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[7/27/2014] Kikugawa Nanryo High School withdraws from Shizuoka tournament

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The Shizuoka High School Baseball Federation announced on Friday (July 25) that Kikugawa Nanryo High School withdrew from the Shizuoka tournament because of violent behavior within the team.  Kikugawa Nanryo won its first three games of the tournament and was scheduled to play in its next game on the 26th.

The high school reported in June that five first-year players on the team were caught smoking.  The Japan High School Baseball Federation (JHBF) later learned that two players resorted to violence when warning the players about smoking -- one third-year player struck one first-year player and one second-year player struck two first-year players.  The first-year player struck by the third-year player suffered a broken front tooth.  The third-year player told school officials he was worried the team was not going to be able to play in the tournament because of the smoking incident and was upset the first-year players were not showing more remorse for their actions.

The high school did not report the incident because the fathers of the players managed to work things out.  The JHBF found out about the incident when they received a tip and called in to the school on the 24th to confirm the events.

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[7/19/2014] JHBF conducting survey about tie-break rules

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The Japan High School Baseball Federation (JHBF) is conducting a health management survey of all 4,030 member schools concerning the implementation of tie-break rules to tournament games.  Results will be gathered by the end of August and discussed.

The decision to conduct the survey was made during a Skill Promotion Committee meeting in June.  Committee members felt tie-break rules were something to be considered since many international tournaments are now using them.  Surveys were sent out to member schools on the 10th and also included questions on pitch limits.

Reaction appears to be somewhat mixed.  While most seem to understand the concern over health, some are worried tie-break rules will ruin the competitive nature of the game, while others feel that the historically memorable game will become a thing of the past.

Yu Darvish was asked for his opinion on tie-break rules and he suggested inning limits per day based on the player's school year.  As an example: first-year players five innings, second-year players six innings, and third-year players seven innings.  He also suggested an increase in the number of allowed players per game (currently set at eighteen) to off-set the inning limits.

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On a side note: a reader sent a couple of links to articles that might be of interest (thanks Mike)-


Four students from Ono High School in Hyogo were named presenters for the opening and closing ceremonies for the Summer Koshien.

Third-year students Saeki Tanaka (田中冴佳) and Marina Ioroi (五百蔵茉奈) will be in charge of opening ceremonies.  Second-year student Hiroto Ishii (石井寛人) and third-year student Haruka Hamaguchi (浜口晴香) will be in charge of closing ceremonies.

Source: Sponichi 7/16/2014


The Museum of Hanshin Koshien Stadium will be running a Summer Tournament 2014 exhibit between July 29 and September 7.  They will also be running a special exhibit on Yu Aku's Koshien-no Uta between July 29 and October 5 as part of Koshien Stadium's ninetieth anniversary.

Source: official announcement (pdf), Nikkan Sports 7/18/2014

Japan Student Baseball Association hands down sentences [7/18/2014]

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The Japan Student Baseball Association met on Friday to determine punishments for the following cases:

High Schools

Game Suspensions

東大阪大柏原 部員のいじめ=7月4日から1カ月
Higashi Osaka Daigaku Kashiwara (Osaka) - bullying within the club - one month beginning on July 4

磯辺(千葉) 同=7月10日から3カ月
Isobe (Chiba) - bullying within the club - three months beginning on July 10

宮崎海洋(宮崎) 部員の飲酒=7月8日から3カ月
Miyazaki Kaiyo (Miyazaki) - drinking within the club - three months beginning on July 8

浜田水産(島根) 部員の恐喝、喫煙など=7月1日から1カ月
Hamada Suisan (Shimane) - extortion/blackmail, smoking within the club - one months beginning on July 1


東京都市大塩尻(長野)の監督 暴力=6月25日から3カ月
Tokyotoshi Daigaku Shiojiri (Nagano) manager - violence - three months beginning on June 25

愛知啓成(愛知)のコーチ 同=7月5日から1カ月
Aichi Keisei (Aichi) coach - violence - one month beginning on July 5

磯辺の部長 同、報告遅れ=6月30日から4カ月
Isobe (Chiba) director - violence, delayed report - four months beginning on June 30

Source: Jiji Press 7/18/2014

[7/12/2014] Higashi Osaka University Kashiwara and Isobe High Schools withdraw from tournaments

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Higashi Osaka University Kashiwara High School announced on Wednesday (July 9) that they were withdrawing from the Osaka Tournament after they discovered physical abuse among teammates.

According to school officials, during clean-up duty on the 3rd, a second-year player on the baseball team egged a first-year teammate into tackling a separate second-year teammate.  The separate second-year teammate struck the first-year teammate in the face.  A third-year teammate joined in and kicked the first-year teammate in the back.  The first-year teammate suffered some facial bruising. Parents of the first-year teammate immediately contacted the team's manager to report the incident.

Source: Sponichi 7/9/2014Mainichi 7/10/2014


The Chiba High School Baseball Federation announced that they accepted Isobe High School's withdrawal request from the Chiba Tournament after they filed a report about third-year players on the team beating second-year teammates.

Isobe High School was issued a stern warning by the Japan High School Baseball Federation after they discovered third-year players harassing second-year teammates in April.  They decided to withdraw from the Chiba Tournament after they learned that third-year players were hitting second-year teammates in the back (with belts) and shoulder since last summer.

Source: Sponichi 7/10/2014


Koshien Stadium will be handing out Koshien dirt during the Summer Koshien as part of its 90th Anniversary celebration.  The dirt will be handed out to anyone with tickets to Special Non-Reserved Seats (First Base, Second Base, and Center).

Source: official announcement (pdf)

[7/9/2014] Kaiyo High School pulls out of Miyazaki Tournament

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The Miyazaki High School Baseball Federation announced that Miyazaki Kaiyo High School was pulling out of the Miyazaki Tournament due to a school-related issue.  School officials confirmed that drinking within the team was the reason.  The incident came to light when members of the board of education were informed about a photo that was posted to Twitter that showed a number of students drinking at a hotel when the team was in Fukuoka in June for an away practice game.

Source: Sponichi 7/9/2014


Eight male students from Amagasaki Sosei High School, including one member of the baseball team, were confirmed to be drinking in a photo that was posted to Twitter.  According to school officials, the image revealed a number of students, including one member of the team, sitting at a table with mugs of beer and ashtrays that contained cigarettes butts.  The photo was reportedly taken in June.

Individuals that saw the photo contacted the board of education on the 4th.  The school followed up with the student and contacted the Hyogo High School Baseball Federation.  They are still planning to compete at the Hyogo Tournament, though the student will not be allowed to participate.

Source: Sponichi 7/9/2014


Five male players and four female student team managers complained of feeling sick during the opening ceremony and the first game of the Yamanashi Tournament on Tuesday.  None of the nine students were in serious condition and did not require hospital care.  The Yamanashi High School Baseball Federation believes the individuals may have been suffering mild heat strokes.

Two male players and four female managers were not feeling well during the opening ceremony that started at around 8:45am.  Three male players complained of cramps in their legs during the first game that started at 10:30am.  The nine were given water and cooled off at the infirmary.

Source: Sanspo 7/9/2014

[7/3/2014] JHBF: High School baseball population exceeds 170,000 for the first time

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The Japan High School Baseball Federation (JHBF) released their annual report on the high school baseball population (hard baseball) on Thursday.  Their results are based on information obtained through to the end of May.  The JHBF has been keeping track of the baseball population since 1982.


High School Baseball Population (Hard Baseball)

Year First
Total Member
Avg Ret
2005 62,551 53,632 49,110 165,293 4,253 38.9 81.1
2006 61,952 53,793 50,569 166,314 4,242 39.2 81.3
2007 64,117 53,490 50,894 168,501 4,192 40.2 81.4
2008 62,524 55,832 50,942 169,298 4,163 40.7 82.2
2009 61,202 54,984 53,263 169,449 4,132 41.0 83.1
2010 61,935 54,183 52,370 168,488 4,115 40.9 83.8
2011 59,650 55,291 51,984 166,925 4,090 40.8 84.9
2012 61,312 53,678 53,154 168,144 4,071 41.3 85.8
2013 59,570 55,751 51,767 167,088 4,048 41.3 86.8
2014 61,265 55,246 53,801 170,312 4,030 42.3 87.7

Ret Rate (Retention Rate) = Percentage of first year students that continued to play baseball into their third year.


Additional information can be found at the official JHBF website.  The JHBF has also released information on the rubber baseball population as well.

[7/3/2014] Tokyo City University Shiojiri High School manager steps down

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The media learned on Thursday that the manager of the Tokyo City University Shiojiri High School (Nagano) baseball team stepped down from his post, dated June 25, after it was discovered that he resorted to violence to punish two players.

According to school officials, the manager slapped two different third-year players on the cheek one time each.  The incidents took place in April and June.  One player was trying to leave practices early and the other was using his mobile phone.  Both players have not missed any practices since and are expected to participate in the Nagano tournament.

The incident came to light when someone contacted the school on June 24 and questioned the manager's coaching methods.  The principal confirmed the report with the manager and notified the Nagano High School Baseball Federation.

Source: Chunichi Shimbun 7/3/2014, Sponichi 7/3/2014

[7/1/2014] More trouble at Chiba Isobe High School

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The media learned on Monday that third-year students on the Chiba Isobe High School baseball team filmed a second-year teammate in his underwear then uploaded the footage to LINE, an instant messaging service.  The school has since canceled practices for a about month.

According to school officials, a number of third-year students ordered a second-year teammate to strip down to his underwear after practices on April 2.  The third-year students stuck clothespins on various parts of the second-year teammate's upper body.  They filmed and uploaded the video to LINE, where it was made available to other members of the team.  The incident came to light about two weeks later when the second-year teammate spoke to an adviser about wanting to quit.

The baseball team has been involved in a number of harassment incidents since last fall.  For this particular incident, school officials suspended practices for about a month.  They also submitted a report to the Chiba High School Baseball Federation and were later issued stern warnings by the Japan High School Baseball Federation.

Source: Chiba Nippo 7/1/2014, Sponichi 7/1/2014