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[10/7/2014] 2014 Asia Series canceled

by on Oct.07, 2014 @ 3:35 pm, under International

The Asia Series steering committee formally announced that the 2014 Asia Series will be canceled due to scheduling difficulties. Various reasons, including personnel changes at the CPBL, the NPB's preparations of the Suzuki All-Star Series with the MLB, and the KBO's participation in the Incheon Asian Games, pushed off talks for the series and made it difficult to set a schedule.

The Asia Series also confirmed with the World Baseball Softball Confederation that the two groups will work together to promote baseball on a global scale. The Asia Series will provide whatever support it can to help bring baseball back to the Olympics.

Discussions for the 2015 series will begin during the next steering committee meeting early next year.

Source: official announcement

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[9/2/2014] 2014 Asia Series might be canceled

by on Sep.03, 2014 @ 3:35 am, under NPB

The 2014 Asia Series might be canceled.

The media recently learned that the CPBL may not be able to host the Asia Series this year. The NPB received a notice from the league in writing. The CPBL was planning to host the series this year, but personnel changes caused delays and a shift in schedule. A change in venue may not be an option due to timing issues. There is also a chance the CPBL might cancel their Winter League as well.

The Asia Series was going to open this year as an official tournament under the World Baseball Softball Confederation. It was going to be used to help promote baseball and softball for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Source: Sports Hochi 9/2/2014, Daily Sports 9/2/2014, Sponichi 9/2/2014, China Post 8/15/2014, Taipei Times 8/10/2014

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[3/18/2014] Samurai Japan at the Asia Series, 2014 Phoenix League details

by on Mar.19, 2014 @ 1:54 am, under NPB, Samurai Japan
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There were a couple of NPB meetings on Monday.  Among the topics that were discussed:

  • The Asia Series was organized as a way for championship teams from the NPB, KBO, CPBL, and CBA to compete for bragging rights in Asia.  The series was indefinitely postponed after the 2008 tournament reportedly ended 100 million yen in the red.  The series returned in 2011 with a new member in the ABF and Taiwan as the host country.  In 2013, the CBA sat out the tournament and was replaced by the European Cup winner.  The problems with participation, funding, and profits is a concern and the NPB is interested in discussing what can be done to make the series more attractive.  Allowing Samurai Japan to compete at the series could help improve marketability and interest.  It could also shift the series into a tournament for other national teams.
  • The Phoenix League will take place over a period of twenty-seven days beginning on October 6.  The Shikoku Island League and the KBO will once again participate.
  • As part of a relief and reconstruction project, the NPB will try to provide support to improve baseball playing conditions in areas in Iwate and Miyagi that were affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.
  • The Central League is considering the possibility of allowing sponsors on road uniforms.

Source: Sponichi 3/18/2014

[UPDATE 3/20 @ 12:58am]

The Golden Rookie Award, sponsored by Sagawa Kyubin, will be discontinued.  This award should not be confused with the Central and Pacific League's Rookie of the Year Award.

Source: ZakZak 3/20/2014


The NPB and the Japan Professional Baseball Players Association met on Tuesday and agreed that they should increase the number of times they meet each year to exchange opinions.  Meetings between the two sides were taking place at a rate of about three to four time a year.  That will go up to about once every two months and will include players.

Source: Daily Sports 3/18/2014

[2/19/2014] Asia Series Steering Committee meets to discuss plans for 2014 Asia Series

by on Feb.19, 2014 @ 8:53 pm, under International, NPB

The Asia Series Steering Committee held a meeting in Tokyo today and confirmed plans to hold the Asia Series later this year in the fall.  Location and times have not yet been decided.

Officials from the NPB, KBO, CPBL, and the ABL attended the meeting.  Schedules for each of leagues were reviewed.  IBAF President Riccardo Fraccari was also in attendance and told committee members that the inclusion of the European Cup winner last year helped give the Series a presence in Europe.  As such, there is a chance the European Cup winner will be invited back this year.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/19/2014

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[11/15/2013] 2013 Asia Series Schedule, Standings; Canberra crowned champs

by on Nov.15, 2013 @ 1:54 pm, under NPB
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Date Time Gm Venue Teams Time Att
11/15 13:05 1 Taichung Fortitudo Bologna (CEB) 2-5 Samsung Lions (KBO) 3:14 500
11/15 19:35 2 Taichung EDA Rhinos (CPBL) 1-6 Rakuten Eagles (NPB) 3:31 10910
11/16 13:05 3 Taichung Canberra Cavalry (ABL) 2-0 EDA Rhinos (CPBL) 2:44 1500
11/16 19:35 4 Taichung Uni-President
7-Eleven Lions (CPBL)
10-0 Fortitudo Bologna (CEB) 2:49 5814
11/17 14:05 5 Taoyuan Rakuten Eagles (NPB) 6-3 Canberra Cavalry (ABL) 2:56 4211
11/17 19:35 6 Taoyuan Samsung Lions (KBO) 5-4 Uni-President
7-Eleven Lions (CPBL)
4:24 17228
11/18 19:35 7 Taichung Canberra Cavalry (ABL) 9-5 Samsung Lions (KBO) 3:55 1000
11/19 19:35 8 Taichung Uni-President
7-Eleven Lions (CPBL)
4-1 Rakuten Eagles (NPB) 2:25 4720
11/20 19:05 9 Taichung Canberra Cavalry (ABL) 14-4 Uni-President
7-Eleven Lions (CPBL)
3:35 7925

* Times are Japan Time

Taichung = Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
Taoyuan = Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium


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[11/11/2013] 2013 Asia Series: Rakuten Eagles Roster

by on Nov.11, 2013 @ 8:07 pm, under NPB
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The Eagles posted a list of players that will be traveling with the team for the Asia Series.

Changes can be made at the last minute.

Asia Series

Pos Uni Name JPN Name ENG
P 14 則本 昂大 Norimoto, Takahiro
P 18 田中 将大 Tanaka, Masahiro
P 20 長谷部 康平 Hasebe, Kohei
P 22 戸村 健次 Tomura, Kenji
P 26 金刃 憲人 Kaneto, Norihito
P 28 片山 博視 Katayama, Hiroshi
P 30 永井 怜 Nagai, Satoshi
P 57 小山 伸一郎 Koyama, Shinichiro
P 58 辛島 航 Karashima, Wataru
P 59 菊池 保則 Kikuchi, Yasunori
P 64 福山 博之 Fukuyama, Hiroyuki
P 90 宮川 将 Miyagawa, Sho
C 27 岡島 豪郎 Okajima, Takero
C 29 小関 翔太 Koseki, Shota
C 37 嶋 基宏 Shima, Motohiro
C 48 伊志嶺 忠 Ishimine, Tadashi
INF 6 藤田 一也 Fujita, Kazuya
INF 9 阿部 俊人 Abe, Toshihito
INF 32 枡田 慎太郎 Masuda, Shintaro
INF 33 銀次 Akaminai, Ginji
INF 43 小斉 祐輔 Kosai, Yusuke
INF 55 西田 哲朗 Nishida, Tetsuro
INF 56 中川 大志 Nakagawa, Taishi
INF 67 岩崎 達郎 Iwasaki, Tatsuro
OF 0 森山 周 Moriyama, Makoto
OF 8 中島 俊哉 Nakashima, Toshiya
OF 23 聖澤 諒 Hijirisawa, Ryo
OF 36 榎本 葵 Enomoto, Aoi

* Tanaka and Norimoto will be with the team, but they are not expected to pitch.


Source: official announcement

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[11/8/2013] Rakuten Eagles: Masahiro Tanaka will be at the Asia Series after all

by on Nov.09, 2013 @ 12:16 am, under NPB
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It seems Masahiro Tanaka is now scheduled to travel with the team for the Asia Series.

"I really want to give him a break.  He certainly did enough for us to deserve that, but the fans over there are also interested in seeing him," Senichi Hoshino said to reporters on Thursday.

Tanaka was supposed to begin a complete overhaul on the 11th, but is now scheduled to rejoin the team on the 13th.

Takahiro Norimoto and Manabu Mima are also expected to travel with the team.

Source: Sports Hochi 11/8/2013

According to Sponichi, Hoshino changed his mind about Tanaka after hearing baseball people in Taiwan talking about how excited they were at the prospect of seeing the ace.  It should be noted that Hoshino also told reporters that he does not plan on actually playing Tanaka.

"I will take Tanaka [to Taiwan].  I have already spoken to him.  He has become fairly popular in Taiwan and I can not not bring him," Hoshino said.

Source: Sponichi 11/8/2013

Mima showed up at Kleenex Stadium on Friday for some light workouts.  When asked about the Asia Series, he said that he had heard nothing from the team about it and that he did not think he was going.

Source: Nikkan Sports 11/8/2013

UPDATE 11/9 @ 1:19am -

Team president Yozo Tachibana is scheduled to travel with the team.  Sanspo notes that Tanaka might have a chance to talk to Tachibana about whether he wants to be posted during the Asia Series.

Source: Sanspo 11/8/2013

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[11/4/2013] Rakuten Eagles: Tanaka, Norimoto, Mima not expected to make Asia Series roster

by on Nov.04, 2013 @ 5:51 pm, under NPB
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The Eagles are not planning to include Masahiro Tanaka, Takahiro Norimoto, and Manabu Mima on the roster competing at the Asia Series.  Other players that will likely be left off the roster: Kazuo Matsui and the foreign players, including Andruw Jones and Casey McGehee.  The Eagles are expected to compete with a roster made up mostly of younger players.

Source: Sanspo 11/4/2013

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[11/4/2013] Rakuten Eagles season not quite yet over, Asia Series up next

by on Nov.04, 2013 @ 5:23 pm, under NPB

These should be the participants for the 2013 Asia Series.  The schedule below is not official as it is based on the list of partipants.  I will post an official update once it becomes available.


Group A

  • Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions (CPBL)
  • Samsung Lions (KBO)
  • Fortitudo Bologna (Italy)

Group B

  • Canberra Cavalry (ABL)
  • EDA Rhinos (CPBL)
  • Rakuten Eagles (NPB)



Date Time Gm Teams Venue
11/15 12:00 1 Fortitudo Bologna Samsung Lions Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
11/15 18:30 2 EDA Rhinos Rakuten Eagles Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
11/16 12:00 3 Canberra Cavalry EDA Rhinos Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium
11/16 18:30 4 Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions Fortitudo Bologna Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium
11/17 13:00 5 Rakuten Eagles Canberra Cavalry Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
11/17 18:30 6 Samsung Lions Uni-President 7-Eleven Lions Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
11/18 18:30 7 Group B, 2nd Place Group A, 1st Place Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
11/19 18:30 8 Group A, 2nd Place Group B, 1st Place Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
11/20 18:00 9 Winner Gm 7 Winner Gm 8 Taichung Intercontinental Baseball Stadium
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[10/5/2013] Chinese Baseball Association to bow out of 2013 Asia Series

by on Oct.05, 2013 @ 3:06 pm, under International

According to Sponichi, the Chinese Baseball Association (CBA) is bowing out of the 2013 Asia Series, based on reports out of Taiwan.  No reasons are mentioned.  It is possible the European Cup champion was invited to the series as a replacement for the CBA.

Source: Sponichi 10/5/2013

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