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CPBL: Chih-chia Chang to be prosecuted?

by on Dec.17, 2009 @ 12:04 am, under Other
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The latest update on the CPBL scandal, via Taiwan News:

After the Banciao District Prosecutors’ Office confirmed Tuesday that he had been released on bail of NT$80,000 last week, the La New Bears immediately announced they were expelling him from the team and would sue for compensation.

Chang has denied from start to finish that he ever accepted money to lose games, reports said. When prosecutors cast an eye on his purchases of expensive cars, he claimed he lent money from the game-fixing group to buy the vehicles, but prosecutors were considering indicting him for defrauding the group because he accepted their money but did nothing in return, media reported.

Chinese Professional Baseball League will not go under says sports minister

by on Nov.04, 2009 @ 8:34 pm, under Other
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Slightly old news now, but I thought it worth a quick mention.

Via Taiwan News, Sports Affair Council Minister Tai Hsia-ling insists that the league will not disappear.

"We will not allow the Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) to disappear or Brother Elephants to be disbanded," said Sports Affairs Council Minister Tai hsia-ling at an inter-ministerial meeting aimed at figuring out ways and means to keep the CPBL afloat.

And various other headlines:

Taiwan prosecutors' offices to protect scandal-mired baseball teams (11/4/2009, Earth Times)

Baseball star Tsao defends innocence in game-fixing (11/4/2009, Taiwan News)

Elephants coach Nakagomi out on bail (11/4/2009 Tapei Times)

Elephants coach questioned over match-fixing (11/3/2009, Radio Taiwan International)

Baseball fans parade and petition the SAC (11/2/2009, Tapei Times)

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Three players on the Brother Elephants confess

by on Oct.31, 2009 @ 5:23 pm, under Other
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There's been some movement in the case of game fixing by some players in the Chinese Professional Baseball League.

Via the China Post:

Three professional baseball players, all of the Brother Elephants team, confessed to prosecutors of playing fake games yesterday and returned their illegal payment as evidence.

With qualms of conscience, Elephants pitchers Li Hao-jen and Wu Bao-hsien, as well as outfielder Chu Hung-shen, admitted to prosecutors their roles in helping fix some baseball games.

It seems that, in all, 12 players were connected to the scandal.

Some other headlines connected:

AFP: Four Taiwan players fired in match-fixing scandal (10/31)

Times Online: World in motion: Scandal threatens pride of Taiwan (10/31)

Tapei Times: Baseball league will not fold over scandal: council (10/30)

Detroit Free Press: Ni's message to native players: Stay out of trouble (10/30)

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Scandal hits Taiwan pro baseball league

by on Oct.27, 2009 @ 4:25 pm, under Other
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This has nothing to do with baseball in Japan but I thought it might be of some interest.

Seems there were some reported cases of game fixing by some players in the Chinese Professional Baseball League between May and September.

Via the China Post:

According to evidence collected by the Taipei branch of the Ministry of Justice's Investigation Bureau, the players rigged games in a number of ways, including throwing easy pitches to hit, walking batters, purposely committing fumbles or deliberately striking out.

Once the gambling syndicate run by Tsai cashed in on its bets as a result of the players' actions, it would then pay off the players through intermediaries, the Investigation Bureau believes.

For those that want more information, here are some additional news sources:

Taiwan News: Former MLB pitcher Tsao Chin-hui denies baseball game fixing

Associated Press: Say it ain't so Tsao: Baseball scandal hits Taiwan

Straits Times: 6 detained in match-fixing probe