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[12/29/2014] Yakult Swallows announce agreement with Logan Ondrusek

by on Dec.29, 2014 @ 4:28 pm, under NPB
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The Yakult Swallows announced today that they came to terms with thirty-year-old pitcher Logan Ondrusek. He was assigned the uniform number 58. The Swallows see him as either a middle reliever or closer. The two sides reportedly agreed to a one-year deal worth an estimated 1.2 million US dollars plus incentives, with a club option for a second year.

Source: official announcement, Sanspo 12/29/2014, Dailiy Sports 12/29/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/29/2014


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[12/26/2014] Softbank Hawks announce agreement with Rick VandenHurk

by on Dec.26, 2014 @ 5:19 pm, under NPB
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The Softbank Hawks announced earlier today that they finalized an agreement with twenty-nine-year-old pitcher Rick VandenHurk. He was assigned the number forty-four. The Hawks released the following statement from VandenHurk:

I am honored and happy for this opportunity to sign a contract with the Fukuoka Softbank Hawks and become a member of a with so much success. The Hawks placed a large amount of trust in me with this contract and for that I am grateful. My goal is to help this team win another championship by playing hard and doing my absolute best. I am excited and looking forward to working toward a 2015 NPB championship together with the manager, coaches, players, staff, and fans.

Source: official announcement, Nikkan Sports 12/26/2014

[UPDATE 12/27 @ 3:36am]

According to Sanspo, the two sides agreed on a two-year deal worth an estimated 300 million yen.

Source: Sanspo 12/26/2014


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[12/25/2014] Chiba Lotte Marines reach agreements with Kuan-Yu Chen, Dae-Eun Rhee

by on Dec.25, 2014 @ 5:16 pm, under NPB
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The Chiba Lotte Marines announced that they came to terms with twenty-five-year-old pitcher Dae-Eun Rhee. The two sides reportedly agreed to a one-year deal worth an estimated fifty-four million yen. He has not yet been assigned a uniform number.

The Marines also announced that they signed former Yokohama Bay Star Kuan-Yu Chen (24). Chen attended tryouts with the team in November and passed. He agreed to a one-year deal worth an estimated six million yen.

Source: official anouncement (Rhee), official announcement (Chen), Sponichi 12/25/2014, Sponichi 12/25/2014

[UPDATE 12/27 @ 2:03am]

Rhee's one-year deal is worth estimated 450,000 US dollars.

Source: Sponichi 12/26/2014

[12/17/2014] Rakuten Eagles close to finalizing deal with Gaby Sanchez

by on Dec.17, 2014 @ 12:03 pm, under NPB
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According to a report by Sponichi, the Rakuten Eagles are close to finalizing a one-year deal with thirty-one-year-old infielder Gaby Sanchez. The deal may be pending a physical and could be worth an estimated 250 million yen plus incentives. An announcement could be made shortly. The Eagles have been looking for a new clean-up hitter to replace Andruw Jones.

Source: Sponichi 12/17/2014

[UPDATE @ 11:50pm]

The two sides may have agreed, in principle, to a one-year deal worth an estimated 300 million yen (includes incentives).

Source: Daily Sports 12/17/2014, Daily Sports 12/17/2014

[UPDATE 12/18 @ 10:44pm]

According to media reports, the deal is worth an estimated 2.5 million US dollars, or about 292.5 million yen.

Source: Sports Hochi 12/18/2014, Kahoku 12/18/2014


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[12/15/2014] Chunichi Dragons finalize agreements with Valdes, Rivas, and Nanita

by on Dec.15, 2014 @ 6:49 pm, under NPB
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The Chunichi Dragons announced that they reached agreements with pitchers Raul Valdes (37) and Amaury Rivas (28), and outfielder Ricardo Nanita (33). Valdes was assigned the number 44, Rivas the number 42, and Nanita the number 60.

The media is reporting that Valdes agreed to a deal worth 400,000 US dollars, Rivas to 250,000 US dollars, and Nanita 300,000 US dollars. Each player also got a signing bonus of 50,000 US dollars.

Source: official announcement, Sanspo 12/15/2014, Sponichi 12/15/2014

[12/15/2014] Yokohama Bay Stars may be close to finalizing deals with Yulieski and Yunielkis Gourriel

by on Dec.15, 2014 @ 3:27 pm, under NPB
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The Yokohama Bay Stars may be close to finalizing an agreement with Yulieski Gourriel (30) for the 2015 season. "Discussions are going well. The biggest thing in our favor is his desire to return to our team," said general manager Shigeru Takada. Daily Sports is reporting a possible one-year deal, Sports Hochi and Sponichi a two-year deal worth as much as 700 million yen, and Nikkan Sports a one-year deal worth 500 million yen. Yokohama likely also offered the job at third base next year.

The Yomiuri Giants were also interested in Gourriel, but may have backed out when they learned he would not be able to attend spring camp from the first day.

The Bay Stars are also said to be working on a two-year deal with Yunielkis Gourriel (21).

Source: Chunichi Sports 12/15/2014, Tokyo Sports 12/15/2014, Daily Sports 12/15/2014, Daily Sports 12/15/2014, Sports Hochi 12/15/2014, Sponichi 12/15/2014

[UPDATE 12/16 @ 6:42pm]

The agreement with Gourriel will most likely be a one-year deal worth an estimated 500 million yen. He is expected to join the team in March after the season in Cuba ends. He is also slated to participate in the Pan American games in July and will miss close to a month. Source: Sponichi 12/16/2014 ... The Bay Stars wanted to sign Gourriel to a multi-year contract, but had to settle for a one-year deal. Allowing him to miss spring camp and a part of the season for the Pan American games was reportedly part of the agreement. Source: Sports Hochi 12/16/2014 ... The one-year deal might be worth 300 million plus incentives. It may have also been less than what the Yomiuri Giants offered. Source: Daily Sports 12/16/2014 ... The one year deal might be worth a base 300 million that could max out to 500 million after bonuses and incentives. Yunielkis Gourriel's two-year deal could be worth an estimated fifty million yen. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/16/2014

[12/12/2014] Seibu Lions sign Wade LeBlanc, Anthony Seratelli

by on Dec.12, 2014 @ 4:44 pm, under NPB
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The Seibu Lions announced today that they signed pitchers Wade LeBlanc (30) and Anthony Seratelli (31). They released the following comments from the players:

Wade LeBlanc

I am grateful for the opportunity to play for the Seibu Lions. I would like to promise the fans that I will do my absolute best to help this team win. Go Lions!

Anthony Seratelli

I'm excited about playing in Japan, where my grandmother is from. I am also looking forward to helping the team win for its fans. My motto is to go all out for the win. I am looking forward to meeting everyone.

Source: official announcement

[UPDATE @ 5:37pm]

Chunichi Sports is reporting that LeBlanc agreed to a deal worth about 120 million yen plus incentives and Seratelli a deal worth around seventy million yen plus incentives.

Source: Chunichi Sports 12/12/2014

[UPDATE 12/13 @ 4:51pm]

Sponichi and Nikkan Sports are reporting that LeBlanc agreed to a contract worth one million US dollars plus incentives and Seratelli to a contract worth 600,000 US dollars plus incentives. The Lions see LeBlanc as a candidate for the starting rotation and Seratelli as a top of the order hitter that can play both the infield and outfield.

Source: Sponichi 12/13/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/13/2014

[12/12/2014] Chunichi Dragons to sign Amaury Rivas

by on Dec.12, 2014 @ 4:29 pm, under NPB
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The Chunichi Dragons came to terms with twenty-eight-year-old Amaury Rivas. Head coach Shigekazu Mori returned from his scouting trip to the Dominican Republic on Thursday and told reporters that they had been keeping their eye on the righty for a few years. Rivas is currently playing winter ball with the Aguilas Cibaenas and is 2-1 with a 2.08 ERA over five games (three starts).

The Dragons have also reached agreements with Raul Valdes and Ricardo Nanita.

Source: Nikkan Sports 12/12/2014, Sports Hochi 12/12/2014, Winter Ball Stats (MLB.com)


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[12/12/2014] Nippon Ham Fighters announce agreement with Jeremy Hermida

by on Dec.12, 2014 @ 3:35 pm, under NPB
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The Nippon Ham Fighters announced today that they reached an agreement with thirty-year-old pitcher Jeremy Hermida. The media is reporting that the two sides agreed to a one-year deal worth an estimated sixty million yen. He was assigned the number 7.

The Fighters released the following comment from Hermida:

My wife and I are very excited to be a part of a Nippon Ham Fighters organization that has won four pennants in the last ten years. I've been interested in playing in Japan the last few years and now I have that chance. I've heard that Fighter fans are warm and enthusiastic. I'm really looking forward to playing in front of those great fans. I want to help the team reach its goal of winning a championship by doing my best at whatever position I'm assigned.

The Fighters also announced uniform number assignments for Victor Garate and Brandon Laird. Garate was assigned the number 42 and Laird the number 5.

Source: official announcement, official announcement, Doshin Web 12/12/2014, Sponichi 12/12/2014

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