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A brief interview with Cashman carried by Sponichi

by on Nov.25, 2009 @ 8:21 am, under MLB
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Sponichi is carrying an interview with Brian Cashman.  In case nothing like it has been printed in the US papers, here is it:

Do you have any interest in FA players on the market?

We don't want our FA players to get think we have no interest in them because we're contacting agents for other FA players.  We're going to talk to our FA first before talking to anyone else.

Any ideas on how much money you'll have?

We're talking about it.  We can't really do anything until we have our budget.  The most important thing is spending our money effective.

What happens after it's decided?

I'll compare my notes with the scouts, and then I'll see how much the players are asking for and I'll compare it to what the market is asking.

Any hidden meanings for not talking to Matsui yet?

No hidden meaning at all.  We haven't even made any decisions on the club level yet.  We had some rough time hammering out his contract during the 2005 off-season.  That doesn't mean it'll be any easier this time around.    He was a great [Yomiuri] Giants' player, but he's also a great Yankee player.  I also want to congratulate the Giants for their championship.  It's amazing we won it during the same year.

Is there a chance you'll sign both Damon and Matsui?

Anything is possible, if the price is right.  It all depends on whether or not our plans and the players' asking price fit.

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