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2010 Hochi Pro Sports Award for Baseball

by on Dec.16, 2010 @ 5:09 pm, under NPB
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Takahiro Okada and Kenta Maeda were recipients of the 2010 Hochi Pro Sports Award for Baseball on Wednesday.  Hisayoshi Chono was presented with the Fresh Award.

Comments from Maeda:

I don't care about strikeouts, but I do care about ERA and wins. (via Nikkan Sports)

I'd like to try playing in the Majors. (via Sanspo)

Comment from Okada:

I was able to win [the HR title] because Seibu's [Takeya] Nakamura got injured.  I was also lucky.  If Nakamura is healthy next year, I think he'll hit about 40 homers, and I'd to reach that and go over it.  (via Nikkan Sports)

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2010 Battery Awards handed out on Thursday

by on Dec.03, 2010 @ 4:19 am, under NPB
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The 2010 Battery Awards were handed out yesterday -- Toshiya Sugiuchi and Hidenori Tanoue picked up the award in the Pacific League while Kenta Maeda and Yoshiyuki Ishihara picked up the award in the Central League.

The All-Time Best Battery Award was also handed out yesterday.  Fans were asked to select one pitcher / catcher pair from the last 19 years (38 pitcher / catcher pairs in all) via mail-in ballots and the combo of Kimiyasu Kudo and Tsutomu Ito (the combo that won the first Battery Award in the PL in 1991) racked up the most votes.

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Comments from 2010 Golden Glove Award Ceremony

by on Nov.29, 2010 @ 10:47 pm, under NPB
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The 2010 Golden Glove Awards were handed out earlier today.

Comments from the players from various media sites:

Kenji Jojima, C (HAN)*: I take my fielding very seriously so I was very pleased by winning this award. (Nikkan Sports)

Keiichi Hirano, 2B (HAN): This is like a dream since it was the furthest from my mind.  I'm feel honored. (Nikkan Sports)

Shinya Miyamoto, 3B (YAK)+: I figure I have a year or two left in the tank and so I'd like to try my best to win this award at least one more time. (Nikkan Sports)

Norichika Aoki, OF (YAK): I just need to keep working hard.  I'll do my best to continue focusing on my fielding. (Nikkan Sports)

Masato Akamatsu, OF (HIR): The "super" catch must have helped.  I'm happy.  I feel like this is a dream. (Nikkan Sports)

Kenta Maeda, P (HIR): I'm pretty good at fielding bunts and pick-offs so it was nice being selected. (Sanpo)

Motohiro Shima, C (RAK): I didn't think the numbers were good enough and I was on a last place team so I was really surprised I was selected.  I'll do my best to throw out more base-runners next season. (Nikkan Sports)

Hiroki Kokubo, 1B (SOF): It's been a while since I've seen a gold-colored glove.  I'm surprised at how different it looks compared to the gold-colored glove I have at home. (Nikkan Sports)

Kensuke Tanaka 2B (HAM): I want to do my best to make sure I win this award again next season. (Nikkan Sports)

Takumi Kuriyama, OF (SEI): I'm really surprised [to have won].  I don't know about tough plays, can't really do them, but I do my best to make sure that I make the players I'm supposed to. (Nikkan Sports)

Hideaki Wakui, P (SEI): I have confidence in my fielding abilities and it makes me happy I was selected.  As a team we fell apart toward the end, but I think it would be nice if I can continue winning this award while I'm an active player. (Nikkan Sports)

* Jojima did not attend, but provided a prepared statement.

+ Sadaharu Oh holds the record for oldest player to win a Golden Glove at  49 years, 5 month.  Miyamoto can surpass the mark if he win the award next season.

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Jojima’s walk-off blast selected on 3/27 selected for Georgia Award

by on Nov.21, 2010 @ 5:12 pm, under NPB
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12/3/2010 10:08pm JST

The award ceremony took place today at a hotel in Tokyo.

11/21/2010 5:12pm JST

The NPB announced today that Kenji Jojima's walk-off blast in a game against the Yokohama Bay Stars on 3/27 was selected by fans as the top play in 2011.

Soichiro Amaya's fence-climbing catch on 8/22 (also against the Yokohama Bay Stars) was given an honorable mention (selected by a committee of 6 judges).

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2010 Ni-gun Awards

by on Nov.18, 2010 @ 10:42 pm, under NPB

Yoshihiko Takahashi, Chiba Lotte Marines Ni-gun manager, was presented with the Ni-gun Championship Pennant during the Ni-gun Awards Ceremony today.

Eastern League


Title Player Team Stat Times
ERA Itokazu, Keisaku HAM 2.81 1st
Wins Kitani, Hisashi RAK 9 2nd
Saves Romero, Levi YOM 19 1st
WPCT Itokazu, Keisaku HAM .600 1st
Batting Avg Morioka, Ryosuke YAK .324 1st
Home Runs Tsutsugo, Yoshitomo SHO 26 1st
RBI Tsutsugo, Yoshitomo SHO 88 1st
Stolen Bases Kajitani, Takayuki SHO 33 1st
OBP Yokogawa, Fuminori RAK .396 1st


Award Player Team
Valuable Player Okada, Yoshifumi Chiba Lotte Marines
Valuable Player Hoshino, Masumi Yomiuri Giants
Valuable Player Tanaka, Kenjiro Shonan Searex
Valuable Player Kitani, Hisashi Rakuten Eagles
Valuable Player Tsuchiya, Kenji Nippon Ham Fighters
Valuable Player Akagawa, Katsuki Yakult Swallows
Valuable Player Saito, Shogo Seibu Lions
Umpire of the Year Hara, Shinichiro NBP Ump

Western League


Title Player Team Stat Times
ERA Iwata, Shinji CHU 2.86 1st
Wins Iwata, Shinji CHU 7 1st
Wins (tied) Kajimoto, Tatsuya ORI 7 1st
Saves Takeuchi, Hisashi HIR 17 1st
WPCT Iwata, Shinji CHU .700 1st
Batting Avg Kosai, Yusuke SOF .307 1st
Home Runs Egawa, Tomoaki SOF 14 1st
RBI Kosai, Yusuke SOF 64 1st
Stolen Bases Iwasaki, Kyohei CHU 31 1st
OBP Hamanaka, Osamu ORI .392 2nd


Award Player Team
Valuable Player Nohara, Masashi Hanshin Tigers
Valuable Player Yamazaki, Masataka Orix Buffaloes
Valuable Player Lee, Tu-Hsuan Softbank Hawks
Valuable Player Donoue, Naomichi Chunichi Dragons
Valuable Player Maru, Yoshihiro Hiroshima Carp
Umpire of the Year Tsuchiyama, Takehiro NBP Ump
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2010 Best Nine – includes voting results

by on Nov.18, 2010 @ 9:54 pm, under NPB
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Central League

Pos Name Team Times
C Abe, Shinnsokue Yomiuri Giants 5th
1B Brazell, Craig Hanshin Tigers 1st
2B Hirano, Keiichi Hanshin Tigers 1st
3B Morino, Masahiko Chunichi Dragons 1st
SS Toritani, Takashi Hanshin Tigers 2nd
OF Murton, Matt Hanshin Tigers 1st
OF Aoki, Norichika Yakult Swallows 6th
OF Wada, Kazuhiro Chunichi Dragons 6th*
P Maeda, Kenta Hiroshima Carp 1st

* once as DH, 5 times in the PL



Player Team Totals
Maeda, Kenta HIR 238
Asao, Takuya CHU 6
Kubo, Yasutomo HAN 1
Tateyama, Shohei YOK 1


Player Team Totals
Abe, Shinnosuke YOM 148
Jojima, Kenji HAN 83
Tanishige, Motonobu CHU 14
Aikawa, Ryoji YAK 1

First Baseman

Player Team Totals
Brazell, Craig HAN 212
Ogasawara, Michihiro YOM 21
Uchikawa, Seiichi YOK 5
Blanco, Tony CHU 4
Kurihara, Kenta HIR 2
Morino, Masahiko CHU 1
Whitesell, Josh YAK 1

Second Baseman

Player Team Totals
Hirano, Keiichi HAN 221
Tanaka, Hiroyasu YAK 19
Donoue, Naomichi CHU 3
Ibata, Hirokazu CHU 1
Higashide, Akihiro HIR 1
Castillo, Jose YOK 1

Third Baseman

Player Team Totals
Morino, Masahiko CHU 171
Ogasawara, Michihiro YOM 54
Arai, Takahiro HAN 19
Miyamoto, Shinya YAK 2


Player Team Totals
Toritani, Takashi HAN 139
Sakamoto, Hayato YOM 50
Soyogi, Eishin HIR 47
Araki, Masahiro CHU 8
Ishikawa, Takehiro YOK 2


Player Team Totals
Murton, Matt HAN 212
Aoki, Norichika YAK 187
Wada, Kazuhiro CHU 170
Ramirez, Alex YOM 158
Hirose, Jun HIR 9
Akamatsu, Masato HIR 1
Uchikawa, Seiichi YOK 1

Pacific League

Pos Name Team Times
C Shima, Motohiro Rakuten Eagles 1st
1B Cabrera, Alex Orix Buffaloes 5th+
2B Tanaka, Kensuke Nippon Ham Fighters 4th
3B Koyano, Eiichi Nippon Ham Fighters 1st
SS Nishioka, Tsuyoshi Chiba Lotte Marines 3rd
OF Tamura, Hitoshi Softbank Hawks 1st
OF Okada, Takahiro Orix Buffaloes 1st
OF Kuriyama, Takumi Seibu Lions 2nd
P Wada, Tsuyoshi Softbank Hawks 1st
DH Fukuura, Kazuya Chiba Lotte Marines 1st

+ 4th time as first baseman, once as DH



Player Team Totals
Wada, Tsuyoshi SOF 59
Kaneko, Chihiro ORI 56
Darvish, Yu HAM 50
Sugiuchi, Toshiya SOF 36
Falkenborg, Brian SOF 1
Naruse, Yoshihisa LOT 1


Player Team Totals
Shima, Motohiro RAK 191
Hosokawa, Toru SEI 3
Satozaki, Tomoya LOT 3
Tsuruoka, Shinya HAM 3
Tanoue, Hidenori SOF 1
Uemoto, Tatsuyuki SEI 1
Matoba, Naoki LOT 1

First Basemen

Player Team Totals
Cabrera, Alex ORI 128
Kokubo, Hiroki SOF 50
Kim, Tae-Kyun LOT 15
Okada, Takahiro ORI 8
Fukuura, Kazuya LOT 1
Koyano, Eiichi HAM 1

Second Basemen

Player Team Totals
Tanaka, Kensuke HAM 125
Honda, Yuichi SOF 42
Iguchi, Tadahito LOT 21
Kataoka, Yasuyuki SEI 13
Goto, Mitsutaka ORI 2

Third Basemen

Player Team Totals
Koyano, Eiichi HAM 146
Imae, Toshiaki LOT 56
Nakamura, Takeya SEI 1


Player Team Totals
Nishioka, Tsuyoshi LOT 191
Kawasaki, Munenori SOF 6
Nakajima, Hiroyuki SEI 6


Player Team Totals
Tamura, Hitoshi SOF 195
Okada, Takahiro ORI 157
Kuriyama, Takumi SEI 111
Itoi, Yoshio HAM 52
Tsuchiya, Teppei RAK 50
Sakaguchi, Tomotaka ORI 15
Inaba, Atsunori HAM 9
Ortiz, Jose SOF 8
Omura, Saburo LOT 6
Hijirisawa, Ryo RAK 2
Matsunaka, Nobuhiko SOF 1
Takayama, Hisashi SEI 1
Ogino, Takashi LOT 1
Morimoto, Hichori HAM 1

Designated Hitters

Player Team Totals
Fukuura, Kazuya LOT 75
Yamasaki, Takeshi RAK 59
Cabrera, Alex ORI 36
Brown, Dee SEI 15
Ortiz, Jose SOF 4
Nakamura, Takeya SEI 4
Okada, Takahiro ORI 4
Inaba, Atsunori HAM 2
Kokubo, Hiroki SOF 1
Petagine, Roberto SOF 1
Nioka, Tomohiro HAM 1
Kitagawa, Hirotoshi ORI 1
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2010 MVP and Rookie of the Year Awards

by on Nov.18, 2010 @ 8:58 pm, under NPB
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Central League

Most Valuable Player

Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Wada, Kazuhiro CHU 131 75 16 896
Asao, Takuya CHU 66 82 24 600
Murton, Matt HAN 22 29 73 270
Maeda, Kenta HIR 18 20 31 181
Ramirez, Alex YOM 6 15 22 97
Morino, Masahiko CHU 5 11 30 88
Iwase, Hitoki CHU 4 5 13 48
Chen, Wei-Ying CHU 3 7 9 45
Aoki, Norichika YAK 0 4 7 19
Abe, Shinnosuke YOM 0 2 0 6
Takahashi, Akifumi CHU 0 0 4 4
Yoshimi, Kazuki CHU 0 0 1 1
Kubo, Yasutomo HAN 0 0 1 1
Jojima, Kenji HAN 0 0 1 1
Brazell, Craig HAN 0 0 1 1
Kubo, Yuya YOM 0 0 1 1
Blank 0 5 21 36

Rookie of the Year

Player Team Totals
Chono, Hisayoshi YOM 233
Donoue, Naomichi CHU 5
Akiyama, Takumi HAN 5
Kaga, Shigeru YOK 3
Nakazawa, Masato YAK 2
Nishimura, Ken HAN 1
Iwamoto, Takahiro HIR 1
Blank 5


Title Player Team Stat Times
ERA Maeda, Kenta HIR 2.21 1st
Wins Maeda, Kenta HIR 15 1st
Strikeouts Maeda, Kenta HIR 174 1st
Saves Iwase, Hitoki CHU 42 4th
Hold Points Asao, Takuya CHU 59 1st
Batting Avg Aoki, Norichika YAK .358 3rd
Home Runs Ramirez, Alex YOM 49 2nd
RBI Ramirez, Alex YOM 129 4th
Stolen Bases Soyogi, Eishin HIR 43 1st
OBP Wada, Kazuhiro CHU .437 1st
Hits Murton, Matt HAN 214 1st

Other Awards

Award Name Team Other
Manager of the Year Ochiai, Hiromitsu Chunichi Dragons
Speed Up Award Toritani, Takashi Hanshin Tigers
Comeback Player None
Award for Excellence Asao, Takuya Chunichi Dragons 45 HLD, 59 HP, NPB record 25 consecutive HP
Award for Excellence Kanemoto, Tomoaki Hanshin Tigers 1,492 consecutive innings
Award for Excellence Murton, Matt Hanshin Tigers 214-hit season
Award for Excellence Ramirez, Alex Yomiuri Giants 8 consecutive 100+ RBI seasons
Award for Excellence Wakiya, Ryota Yomiuri Giants CL record 15 consecutive games with a run scored
Award for Excellence Aoki, Norichika Yakult Swallows 2nd 200-hit season
Umpire of the Year Shimata, Tetsuya NPB Ump

Pacific League

Most Valuable Player

Player Team 1st 2nd 3rd Total
Wada, Tsuyoshi SOF 76 62 19 585
Sugiuchi, Toshiya SOF 59 54 23 480
Nishioka, Tsuyoshi LOT 44 25 36 331
Tamura, Hitoshi SOF 14 20 37 167
Darvish, Yu HAM 4 9 19 66
Kaneko, Chihiro ORI 6 8 11 65
Falkenborg, Brian SOF 3 11 11 59
Settsu, Tadashi SOF 5 7 11 57
Kokubo, Hiroki SOF 3 2 3 24
Kawasaki, Munenori SOF 1 3 9 23
Mahara, Takahiro SOF 0 6 3 21
Okada, Takahiro ORI 1 0 6 11
Naruse, Yoshihisa LOT 1 0 1 6
Honda, Yuichi SOF 0 1 2 5
Nakajima, Hiroyuki SEI 0 1 2 5
Inaba, Atsunori HAM 0 1 0 3
Kataoka, Yasuyuki SEI 0 0 2 2
Iwakuma, Hisashi RAK 0 0 2 2
Koyano, Eiichi HAM 0 0 1 1
Blank 0 7 19 40

Rookie of the Year

Player Team Totals
Sakakibara, Ryo HAM 84
Katto, Keisuke SOF 50
Morifuku, Masahiko SOF 15
Ogino, Takashi LOT 10
Nakata, Sho HAM 6
Kiyota, Ikuhiro LOT 4
Blank 48


Title Player Team Stat Times
ERA Darvish, Yu HAM 1.78 2nd
WPCT Sugiuchi, Toshiya SOF .696 2nd
Wins Wada, Tsuyoshi SOF 17 1st
Wins (tie) Kaneko, Chihiro ORI 17 1st
Saves Sikorski, Brian SEI 33 1st
Hold Points Falkenborg, Brian SOF 42 1st
Hold Points (tie) Settsu, Tadashi SOF 42 2nd
Strikeouts Darvish, Yu HAM 222 2nd
Batting Avg Nishioka, Tsuyoshi LOT .346 1st
Hits Nishioka, Tsuyoshi LOT 206 1st
Home Runs Okada, Takahiro ORI 33 1st
RBI Koyano, Eiichi HAM 109 1st
OBP Cabrera, Alex ORI .428 2nd
Stolen Bases Honda, Yuichi SOF 59 1st
Stolen Bases Kataoka, Yasuyuki SEI 59 4th

Other Awards

Award Name Team Other
Manager of the Year Akiyama, Koji Softbank Hawks
Award of Merit Murton, Matt Hanshin Tigers For his NPB record 214-hit season.
Umpire of the Year Tsugawa, Chikara NPB Ump
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Norifumi Nishimura selected for Shoriki Matsutaro Award

by on Nov.15, 2010 @ 10:02 pm, under NPB
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Norifumi Nishimura was selected to receive the Shoriki Matsutaro Award today (in addition to a money prize of 5M yen).

The voting committee for the Shoriki Matsutaro Award is made up Sadaharu Oh, Shigeru Sugishita, Futoshi Nakanishi, Koji Yamamoto, and Masao Taguchi.

Said Oh, "We made our selection based on the current rules and we felt the Chiba Lotte Marines deserved the award for winning the Nippon Series despite finishing in third place [during the regular season."

It seems the voting committee also felt that the fans and the oedan were deserving of the award as well.

The last Lotte player / manager to win the award was Bobby Valentine in 2005 (Nippon Series).

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2010 Mitsui Golden Glove Awards

by on Nov.11, 2010 @ 4:12 pm, under NPB
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Winners of the 2010 Golden Glove Awards were announced today.

A couple of notes:

Kenji Jojima became the first catcher in the award's history to win a Golden Glove in either league.

The Carp lead both leagues with four Golden Glove Award winners.  The Fighters have three.

The Dragons (first time in 10 years) and Giants (first time in 4 years) did not have a single Golden Glove Award winner.

The Central League did not have a first base Golden Glove Award winner for the first time in the award's history.

There were a total 260 votes in the CL and 216 votes in the PL.

Central League

Pos Tm Player (EN) Player (JP) FPCT G PO ASST ERR DP
P HIR Maeda, Kenta 前田健太 .963 28 12 40 2 2
C HAN Jojima, Kenji 城島健司 .992 144 999 77 9 13
1B None
2B HAN Hirano, Keiichi 平野恵一 .986 125 305 351 9 82
3B YAK Miyamoto, Shinya 宮本慎也 .959 125 87 197 12 17
SS HIR Soyogi, Eishin 梵英心 .990 144 230 462 7 90
OF YAK Aoki, Norichika 青木宣親 .990 144 300 5 3 2
OF HIR Hirose, Jun 広瀬純 .993 129 274 10 2 3
OF HIR Akamatsu, Masato 赤松真人 1.000 101 181 10 0 2

Pacific League

Pos Tm Player (EN) Player (JP) FPCT G PO ASST ERR DP
P SEI Wakui, Hideaki 涌井秀章 1.000 27 12 33 0 4
C RAK Shima, Motohiro 嶋基宏 .991 127 834 69 8 5
1B SOF Kokubo, Hiroki 小久保 裕紀 .998 109 827 52 2 62
2B HAM Tanaka, Kensuke 田中賢介 .980 143 343 473 11 122
3B HAM Koyano, Eiichi 小谷野栄一 .965 143 72 256 12 17
SS LOT Nishioka, Tsuyoshi 西岡剛 .972 144 122 440 19 81
OF HAM Itoi, Yoshio 糸井嘉男 .984 138 302 4 5 0
OF ORI Sakaguchi, Tomotaka 坂口智隆 .996 136 266 7 1 1
OF SEI Kuriyama, Takumi 栗山巧 .994 144 316 5 2 1
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