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[6/1/2015] Kyuji Fujikawa lands with the Kochi Fighting Dogs

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The Kochi Fightings Dogs (Shikoku Island League) announced on June 1 that they reached an agreement with former Hanshin Tiger Kyuji Fujikawa.

Fujikawa posted a message on his blog about his decision and told fans that he decided to sign with the Fighting Dogs for two main reasons: he wanted to play for a team that needed him and he wanted to be close to his family. Fujikawa and his wife are both from Kochi.

And I arrived at my answer today.
My wife and I are from Kochi. I want to help children that have a chance at becoming superstars by pitching in front of them.
I want to see the faces of people that enjoy watching me pitch.
Those people that cheered for me,
I decided to start my baseball career over in the place that helped raise me, Kochi.

The two sides have yet to formally sign a contract. A press conference is scheduled for June 8. He could join the team on June 9.

It should be noted that Fuijkawa has mentioned that he received offers from both MLB and NPB teams. Additionally, it was Fujikawa that reached out to the Kochi Fighting Dogs.

Source: official announcement, Fujikawa blog post, Chunichi Sports 6/1/2015, Daily Sports 6/1/2015, Daily Sports 6/1/2015

[5/25/2015] BC League: Tuffy Rhodes coming back to Japan

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The BC League's Toyama GRN Thunderbirds announced today that they signed forty-six-year-old Tuffy Rhodes to player/coach contract. Rhodes' registered number will be Rhodes and he was assigned the uniform number 16. A press conference is scheduled for June 3. Additional details will be released at a later date.

Toyama posted the following comment from Rhodes (translation take from the official site):

I’m happy to be back with Japan with [Yuji] Yoshioka and the Toyama team. It’s been 6 long year. Nippon yukuzo!! Yosha!!

[2/10/2015] Route Inn BC League Home Opener Schedule

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2015 Route Inn BC League home opener schedule

April 11 (Saturday)

  • Niigata Albirex BC vs Fukushima Hopes at Kaiseizan Stadium - 13:00
  • Musashi Heat Bears vs Gunma Diamond Pegasus at Jomo Shimbun Shikishima Stadium - 13:00
  • Nippon Ham Ni-gun vs Shinano Granderows at Matsumoto Stadium - 13:00
  • Hanshin Ni-gun vs Toyama Thunderbirds at Alpen Stadium - 13:00
  • Fukui Miracle Elephants vs Ishikawa Million Stars at Kanazawa Stadium - 13:00

April 12 (Sunday)

  • Fukushima Hopes vs Niigata Albirex BC at Hard Off Eco Stadium - 13:00
  • Hanshin Ni-gun vs Fukui Miracle Elephants at Fukui Phoenix Stadium - 12:00

April 18 (Saturday)

  • Fukushima Hopes vs Musashi Heat Bears at Kumagaya Sakura Sports Park Stadium - 13:00

Note: the eight teams in the Route Inn BC League will play some games against NPB Ni-gun teams during the 2015 season. These games will be considered official, as such, wins, losses, and team and individual player stats will be included in the season totals.

Source: official announcement

[2/8/2015] BC League: Julio Franco to manage Ishikawa Million Stars

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The Ishikawa Million Stars announced today that they added fifty-six-year-old Julio Franco to their team as a player/manager for the 2015 season. They also announced that they added Masato Kobayashi as a head coach. A press conference will be held on the 10th. Franco will not be in attendance.

Source: official announcement

[2/5/2015] Pacific League Climax Series to start on same dates at Central League

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The Pacific League announced that the First Stage of the Climax Series will begin on October 10 and the Final Stage on October 14. These are the same start dates as the Central League.

Source: official announcement


The NPB announced on Tuesday changes to the reqiurements for the standard baseball.

  1. The goal will be to get as close to a 0.4134 coefficient of restitution as possible (no more ranges, like 0.4034 and 0.4234).
  2. Baseballs will be between nine inches (22.9 centimeters) and nine and a quarter inches (23.5 centimeters) in size.
  3. Baseballs will be between five ounces (141.7 grams) and five and a qaurter ounces (148.8 gams).
  4. Stitch widths will be 5/16 inches (0.8 centimters). Stitch heights will be 1/28 inch (0.9 millimeters)
  5. Everything else will fall under the rules of the baseball agreement.

Source: official announcement


Advance tickets for Samurai Japan's Global Baseball Match 2015 against Europe will go on sale at Lawson Ticket on Friday (2/6), beginning at 10:00am. Regular tickets will go on sale on the 14th, beginning at 10:00am. Additional information can be found at the official site.

Source: official announcement


The Kagawa Olive Guyners (Island League) will be participating in the 44th JABA Shikoku Tournament this year.

Source: official announcement

[12/27/2014] JABA, NPB News and Notes

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The NPB announced that they signed Takuya Mizuguchi (20) to an Ikusei Umpire contract. Mizuguchi completed the NPB Umpire School last year and was assigned to the Shikoku Island League this year, where he won the Top Umpire Award.

Source: official announcement, Nikkan Sports 12/24/2014


Former Independent League players will no longer count against the Japan Amateur Baseball Association's (JABA) three former professional players per team cap. Under previous rules, former Independent League players were included in the count. Additionally, one-year restriction periods will be dropped for former Independent League players from either the BC League or Shikoku Island League.

Source: official document, Island League announcementSponichi 12/11/2014