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NPB 2007 Series 3 Calbee Baseball Cards

by on Nov.29, 2007 @ 5:48 am, under Baseball Cards

I've been doing my best to collect as many of this year's Calbee Baseball cards as I can. I'll try to post a few of the cards I've managed to attain later, but for now, here is an image of the bag of chips that the cards come packaged with (they are sealed in a non-see-thru plastic envelope on the outside of the bag).

Each bag costs about 80yen (or about 75 cents a bag) and come with two cards each. If you look carefully, you'll see the number 3 in a green circle on the right-hand side of the bag: this indicates the third series of cards. I unfortunately didn't get the chance to purchase too many from the first and second series, so most of my collection is from the third series. I'm currently trying to get a Tanaka Masahiro and a Yu Darvish card (I missed both their Series 2 cards ), but it seems they are somewhat hard to come by. I did manage to get a Tanaka Masahiro Star Card and a Yu Darvish Ace Card. But I don't have much time as Calbee will only sell these chips with cards until the end of this month. That means I need to cram in a few more bags of chips.

Oh, and this is what 13 bags of chips looks like (I've bought 15 bags over the last 5 days or so and have only managed to eat 2 of them).

BTW: I got a Kosuke Fukudome card in one of these bags of chips. And those gray rectangles you see on the back of the bags are where the two cards are located. And yes, all of these have been emptied by me.

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