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[11/5/2014] Softbank Hawks to part ways with Oseguera, Barrios

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The Softbank Hawks announced that they are parting ways with Paul Oseguera (30) and Edison Barrios (26).

They also announced that the following coaches will not be returning next year:

  • Ishiwata, Shigeru (66) - Ni-gun manager
  • Kuo, Tai-Yuan (52) - Ichi-gun pitching coach
  • Tomashino, Seiji (50) - Ichi-gun outfield/base coach
  • Yamauchi, Takanori (58) - Farm chief pitching coach

Source: official announcement, official announcement

[1/30/2014] Softbank Hawks News and Notes

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The Hawks visited Hakozaki Shrine on Thursday to pray for a successful season.  About 2,500 fans showed up to watch.

Source: Sponichi 1/30/2014


Barbaro Canizares arrived in Fukuoka (via Narita Airport) on Thursday.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/30/2014


Kenichi Nakata tossed forty-two pitches, including the slider and curve, in the bullpen on Wednesday.  Shinya Tsuruoka caught the session.

Source: Daily Sports 1/30/2014

Nakata signed with Softbank because he wanted to be closer to his home town and because one of his doctors (the one he trusts the most) is in Fukuoka.  He is looking forward to playing with the DH-rule and is hoping to see an increase in his innings pitched.

Source: ZakZak 1/30/2014


Dae-Ho Lee worked out in Saipan this month.  His days started at 7:30am and ended after 9:30pm.  He looked visibly thinner during his press conference on Wednesday, but denied losing weight.

Source: Sponichi 1/30/2014


Jason Standridge is happy to be back in Fukuoka.  He tossed two bullpen sessions before arriving in Japan on Wednesday.

Source: Daily Sports 1/30/2014


The Hawks held a press conference for Standridge, Brian Wolfe, and Dennis Sarfate at YafuOku Dome on Thursday.

Source: official announcementHawks Ustream 1/30/2014


Edison Barrios can play the bongos and the drums.  His father is a semi-professional bongo player.  He has a cousin that plays the trumpet and two uncles that play timbales and sax, respectively.  Barrios is interested in studying music after his career in baseball.

Barrios threw forty-two pitches in the bullpen at Saitozaki on Wednesday.  It was his second session since arriving in Japan.

Source: Nikkan Sports 1/30/2014

[10/6/2013] Softbank Hawks will likely part ways with Yang, Padilla, Falkenborg, Pena

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According to a report by Daily Sports, the Softbank Hawks will likely part ways with pitchers Yao-Hsun Yang (30) and Vicente Padilla (36).  There is also a good chance Brian Falkenborg (35) and Wily Mo Pena (31) will not return to Softbank next year, although the organization might wait to see what else is available on the market before finalizing any decisions.

Bryan LaHair (30), Edison Barrios (24), and Paul Oseguera (29) will likely return next season.

Source: Daily Sports 10/6/2013

Softbank Hawks: Falkenborg, Pena, Doyle, Allen, Yang will likely return in 2013

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A Softbank Hawks official told reporters on Friday that the team planned to offer Brian Falkenborg a contract for the 2013 season.  The team will probably want Hideki Okajima to return next season as well, but he has expressed an interest in returning to the US.

Other players that will likely return next season: Wily Mo Pena, Terry Doyle, Brad AllenYao-Hsun Yang, and Ikusei pitcher Edison Barrios.

The Hawks are not expected to offer Renyel Pinto, Angel Castro, Levi Romero, and Ikusei outfielder Josh Short contracts for the 2013 season.

Source: Nikkan Sports 10/20/2012

Softbank Hawks: January 29, 2012

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Wily Mo Pena and Brian Falkenborg were scheduled to arrive in Fukuoka today.  Their flight arrived at 8:30pm but only Falkenborg stepped off the plane.  Pena ended up arriving about two and a half hours later -- he missed his connecting flight to Fukuoka because his plane arrived at Narita (out of Chicago) about 50 minutes behind schedule.


Training camp for the 2011 draft class at the Saitozaki training facilities ended today.


Seiichi Uchikawa (29) made an appearance on FBS' Yumekukan Sports today and was asked if he wanted to play in the Majors.  His reply: "The moment I joined the Hawks, I decided I would finish things out here."


Edison Barrios arrived at Fukuoka Airport today (Venezuela > Narita > Fukuoka) and told reporters that he has been tossing bullpen sessions on a regular basis after two months of winter ball in Venezuela.


Rehab coach Kazumi Saito (34) will attend spring camp in Miyazaki for the first time in three years.

Saito extended his coaching contract with the team on Saturday.


Nobuhiko Matsunaka (38) on his role with the team:

I used to think about winning a championship while batting clean-up, but my view of the game starting changing last year.  [Yuichi] Honda, [Nobuhiro] Matsuda, [Seiichi] Uchikawa.  I will let them take care of the team.  I just want to play well over the remaining time I have left [in my career].  I think that will help the team.  I will play [with the excitement] as if I were a kid.


Bullpen sessions:


Nagisa Arakaki threw about 40 pitches to a standing catcher.  He told reporters he plans to throw about 100 pitches a session during spring camp.

1st round draft pick Shota Takeda tossed a bullpen session with a squatting catcher.

Softbank Hawks: January 18, 2012

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The Hawks announced today that they [re]signed Edison Barrios to an Ikusei deal and assigned him the number 142.


Hiroki Yamada worked out for about two hours with group of players in Miyazaki on today. The group included players like Shota Oba and Ayatsugu Yamashita.


Nobuhiko Matsunaka has been running four to five kilometers every day since beginning his workouts in Guam on 1/6.  He also plans to add dashes to his workouts, beginning on 1/20.  He told reporters he is aiming to be at around 80% for the start of spring camp.

Matsunaka is scheduled to return to Japan on 1/28.


2nd round draft pick Shoji Yoshimoto has gained one kilogram since moving to the player dorm and currently weighs 82 kilograms.  He hopes to push that to 88kg some time this year.

Softbank Hawks agree to terms with Edison Barrios; Yhency Brazoban soon to follow

by on Jul.29, 2011 @ 11:08 pm, under NPB
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The Softbank Hawks announced today that they agreed to terms with 22-year-old Edison Barrios.

Regarding Yhency Brazoban, Koji Akiyama told reporters today that he'll spend some time (about 10 days) at Ni-gun before making it to the active roster.

"He'll pitch at Ni-gun first," said Akiyama.  "I'm sure he doesn't know what Japanese baseball is about and he'll probably need some time to get rid of the jet lag."

Brazoban has more or less agreed to terms with the team and could arrive in Japan on the 31st.


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Softbank Hawks looking to sign Kobe Suns’ 22-year-old pitcher Edison Barrios

by on Jul.28, 2011 @ 10:12 pm, under NPB
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The Softbank Hawks are in the process of negotiating a deal with Kobe Suns' (Kansai Independent League) 22-year-old pitcher Edison Barrios.  If everything goes well, he could join the Hawks before the end of the month.

2011 Stats

Kobe 1.66 9 6 1 0 48 2/3 202 791 37 0 22 1 38 3 1 1 14 9