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[11/14/2014] Rumors: Yomiuri Giants, Chunichi Dragons, Seibu Lions

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The Yomiuri Giants held a press conference on Friday to announce their addition of Chunichi senryokugai Daiki Yoshikawa (22). He was assigned the number sixty-eight. Source: Nikkan Sports 11/14/2014 ... Yoshikawa agreed to a deal worth an estimated 5.5 million yen. He is slated to join fall camp at Giants Stadium on Saturday (11/15). Source: Sanspo 11/14/2014

The Giants are planning to give Chunichi senryokugai Takehiro Donoue (29) a tryout. Source: Nikkan Sports 11/14/2014

The Giants are not planning to offer Jose Lopez (30) a contract for the 2015 season. Source: Sanspo 11/14/2014

Hanshin's Seung-Hwan Oh (32) does not see the NPB as the endpoint of his career. He believes he should head to the Majors if such a path becomes available to him after pitching well next season. Oh will be in the final year of a two-year deal next year. Source: Sports Hochi 11/14/2014, Sponichi 11/14/2014, Nikkan Sports 11/14/2014

Orix senryokugai Tomoya Yagi joined Chunichi fall camp on Thursday. He is scheduled to practice with the team until the end of camp on the 20th. He is expected to sign a contract with Chunichi within the next few days. Source: Sanspo 11/14/2014

The Rakuten Eagles signed Hiroshima senryokugai Tomohiro Umetsu (31) to an Ikusei contract. Source: official announcement ... Umetsu agreed to a deal worth an estimated six million yen. Source: Nikkan Sports 11/14/2014

The Seibu Lions are expected to reach out of Hiroyuki Nakajima a second time to resume contract negotiations. Their initial offer may have been four years at over one billion yen. Source: Daily Sports 11/14/2014 ... According to ZakZak, Nakajima wants to play in the United States next year, even if it means signing a minor league deal and starting the season at Double-A. Source: ZakZak 11/14/2014 ... The Lions may have offered Nakajima a four-year deal worth an estimated 1.2 billion yen, or about 280 million yen plus incentives per season. The Tigers may be decided to extend their initial three-year proposal to four years. Source: Sanspo 11/14/2014

The Orix Buffaloes announced that signed Chunichi senryokugai Daisuke Tanaka (29). Source: official announcement

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[11/10/2014] Rumors: Yokohama, Hiroshima, Chunichi, Softbank

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The Yokohama Bay Stars are interested in Orix senryokugai Shun Tono (28) after watching him during the Twelve-team tryouts on Sunday. A number of other teams, including Hiroshima and Lotte, could also be interested in Tono. Source: Nikkan Sports 11/10/2014, Nikkan Sports 11/10/2014

The Hiroshima Carp are interested in Tono, Nippon Ham senryokugai Shoma Sato (25), Yokohama senryokugai Futoshi Kobayashi (31), and Softbank senryokugai Shintaro Ejiri (37). They will probably keep it to one signing, if any. Source: Nikkan Sports 11/10/2014, Daily Sports 11/10/2014 ... Hiroshima signed Sato to a contract on Monday. A press conference will be held on Tuesday. Source: Nikkan Sports 11/10/2014

Tono is not planning to attend the second tryout. He is currently only thinking about playing in the NPB next year. Source: Chunichi Sports 11/10/2014

Chunichi general manager Hiromitsu Ochiai is interested in Yokohama senryokugai Kuan-Yu Chen (24). Source: Nikkan Sports 11/10/2014

The Dragons are planning to give former Softbank Hawk Kyohei Kamezawa (26) a tryout during fall camp. Source: Nikkan Sports 11/10/2014

The Chiba Lotte Marines are interested in Orix senryokugai Tomoya Yagi and could give him a tryout. Source: Sponichi 11/10/2014

The Softbank Hawks are going to give Yokohama senryokugai Yujo Kitagata (20) a tryout during fall camp, from the 11th until the 14th. Source: Sponichi 11/10/2014, Nikkan Sports 11/10/2014

The Orix Buffaloes are going to give Chunichi senryokugai Daisuke Tanaka a look during fall camp. Source: Daily Sports 11/10/2014

Yoshiyuki Kamei (32) was offered a multi-year deal but wants a one-year contract because he feels it will keep him motivated. Source: Nikkan Sports 11/10/2014

Hiroshima's Eishin Soyogi (34) decided not to exercise his FA option after meeting with team officials for the fifth time on Monday. Source: Nikkan Sports 11/10/2014 ... Soyogi may have agreed to a one-year deal worth 100 million yen. Source: Sponichi 11/10/2014 ... Hiroshima also posted an announcement of his decision. Source: official announcement

The Yomiuri Giants could meet Ryoji Aikawa (38) as early as the 13th. Source: Nikkan Sports 11/10/2014

The Giants are planning to sign Chunichi senryokugai Daiki Yoshikawa (22). Source: Sponichi 11/10/2014

The Hanshin Tigers could sweeten their offer to Hiroyuki Nakajima (32) by diverting money they were planning to use for Naoki Miyanishi (three year, 500 million yen). Source: Sponichi 11/10/2014

The Rakuten Eagles are interested in Keiji Obiki (30). Source: Sanspo 11/10/2014

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Chunichi Dragons: Masahiro Araki and Hirokazu Ibata likely to return to old positions

by on Jan.26, 2012 @ 12:19 am, under NPB
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Yudai Ono threw 30 pitches in the bullpen on Wednesday (squatting catcher).


Daiki Yoshikawa strained his back and worked out under separate a training program on Wednesday.  Yoshikawa suffered the injury during practice sessions on Monday (January 23).  The injury is not considered serious.


Morimichi Takagi will likely go with Masahiro Araki at second and Hirokazu Ibata at short this season after the two players talked it out with each other and contacted the team with their thoughts.

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Chunichi Dragons Spring Camp News and Notes: February 14, 2011

by on Feb.14, 2011 @ 5:21 pm, under NPB
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This post will be updated throughout the day.


The Dragons have the day off today.

===== 2/14 @ 10:07pm

Hirokazu Ibata, Yohei Oshima, and Daisuke Tanaka spent about about an hour working out in the indoor training facilities.


Felix Carrasco celebrated his 24th birthday today -- the press provided him with a birthday cake; Blanco and Guzman also took part in the festivities.

===== 2/14 @ 5:21pm

Junki Ito and 5 other pitchers worked out on their day off today.  Their practice today included things like playing catch in the bullpen.


Joel Guzman told Hiromitsu Ochiai yesterday that he would like to play in tomorrow's practice game against the Samsung Lions.  Felix Carrasco and Tony Blanco may also play in the game as well.


Daiki Yoshikawa (2nd round) will most likely be sent down to Ni-gun spring camp tomorrow (start of the third block).  It appears that his fielding needs more work.

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Chunichi Dragons Spring Camp News and Notes: February 8, 2011

by on Feb.08, 2011 @ 3:05 pm, under NPB
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This post will be updated throughout the day.

===== 2/8 @ 11:25pm

Maximo Nelson faced 6 batters during situational BP today and struck out 4 batters (3 of which came in a row).  His fastball also topped out at 149km/h.

===== 2/8 @ 10:16pm

Wei-Ying Chen threw 173 pitches in the bullpen in the morning (primarily fastballs) and 30 pitches in the afternoon (standing catcher).  In between the two sessions, he did long some toss.


Daiki Yoshikawa (2nd round) took part situational BP today and struck out looking in his first AB and walked in his second AB.

===== 2/8 @ 3:05pm

Hirokazu Ibata invited Yohei Oshima to work out with him on the team's day off yesterday.  They started things off with about 30 minutes of running and stretching.  Ibata then spent about 40 minutes in the batting cages.

Said Ibata, "I decided I would do this before the start of camp.  There are a couple of things I'm looking to change.  And I feel if I take the day off, my body will forget.  This year, I want to pull the ball.  I was too stiff last year.  I want to take an easier approach to hitting the year, keep things simple."

Ibata also asid that he planned to work out during the team's next day off as well.


Masahiro Yamamoto played some catch (at a distance of about 20 meters) on the team's day off yesterday.

Said Yamamoto, "It's all better now.  I couldn't walk 4 days ago.  If you consider that, I've come a long way."

During practice today, he also started jogging a little (between the outfield poles, for about 40 minutes).


A Curry House Coco Ichi-ban will be opening up at Nagoya Dome on 2/12.  During night games, the curry restaurant will open at noon and close when the game ends.


Nikkan Sports has the following comments from Joel Guzman (taken yesterday):

The first block of spring camp in Japan is over, a tough 6 day work schedule.  Your thoughts?

It's just an amazing amount of practicing.  I heard about how tough practices were before coming to Japan, but it was even more than that.  Every player on this team, works really hard during practice in order to win.

During a game of situational BP, you managed to collect 2 hits.  They say you've got good bat speed.

Really?  I think Tony Blanco has better bat speed than me.  I have a bigger body, but I don't take big cuts.  If you swing too hard, you won't get good results.  It isn't about using all your power, it's about trying to relax your entire body while swing the bat.

You went to the US after signing a contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers when you were 16.  People in the Dominican Republic talk about how great a player you are, why did you decide to come to Japan?

I actually knew that the level of play in Japan was pretty high from before.  When I played for Tampa I faced [Daisuke] Matsuzaka.  I ended up striking out swinging and grounding out to short.  I was surprised at how many off-speed pitches he had.  I've also faced [Kei] Igawa at triple-A.  And there's nothing more I can say about the way Ichiro plays.  It was because of him that I have such a good image of Japanese baseball.  The Dragons have been talking to me over the last 3-4 years.  But I had my contract and then I decided to try playing in Japan.

Why couldn't you make it in the US?

Because I was still a kid back then.  I didn't have any experience.  I had potential and confidence, but that wasn't enough.  Now, I have experience under my best.  I spent 10 years in the US and I learned discipline through playing baseball.  When I played for the Dodgers, Mariano Duncan said to me, "Keep things simple.  Stay true to yourself."  I still remember those words.

Discipline fits well with Japanese baseball and Hiromitsu Ochiai's style.

I suppose.  I'm 26, but there are players like 38-year-old [Kazuhiro] Wada and 40-year-old [Motonobu] Tanishige that practice really hard.  And watching them gets me going.  If I see them working hard, it makes me feel like I have to do more.

Has Ochiai said anything to you specifically?

Since the start of camp, Ochiai did tell me to be careful about getting hurt during camp.  He also asked that I prepare myself for the start of opening day.  Bottom line, I'm ready to play baseball in Japan for a long time.  I'll do my best to help win a championship.

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Chunichi Dragons Spring Camp News and Notes: February 4, 2011

by on Feb.04, 2011 @ 4:04 pm, under NPB
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This post will be updated throughout the day.

=== 9:11pm

Wei-Ying Chen made an appearance during BP today and tossed 53 pitches.


Yudai Ono (1st round) continues to take things slow as he makes his way back from left shoulder problems.  Ono still has not been able to play catch at full strength and is still only throwing at a max distance of about 20 meters.

Ono has been working out Kazuki Yoshimi and Akifumi Takahashi at Ni-gun.

=== 4:04pm

Hitoki Iwase threw 47 pitches during BP today; he faced Motonobu Tanishige and Kazuhiro Wada.


Masahiro Yamamoto worked out under a separate training menu (for about 1.5 hours) today.  He told reporters that he felt fine and that he felt no pain in his right ankle if he didn't apply to much pressure on it.


Hiromitsu Ochiai made the pitchers run yesterday.

After borrowing a stopwatch from the training coach, Ochiai spoke to individual pitchers to set times for how it would take them to run an 800 meter.  If the pitchers failed to make it in in the time that was designated, they'd have to do it over.  Ochiai had each pitcher run three timed 800 meters.  Out of all the pitchers, Wei-Ying Chen was the only one that actually had to do a run over.


Daiki Yoshikawa (2nd round) was placed into the same group as Hirokazu Ibata after being in the same group as Keiji Oyama and Akihiro Maeda.  The Dragons want Yoshikawa to watch and learn from Ibata.

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