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NPB: Roster Changes for 7/29/2015

by on Jul.29, 2015 @ 4:42 pm, under NPB, Roster Updates

Central League Updates

Added to the Active Roster

Team Pos Uni Name JPN Name ENG
YOM P 26 内海 哲也 Utsumi, Tetsuya
CHU P 17 雄  太 Kawai, Yudai
CHU P 54 D.ネイラー Naylor, Drew
YAK P 26 久古 健太郎 Kyuko, Kentaro

Removed from the Active Roster

Team Pos Uni Name JPN Name ENG
YOM C 23 相川 亮二 Aikawa, Ryoji
CHU P 58 八木 智哉 Yagi, Tomoya
CHU OF 60 R.ナニータ Nanita, Ricardo
YAK P 66 新垣 渚 Arakaki, Nagisa

Pacific League Updates

Added to the Roster

Team Pos Uni Name JPN Name ENG
ORI P 57 山田 修義 Yamada, Nobuyoshi

Added to the Active Roster

Team Pos Uni Name JPN Name ENG
ORI P 49 白仁田 寛和 Shiranita, Hirokazu
ORI P 121 山田 修義 Yamada, Nobuyoshi
ORI P 91 A.マエストリ Maestri, Alessandro
HAM P 32 乾 真大 Inui, Masahiro
HAM P 57 屋宜 照悟 Yagi, Shogo
LOT P 27 古谷 拓哉 Furuya, Takuya
RAK INF 55 西田 哲朗 Nishida, Tetsuro

Removed from the Active Roster

Team Pos Uni Name JPN Name ENG
ORI P 16 平野 佳寿 Hirano, Yoshihisa
ORI P 35 比嘉 幹貴 Higa, Motoki
ORI INF 54 堤 裕貴 Tsutsumi, Yuki
HAM P 30 鍵谷 陽平 Kagiya, Yohei
HAM P 63 上沢 直之 Uwasawa, Naoyuki
LOT INF 2 根元 俊一 Nemoto, Shunichi
RAK P 11 塩見 貴洋 Shiomi, Takahiro


* Players removed from the active roster today will be eligible to return on August 8.

[7/28/2015] Yomiuri Giants, Hanshin Tigers, Chunichi Dragons, Yokohama Bay Stars, Yakult Swallows

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Yomiuri Giants

  • Hirokazu Ibata was not available to play on July 28 because he was not feeling well. Source: Sanspo 7/28/2015

Hanshin Tigers

  • Shintaro Fujinami could make his next start on six days of rest against Yakult at Koshien on July 31. Source: Sanspo 7/28/2015
  • Randy Messenger's next start will most likely come on five days of rest against Yakult at Koshien on August 1. Source: Sanspo 7/28/2015
  • Through July 27, Minoru Iwata was 3-2 with 2.13 ERA in ten games at Nagoya Dome over his career. Source: Sanspo 7/28/2015
  • General manager Katsuhiro Nakamura will be heading to the United States on July 28 to check on talent for the 2016 season. Nakamura told reporters he will most likely be checking on relievers and position players with pop that can play third or the outfield. Source: Sanspo 7/28/2015 ... Among names on their list of relievers: Marcos Mateo, Jairo Asencio, Jumbo Diaz, and Jon Velasquez. The Tigers could be looking for an arm in case Seung-Hwan Oh does not return next year. Source: Sponichi 7/28/2015, Sponichi 7/28/2015

Chunichi Dragons

  • Rafael Perez and Drew Naylor could make their debuts during the Yomiuri series that begins on July 31. Source: Sponichi 7/28/2015

Yokohama Bay Stars

  • The Bay Stars sent personnel to the United States to check on field conditions at MLB stadiums because they interested in replacing the turf at Yokohama Stadium with natural grass. Staff from the Bay Stars and Yokohma Stadium visited the United States between July 4 and 12 and studied stadiums belonging to the Diamondbacks, Astros, Marlins, and Mariners. Source: Sanspo 7/28/2015

Yakult Swallows

  • The Swallows will most likely give starters at least seven days of rest over the next few weeks. The core starting rotation could include Yasuhiro Ogawa, Masanori Ishikawa, Nagisa Arakaki, Yoshihisa Naruse, and Hirofumi Yamanaka. Other pitchers that need extra rest or have yet to nail down a spot in the rotation, like Shohei Tateyama, Taichi Ishiyama, and Masato Furuno, would get spot starts to fill the gaps. They are also planning to go with eight relievers to offset the workload for each pitcher. The Swallows play thirty-three of their next thirty-six games at outdoor stadiums, including twenty-six straight between August 11 and September 10. Source: Sanspo 7/28/2015 ... The Swallows do not want to work their pitching staff too hard down the stretch during the hot summer. They would like to give starters seven days of rest and go with eight relievers. The base rotation could include Ogawa, Ishikawa, and Arakaki. Tateyama could pitch on ten days of rest because he is coming off an injury. Pitchers like Yamanaka, Naruse, Ishiyama, and Furuno could compete for starts to fill the gaps. Source: Sponichi 7/28/2015

[7/28/2015] Orix Buffaloes, Nippon Ham Fighters, Chiba Lotte Marines, Rakuten Eagles

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Orix Buffaloes

  • Potential starters for the Rakuten series that begins on July 31: Yuki Nishi, Takahiro Matsuba, and Kazumasa Yoshida. Source: Nikkan Sports 7/28/2015
  • The Buffaloes are planning to send players to play winter ball in Puerto Rico. Source: Sports Hochi 7/28/2015

Nippon Ham Fighters

  • The Fighters are planning to send Naoyuki Uwasawa to Ni-gun for an adjustment after he gave up three runs on five hits over 2.1 innings of work against the Orix Buffaloes on July 28. Source: Daily Sports 7/28/2015
  • Yuki Saito could get another shot to start an Ichi-gun game next month. Source: Sponichi 7/28/2015, Nikkan Sports 7/28/2015

Chiba Lotte Marines

  • Dae-Eun Rhee could return to starting rotation in time for a start against Seibu at QVC Marine on July 30. Source: Sponichi 7/28/2015
  • The Marines held a tryout for Cha-Seung Baek (35) at QVC Marine on July 28. He threw forty pitches in the bullpen and topped out at 142km/h. Lotte is planning to make a decision within a day or two. Source: Sports Hochi 7/28/2015, Sponichi 7/28/2015
  • Lotte has plans to install a larger main screen at QVC Marine after the current season (10.8 meters high and 28.8 meters wide). They also have plans to install two secondary screens in left and right (5.76 meters high and 20.16 meters wide). Construction will begin in November and end in February 2016. The total cost will be about 700 million yen. The city of Chiba and Lotte will foot the bill. Source: Nikkan Sports 7/28/2015, Daily Sports 7/28/2015, Sanspo 7/28/2015

Rakuten Eagles

  • The Eagles are thinking about adding Ikusei pitcher Tomohiro Umetsu to their seventy-man roster before the end of the month. Source: Sponichi 7/28/2015

[7/28/2015] Rakuten Eagles hit one million mark in attendance

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The Rakuten Eagles hit the one million mark in attendance in their forty-fourth home game of the season. The one million in forty-four games set a new franchise record. The previous record of fifty games was set last year.

Date Opponent Venue Attendance
03/31 Tue Seibu kobo Stadium 26,267
04/02 Thu Seibu kobo Stadium 25,949
04/07 Tue Softbank kobo Stadium 23,014
04/08 Wed Softbank kobo Stadium 21,639
04/10 Fri Orix kobo Stadium 18,752
04/11 Sat Orix kobo Stadium 19,103
04/12 Sun Orix kobo Stadium 21,519
04/17 Fri Nippon Ham kobo Stadium 20,233
04/18 Sat Nippon Ham kobo Stadium 20,942
04/19 Sun Nippon Ham kobo Stadium 24,164
04/24 Fri Lotte kobo Stadium 22,790
04/25 Sat Lotte kobo Stadium 21,508
04/26 Sun Lotte kobo Stadium 21,197
05/01 Fri Seibu kobo Stadium 22,492
05/02 Sat Seibu kobo Stadium 23,653
05/03 Sun Seibu kobo Stadium 26,331
05/16 Sat Lotte kobo Stadium 20,126
05/17 Sun Lotte kobo Stadium 23,219
05/19 Tue Nippon Ham kobo Stadium 19,839
05/20 Wed Nippon Ham kobo Stadium 23,225
05/21 Thu Nippon Ham kobo Stadium 23,417
05/29 Fri Yomiuri kobo Stadium 24,380
05/30 Sat Yomiuri kobo Stadium 26,589
05/31 Sun Yomiuri kobo Stadium 26,465
06/09 Tue Yokohama kobo Stadium 18,501
06/10 Wed Yokohama kobo Stadium 21,872
06/11 Thu Yokohama kobo Stadium 20,463
06/12 Fri Chunichi kobo Stadium 17,443
06/13 Sat Chunichi kobo Stadium 23,189
06/14 Sun Chunichi kobo Stadium 24,734
06/23 Tue Orix Koriyama 13,574
06/24 Wed Orix Yamagata 18,220
06/26 Fri Softbank kobo Stadium 20,246
06/28 Sun Softbank kobo Stadium 22,805
07/03 Fri Nippon Ham Tokyo Dome 43,881
07/04 Sat Nippon Ham kobo Stadium 23,640
07/05 Sun Nippon Ham kobo Stadium 23,084
07/10 Fri Orix kobo Stadium 23,242
07/11 Sat Orix kobo Stadium 25,556
07/12 Sun Orix kobo Stadium 21,091
07/24 Fri Lotte kobo Stadium 23,855
07/25 Sat Lotte kobo Stadium 26,171
07/26 Sun Lotte kobo Stadium 23,713
07/28 Tue Softbank Akita 19,459