director

Delayed report
One month beginning on April 7
Komaki (Aichi) manager

Delayed report
Three months beginning on April 6
Tokaidai Seisho (Kumamoto) coach
Driving under the influence, car accident


Source: Jiji Press 4/16/2015

[4/6/2015] U18 and University Samurai Japan practice games

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The NPB announced on April 6 that a team of Ni-gun players will be playing the University Samurai Japan team on June 29. The game will be played at night at Jingu Stadium. There is no make-up day. Lotte Ni-gun manager Michio Aoyama will manage the Ni-gun team.

Source: Sponichi 4/6/2015


The High School Baseball Federation announced on March 20 that the U18 Samurai Japan team will play the University Samurai Japan team on August 26 at Koshien Stadium. The game is scheduled to start at 6:00pm. Osaka Toin manager Koichi Nishitani will manage the U18 team.

Source: Sponichi 3/21/2015, Daily Sports 3/21/2015, Nikkan Sports 3/20/2015


The U18 team will be competing in the U18 Baseball World Cup that begins on August 28. The University team will be competing at the Universiade that begins on July 1.

[3/18/2015] Samurai Japan University Team plays two

by on Mar.19, 2015 @ 4:12 am, under College, Samurai Japan

Mini-camp for the Samurai Japan university team began on March 17. Two practice games were played on March 18. There are currently thirty-one players on the preliminary roster. Cuts are expected to come after a meeting on March 31. The final roster of twenty-two will be set by May 1.


Game 1

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R
Keio University 0 0 0 2 0 0 5 0 0 7
Samurai Japan 0 3 0 0 0 0 1 1 1 6

Nikkan Sports Play-by-Play

Game 2

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 R
Samurai Japan 0 0 4 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 7
JX-ENEOS 0 2 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 6

Nikkan Sports Play-by-Play


Catcher Shingo Usami took a ball off his face during practices on March 17 and suffered fractures in three locations. He is currently getting rest at home.


Source: Sanspo 3/18/2015, Nikkan Sports 3/18/2015, Nikkan Sports 3/18/2015

[3/9/2015] JABA, JUBF special rules to speed up games

by on Mar.10, 2015 @ 4:58 am, under College, High School, Industrial, NPB

Japan Amateur Baseball Association and the All Japan University Baseball Federation introduced special rules on February 3 to help speed up Industrial League and University League baseball games this year.

  1. Pitchers will be allowed to throw up to five practice pitches.
  2. The pitcher will have up to twelve seconds with no runners and up to twenty seconds with runners to throw the ball after the catcher or other infielder gets the ball from the umpire. If there is no runner on base, the batter will be given a ball. If there are runners, the batter will be given a ball after three failed attempts. The twenty second clock will reset on pick-off throws.
  3. Managers and coaches will have to follow rule 8.06 when visiting pitchers on the mound.
  4. Managers and coaches will be allowed to make three mound visits during one nine inning game. A visit will not be counted as a mound visit when pitchers are changed. Pitchers will automatically be removed from games after three mound visits. Rule 8.06 will be used during extra innings.
  5. If a pitching change is made in the middle of the inning and the manager or coach stays while the new pitcher begins warm-ups, the stay will be counted as one mound visit. The same will apply when pitchers are changed before the start of an inning. Visits will be counted as mound visits during pitching changes if the manager or coach stays when the new pitcher begins warm-ups.
  6. The manager or coach will have to announce a pitching change to the umpire before their fourth mound visit or second mound visit in one inning.
  7. During double-switches, the manager must announce batting order changes to the umpire before they cross the foul line. Double-switches will not be allowed once the manager or coach crosses the foul line.
  8. Mound visits by managers or coaches will be limited to forty-five seconds.
  9. Infielders, including catchers, will be allowed to one mound visit per inning. One infielder will be allowed to visit the mound when the manager or coach visits the mound. This will count as one mound visit by an infielder. The catcher will be allowed to visit the mound after a new pitcher finished throwing warm-ups. This will not be counted as a mound visit by an infielder.
  10. Managers will be allowed to call time and speak to batters, base runners, or coaches up to three times during the game. Managers will be allowed to call time to speak to batters, base runners, or coaches up to one time for every three innings in extra innings. Managers will be allowed to talk to batters, base runners, or coaches during other moments when time is called (for example: opponent manager or coach is visiting the mound, injury on the field, player substitutions) without any penalty, provided they do not delay the game.

Source: official announcement


The NPB announced a number of rule updates on January 27. Among them:

  • Rule 6.10b - Pitchers can replace designated hitters as a hitter or runner, but that will terminate the designated hitter role for the remainder of the game. A pitcher in the game can become a hitter or runner for the designated hitter.

Source: official announcement, Sponichi 1/8/2015


Umpire licenses will be introduced at the amateur baseball level. There will be four classes: S, 1, 2, 3. Class 1 licenses will be required for high school Koshien Tournaments and various other national tournaments.

Source: Sports Hochi 1/9/2015

[3/9/2015] Aoyama Gakuin’s Spring Camp in the United States

by on Mar.10, 2015 @ 3:58 am, under College

Aoyama Gakuin spent about ten days in the United States for spring camp this year. They also played three games against various colleges in Arizona. The Aoyama Gakuin team manager posted updates, including plenty of pictures, about the experience.

Game Schedule / Results

Date Opponent Stadium Time Score  
02/25 Central Arizona College Central Arizona College 14:00 L, 1-3 Aoyama Gakuin Blog, vaquerosports.com
02/26 Glendale Community College Surprise Stadium 13:30 W, 8-5 Aoyama Gakuin Blog, WFAA.com
03/01 Paradise Valley Community College Surprise Stadium 13:00  W, 8-1 Aoyama Gakuin Blog, GameChanger, NE Valley News
03/02 University of Wisconsin System Surprise Stadium  13:00 Rained Out Aoyama Gakuin Blog

[1/20/2015] Candidates for Samurai Japan’s University Team

by on Jan.20, 2015 @ 11:06 pm, under College, Samurai Japan

Samurai Japan released a list of candidates for the University Team on Tuesday. The University Team will be competing at the 2015 Summer Universiade in Gwangju (July 3-14).

Pos Name JPN Name ENG Univ Yr T/B
P 井口 和朋 Iguchi, Kazutomo Tokyo Nogyo University Hokkaido Okhotsk 4 R/R
P 上原 健太 Uehara, Kenta Meiji University 4 L/L
P 今永 昇太 Imanaga, Shota Komazawa University 4 L/L
P 西村 天裕 Nishimura, Takahiro Teikyo University 4 R/R
P 吉田 侑樹 Yoshida, Yuki Tokai University 4 R/R
P 齋藤 弘志 Saito, Hiroshi Chubu Gakuin University 4 L/L
P 石田 光宏 Ishida, Mitsuhiro Kansai University 4 R/R
P 柳 裕也 Yanagi, Yuya Meiji University 3 R/R
P 田中 正義 Tanaka, Seigi Soka University 3 R/R
P 澤田 圭佑 Sawada, Keisuke Rikkyo University 3 R/L
P 濵口 遥大 Hamaguchi, Haruhiko Kanagawa University 3 L/L
P 高橋 礼 Takahashi Senshu University 2 R/R
P 井手 亮太郎 Ide, Ryotaro Kyushu Sangyo University 2 R/L
C 宇佐見 真吾 Usami, Shingo Josai Kokusai University 4 R/L
C 坂本 誠志郎 Sakamoto, Seishiro Meiji University 4 R/R
C 北村 祥治 Kitamura, Shoji Asia University 4 R/R
INF 茂木 栄五郎 Mogi, Eigoro Waseda University 4 R/L
INF 藤岡 裕大 Fujioka, Yudai Asia University 4 R/L
INF 横尾 俊建 Yokoo, Toshitake Keio University 4 R/R
INF 大城 滉二 Oshiro, Koji Rikkyo University 4 R/R
INF 柴田 竜拓 Shibata, Tatsuhiro Kokugakuin University 4 R/L
INF 山足 達也 Yamaashi, Tatsuya Ritsumeikan University 4 R/R
INF 吉川 尚輝 Yoshikawa, Naoki Chukyo Gakuin University 3 R/L
INF 下石 涼太 Shimoishi, Ryota Tokai University 2 R/L
OF 畔上 翔 Azegami, Sho Hosei University 4 L/L
OF 髙山 俊 Takayama, Shun Meiji University 4 R/L
OF 谷田 成吾 Yada, Seigo Keio University 4 R/L
OF 吉田 正尚 Yoshida, Masataka Aoyama Gakuin University 4 R/L
OF 桝澤 怜 Masuzawa Asia University 4 R/R
OF 佐藤 拓也 Sato,, Takuya Rikkyo University 3 R/L
OF 笹川 晃平 Sasagawa, Kohei Toyo University 3 R/R


Source: official announcement

[12/8/2014] Japan National Collegiate Championship to begin on June 8

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The Japan Student Baseball Association and the All Japan University Baseball Federation held meetings earlier today in Tokyo to discuss schedules for 2015.

The Japan National Collegiate Baseball Championship will take place at Jingu Stadium and Tokyo Dome over a seven day period beginning on June 8. June 12 will be a scheduled day off (if there is a rain out beforehand, the day off will be canceled).

The Meiji Jingu Tournament will take place at Jingu Stadium over a six day period beginning on November 13.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/8/2014

[12/3/2014] Aoyama Gakuin looking to hold camp in Arizona next year

by on Dec.04, 2014 @ 12:04 am, under College

Aoyama Gakuin University is fleshing out details for an overseas trip to the United States in February next year. They are planning to submit the necessary paperwork to the Tohto University Baseball League before the end of the year.

If the request is approved, all second, third, and fourth year players will head to Surprise, Arizona on February 23 to attend a twelve-day mini camp at the same facilities used by the Rangers. Six exhibition games are currently planned: two games against a Rangers' minor league team and four games against other teams in the area, including colleges.

Source: Sports Hochi 12/3/2014

[11/29/2014] Hokusho High School baseball manager suspended

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Hokusho High School officials informed the media on Friday that their baseball manager, Takaya Kawakami (55), slapped two of his players (on the head and cheek) during practices in early September. The incident was reported to school officials in October. The high school issued Kawakami a three-month general suspension and a one-year coaching suspension. Coach Akifumi Takeuchi will step in as interim manager. A report has already been filed with the Japan High School Baseball Federation.

Source: Sponichi 11/28/2014, Sponichi 11/28/2014, Sponichi 11/29/2014


A workshop for former professional baseball players seeking licenses to coach student baseball took place in Osaka on Saturday. 125 former players, including Norihiro Akahoshi and Daijiro Oishi attended the workshop. Another workshop will be held in Tokyo today. Additional workshops are scheduled in December.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/29/2014, Sponichi 11/30/2014

[UPDATE 12/1 @ 2:10am]

140 former players, including Daisuke Araki and Norifumi Nishimura, attended the Tokyo session on Sunday.

Source: Sponichi 11/30/2014

[11/29/2014] Samurai Japan collegiate team training camp

by on Nov.30, 2014 @ 8:42 am, under College, International, Samurai Japan

A training camp for forty-one Samurai Japan collegiate team candidates began at Botchan Stadium in Ehime on Friday. Camp is scheduled to run through to December 1. The Samurai Japan Collegiate team is preparing for the 2015 Universiade.

Shota Imanaga (Komazawa University) pitched in an intra-squad game on Saturday and tossed three shutout innings. He allowed two hits and struck out five.

Source: Sponichi 11/29/2014, Sponichi 11/29/2014