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[3/1/2014] Shikoku Island League plus looking to expand scouting presence in United States

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According to a Kyodo News report, the Shikoku Island League plus has signed business partnerships with two as of yet unnamed club teams based out of Southern California.  The league is ultimately interested in operating a baseball team in the United States during the summer next year to help them find new talent.

Source: Sponichi 3/1/2014

[12/17/2013] Former Buffalo Yokoyama signs with Ehime; Gunma player arrested on assault charges

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The Shikoku Island League plus' Ehime Mandarin Pirates announced that they signed former Orix Buffalo Tetsuya Yokoyama (29).

Source: official announcememnt


Gunma Police arrested Hisanori Yamamoto (22) on Tuesday on suspicions of assault.  Yamamoto is a player in the Gunma Diamond Pegasus ( BC League) organization.

According to reports, Yamamoto called a twenty-year-old man out to a Pachinko parking lot on December 9 at around 11:00am and struck him in the face.  The man suffered minor injuries.

In speaking to the police, Yamamoto admitted to the charges and said the man's attitude upset him.  The events came to light after the man filed a report with police on the 16th.

Source: Sponichi 12/17/2013

Hitachi Independent Leagues Grand Championship 2013 – Ishikawa takes series, 3-1

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Hitachi Independent Leagues Grand Championship 2013

Date Time Venue Home Score Away Attendance Official
10/19 Sat 18:15 Kanazawa Baseball Stadium Ishikawa 1-2 Tokushima 912 IL, BC 
10/20 Sun 18:15 Kanazawa Baseball Stadium Ishikawa RAIN Tokushima    
10/21 Mon 18:15 Kanazawa Baseball Stadium Ishikawa 7-3 Tokushima 504 IL, BC
10/22 Tue 18:15 Kanazawa Baseball Stadium Make-up Day
10/26 Sat 17:00 JA Bank Tokushima Stadium Tokushima 2-5 Ishikawa 795 IL, BC
10/27 Sun 17:00 JA Bank Tokushima Stadium Tokushima 2-4 Ishikawa 715 IL, BC
10/28 Mon 17:00 JA Bank Tokushima Stadium Tokushima   Ishikawa    
10/29 Tue 18:00 JA Bank Agri Anan Stadium Make-up Day
10/30 Wed 17:00 JA Bank Tokushima Stadium Make-up Day
10/31 Thu 17:00 JA Bank Tokushima Stadium Make-up Day

Source: Island League Announcement, BC League Announcement


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[10/7/2013] Shikoku Island League Phoenix League Roster

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Phoenix League Roster

Pos Name JPN Name ENG Team
P 西川 雅人 Nishikawa, Masato Ehime
P 岩崎 哲也 Iwasaki, Tetsuya Ehime
P 中村 太紀 Nakamura, Taiki Ehime
P 伴  和馬 Ban, Kazuma Ehime
P 金森 敬之 Kanamori, Takayuki Ehime
P 小林 憲幸 Kobayashi, Noriyuki Ehime
P 井川 博文 Igawa, Hirofumi Kochi
P グルジョン Grullon, Juan Kochi
P 雄晴 Yamasaki, Yusei Kochi
P ゲレロ Guerrero, Wilfreiser Kochi
C 鶴田 都貴 Tsuruta, Hiroki Ehime
C 夏山 翔太 Natsuyama, Shota Kochi
C 屋宜宣一郎 Yagi, Senichiro Kochi
INF 藤長 賢司 Fujinaga, Kenji Ehime
INF 髙橋 佑介 Takahashi, Yusuke Ehime
INF 村上 祐基 Murakami, Yuki Kochi
INF 今中 尭大 Imanaka, Takahiro Kochi
INF バティスタ Batista, Deivy Kochi
INF 曽我翔太朗 Soga, Shotaro Kochi
INF 山下 和則 Yamashita, Kazunori Kochi
OF 髙田 泰輔 Takada, Taisuke Ehime
OF 庄司龍之介 Shoji, Ryunosuke Ehime
OF 大井 裕喜 Oi, Hiroki Ehime
OF 河田 直人 Kawada, Naoto Kochi

Source: official announcement

[9/29/2013] BC League, Island League postseason play

by on Sep.30, 2013 @ 3:50 am, under Independent
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For those looking for information on Independent League postseason play, please see the links below:

[9/25/2013] BC League Final Standings, Playoff Schedule

Island League: Tokushima and Kagawa advance to Championship Series

Also, I'd like to apologize to Steve Hammond for failing to mention that he was starting Game 1 of the BC League playoffs for the Ishikawa Million Stars on Saturday.  He actually sent me an e-mail on Thursday to let me know and I completely phased and lost track of time.  Sorry Steve!

Incidentally, Ishikawa lost the game 1-0.  I managed to track down Steve's line from the game: 6.1 IP, 4 H, 12 SO, 3 HBP/BB, 1 ER.  Steve, if you see this and notice an error in the stats, or if there is something more you'd like to add, please let me know.

Shikoku Island League plus: Tokushima sweeps Kawaga in Championship Series

by on Sep.16, 2013 @ 1:48 am, under Independent

First Half

  Team G W L T WPCT GB RS RA vs
1 Kagawa OG 40 22 14 4 .611 - 159 128 7-4-1 - 7-4-1 7-4-1 1-2-1
2 Tokushima IS 40 20 17 3 .541 2.5 149 138 - 4-7-1 7-4-1 5-6-1 4-0-0
3 Ehime MP 40 19 18 3 .514 1.0 154 130 4-7-1 4-7-1 - 9-2-1 2-2-0
4 Kochi FD 40 14 23 3 .378 5.0 114 162 6-5-1 4-7-1 2-9-1 - 2-2-0

Second Half

  Team G W L T WPCT GB RS RA vs
1 Tokushima IS 40 24 9 7 0.727 - 186 141 - 7-2-3 5-4-3 9-2-1 3-1-0
2 Ehime MP 40 23 13 4 0.639 2.5 169 129 4-5-3 9-3-0 - 8-3-1 2-2-0
3 Kagawa OG 40 16 21 3 0.432 7.5 173 172 2-7-3 - 3-9-0 9-3-0 2-2-0
4 Kochi FD 40 9 26 5 0.257 6 129 199 2-9-1 3-9-0 3-8-1 - 1-0-3


Championship Series

Date Time Venue Home Score Away Official
9/28 18:00 Rexxam Stadium Kagawa 1-5 Tokushima link
9/29 18:00 Rexxam Stadium Kagawa 0-2 Tokushima link
10/5 18:00 Oronamin C Stadium Tokushima 8-0 Kagawa link
10/6 18:00 Oronamin C Stadium Tokushima   Kagawa  
10/7 18:00 Oronamin C Stadium Tokushima   Kagawa  

Make-up dates for Kagawa: 9/30, 10/1
Make-up dates for Tokushima: 10/8, 10/9, 10/10


MVP: Masanori Otani (Tokushima) - 3 G, 7-for-15, 4 RBI
Best Pitcher: Naohiro Yamaguchi (Tokushima) - 1 G, 1-0, 6.2 IP, 0 ER
Fighting Spirit: Kodai Sakurai (Kagawa) - 3 G, 4-for-12

[9/12/2013] BC League, Island League to hold tryouts in the United States

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The Baseball Challenge League and the Shikoku Island League plus will be holding tryouts in Fresno, California on November 16 and 17.  The two leagues are trying to find players interested in playing in Japan.  The Baseball Challenge League held tryouts in San Diego last year.

No other information has been posted yet.

Source: Sponichi 9/12/2013

[8/31/2013] Shikoku Island League plus to organize a Winter League in November

by on Aug.31, 2013 @ 1:21 am, under Independent

The Shikoku Island League plus announced on Friday that they will organize a winter league that runs between November 4 and 13.  Scouts from the Majors and the NPB are expected to attend.

The league will be looking for eighty players, eighteen years and up, to participate in the league.  The players will be split up into four teams.  Games will be played at stadiums in Kochi.  Each team will play nine games.  Former professional players from the US and Japan, including players from France, have shown an interest.

Source: Daily Sports 8/30/2013, Daily Sports 8/30/2013