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2009 Nippon Ham Fighters Drafted Player Salaries

Ord Name JPN DOB POS Contract Bonus
A-1 Nakamura, Masaru 中村  勝 12/11/1991 P 7M yen 75M yen
2 Ohtsuka, Yutaka 大塚  豊 12/20/1987 P 9M yen 70M yen
3 Kato, Masayoshi 加藤 政義 4/28/1987 INF 9M yen 65M yen
4 Unten, John Clayton 運天ジョン・クレイトン 3/27/1992 P 4.8M yen 30M yen
5 Masui, Hirotoshi 増井 浩俊 6/26/1984 P 9M yen 50M yen
6 Arahari, Yuji 荒張 裕司 4/24/1989 C 4.8M yen 8M yen

Salary data compiled from information at Nikkan Sports (NS) and Sponichi (S).

NOTE: Salary data is not officially released by the NPB clubs nor the players and are guesstimates made by various media outlets.