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[11/23/2013] Lin, Sho, Hsu, Cheng, and Lin to continue careers in CPBL

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According to Daily Sports, former NPB players Wei-Chu Lin (34, Hanshin), Ikketsu Sho (27, Hanshin and Softbank), Ming-Chieh Hsu (36, Seibu and Orix), Kai-Wen Cheng (25, Hanshin and Yokohama), and Yi-Hao Lin (22, Yomiuri) are set to continue their careers in the Chinese Professional Baseball League.

Source: Daily Sports 11/23/2013

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[10/27/2013] Softbank Hawks Senryokugai: Kanazawa, Fukumoto, Nakanishi, Arima, Sho, Odachi, Shibata

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The Hawks announced that they will not sign the following four players to contracts for the 2014 season: Takehito Kanazawa (34), Sho Arima (23), Atsushi Fukumoto (30), Kenta Nakanishi (27),and Ikusei players Ikketsu Sho (27), Kyohei Odachi (26), Koji Toyofuku (22) and Ryosuke Shibata (26).

Source: official announcement


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Hanshin Senryokugai: Eight players including Hiroyuki Kobayashi and Shingo Matsuzaki

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The Tigers announced today that they will not sign the following players to contracts for the 2013 season:

Pos Player JPN Player ENG Age
P 小林 宏之 Kobayashi, Hiroyuki 34
P 松崎 伸吾 Matsuzaki, Shingo 29
P 石川 俊介 Ishikawa, Shunsuke 27
P 蕭  一傑 Sho, Ikketsu 26
P 横山龍之介 Yokoyama, Ryunosuke 24
P 吉岡 興志 Yoshioka, Koji 25
OF 野原 祐也 Nohara, Yuya 27
OF 甲斐 雄平 Kai, Yuhei 24

Source: official announcementSponichi 10/2/2012


UPDATE 10/3 @ 2:09pm - Updates on player statuses:

Sho would like to continue playing and will look to Japan first.  Source: Sanspo 10/3/2012

H. Kobayashi would like to continue playing.  Source: Sanspo 10/3/2012

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Hanshin Tigers: March 22, 2012

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Thursday's Ni-gun game against Chunichi at Nagoya (Hanshin 3 - Chunichi 0): Ikketsu Sho started the game and tossed seven shutout innings while allowing one hits and walking three. [Daily Sports]


Takahiro Arai shagged fly balls in the outfield during practice at Kyocera Dome on Thursday.


Shinjiro Hiyama rejoined the Ichi-gun team for practices on Thursday.


Matt Murton started taking batting practice on Thursday at Naruohama -- he hit twenty pitches off a tee and twenty pitches during soft-toss.  He also played catch for about ten minutes at a max length of around eighteen meters.

On Wednesday, Murton told reporters he wanted to try his best to make it back in time for the start of the regular season.

"I do not think I am as far away from my best condition as many of you may feel," said Murton to reporters.  "I got hurt on the 16th and there was still two weeks [at that point].  Even if I am not at 100%, as long as there is a possibility, I would like to try for opening day.  The worst thing would be for me to rush and make things worse.  I want to avoid that.  So I need to work through this without rushing, but that does not change my goal for making opening day."


During pre-game fielding practice on Wednesday, the Tigers had Ryota Arai, Yamato, Kohei Shibata, 1st round draft pick Hayata Ito, and Craig Brazell out in right.  Kenji Jojima was also seen taking over in left during situational fielding practice.


The Tigers announced on Thursday that they will be holding various events for fans during eleven Ni-gun games taking place at Koshien Stadium this season.

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Hanshin Tigers Spring Camp News and Notes: February 12, 2011

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This post will be updated throughout the day.

===== 2/12 @ 10:24pm

Chief development coach Mitsuo Tateishi threw 35 pitches to Jojima (indoor BP) today.  Jojima went the other way on most the pitches, but did pull three to left.


Kanemoto told reporters today that his hitting was at about 80%.  He's still also only playing catch at a max distance of 40 meters, which means he still has a little ways to go before he'll be ready to play in actual games.

===== 2/12 @ 2:22pm

Kanemoto took BP outdoors today for the first time this spring -- 33 swings and hit 3 over the fence.  Kanemoto also took some grounders with the other players afterward.


Akiyama faced Kosei Fujii and Yuhei Kai during BP today and threw 42 pitches while allowing 8 could-be hits.  Neither hitter was able to really get around on Akiyama's fastballs.


Owner Shinya Sakai dropped by Ginoza camp today.


Nikkan Sports notes the two basic things Murton has changed in his batting stance:

  1. He begins with his hands further back, by about 3 centimeters.
  2. He steps into the ball more with a higher leg kick.

===== 2/12 @ 7:31am

Ikketsu Sho could get the practice game start against the Yakult Swallows on the 13th.  Sho threw around 100 pitches in the bullpen yesterday.  Tatsuya Kojima is also in the running.


Takumi Akiyama threw 91 pitches in the bullpen yesterday.  Akiyama is also scheduled to make an appearance as a BP pitcher today.


Kyuji Fujikawa is scheduled to begin tossing BP during the 4th block of spring camp (begins on the 15th).

Fujikawa also threw 13 curves and 5 forks during his 76-pitch bullpen session yesterday.


Craig Brazell took 89 swings during lunchtime BP yesterday and hit 13 over the fence.


A little more on Matt Murton's lunchtime BP session yesterday: he swung the bat 63 times and collected 51 could-be hits; 9 of his 16 home runs went out to left and the remaining 7 went out to left-center.


Tomoaki Kanemoto swung the bat 40 times during indoor BP (against a live pitcher) yesterday.  He's also scheduled to take outdoor BP today.


Kenji Jojima ran nine 40-meter dashes during practice yesterday (about 40 minutes; and Jojima ran the last dash with big steps).  Jojima has the green light to take BP and grounders today.


Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi promised racing cyclist Yoshiyuki Okabe yesterday that he would win 10 games by the time Okabe recorded his 400th career victory (needs 12 more).

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Hanshin Tigers News and Notes: November 1, 2010 Evening Update

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The Hanshin Tigers re-signed Kazuhito Futagami for 14M yen (down 1M yen from last year).


The first day of Tigers fall camp lasted about 7 hours.  The Tigers also held an evening practice session for a number of players after dinner.


Takumi Akiyama tossed about 60 pitches in the bullpen on the first day of fall camp.  He also worked on his quick delivery to the plate (with runners on base).


Tomoaki Kanemoto showed up at Naruohama on Sunday and apparently spent time getting treatment on his right shoulder and working on various strengthening exercises.


Seems Shunsuke Fujikawa's right elbow is apparently feeling better now.


Minoru Iwata held a bullpen session on Sunday and threw about 60 pitches.  Seems he didn't have a very good session.


Ikketsu Sho will be joining the Chinese Taipei national baseball team for practice (he's on the roster for the Asian Games) beginning on the 7th.  Until then, he'll be at fall camp.

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Hanshin Tigers pitching news and notes

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Atsushi Nomi (HAN) will get tonight's start against the Chunichi Dragons.  This will be his first Ichi-gun start since he suffered a fracture in his right foot during his last Ichi-gun start on 5/2 (vs Yomiuri).  This is going to be a big start for Nomi, not only because Messenger had a short start last night (ejection in the 2nd for hitting Masahiko Morino in the head), but also because the Tigers are suffering a bit of a shortage in the starting pitching department.

It seems there's a good chance Ikketsu Sho (HAN) will get a start on the 11th against the Yakult Swallows.  Sho was added to the active roster on Tuesday and worked out with the starters during pre-game practice yesterday.  Sho was in the bullpen during last night's game, but did never got up to warm-up during the course of the game.

Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi tossed 101 pitches during BP at Naruohama Stadium yesterday.  Shimoyanagi was originally scheduled for a bullpen session but requested the change to toss BP.  Ikusei pitching coach Shoji Toyama told reporters there were no problems with Shimoyanagi's outing and that they were thinking of having him toss a simulated game next.

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