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Draft News and Notes: 20-year-old Brazilian to skip 2010 draft?

by on Jan.19, 2010 @ 4:04 pm, under Industrial
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Felipe Natel (フェリペ・ナテル), currently playing for Yamaha in the Industrial League, is beginning to gain some interest from a number of NPB teams.  But Yamaha is trying to get Natel to stay with the team for one more year because it would allow him to enter the 2011 draft as a Japanese player.  And at this point it seem likely that he'll with the team for at least another year.

Natel is a 20-year-old, right-handed pitcher that stands at 176cm and weighs in at 84kg.  He features a plus fastball that tops out close to 150km/h and a slider in the 130km/h range.  He might throw something else, but those are the only two pitches I see listed next to his name in most reports I've read on him.

Last season, he tossed 54.1 innings over 12 games and surrendered 35 hits, 30 walks + HBPs, struck out 46, and had an 0.99 ERA.