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Yomiuri Giants News and Notes: January 18, 2011

by on Jan.18, 2011 @ 10:19 pm, under NPB
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Taishi Ota is tentatively scheduled to start the year at Ichi-gun spring camp.  He told reporters on Monday that his only goal was to wind the starting third base job and that he wanted to take at least 500 grounders at third base every day during spring camp (or more than 10,000 grounders over the course of spring camp).  During practice on Monday, Ota spent about two hours fielding grounder (first while on his feet and then some more while on his knees).  His main rival at third base will likely be Yoshiyuki Kamei.

Ota's practice today lasted about 3 hours and included running, fielding, and batting practice.


Atsushi Yachida worked out for about 5 hours at Hitachiota, Ibaraki today.  In addition to working on his throws to second (from behind home plate), he also spent some time taking BP and working with weights.  During BP, he received from pointers from Tetsuya Matsumoto.


Shun Tono has stumbled on two types of changes: both are a little fast, but one has sinker-like movement and the other has straight downward movement.  The grip also appears to be similar to a circle change.  Tono also told reporters that he wanted to throw a lot of changes during his bullpen sessions -- so instead of throwing fastballs 70% of the time as he usually does, he'll throw the change 70% of the time.

Tono also plans on asking Seth Greisinger for advice on how to improve and effectively use the two pitches during spring camp.


The Yomiuri Giants new updated road uniforms went on sale today for 26,250 yen.  The road uniforms this year are a slightly lighter gray.

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