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Nippon Series: Kazuhito Tadano tossed for throwing a dangerous pitch at Ken Kato

by on Nov.02, 2012 @ 12:17 am, under NPB
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Kazuhito Tadano (HAM) was tossed after he threw a pitch up and in at Ken Kato (YOM) in the 4th inning.  Kato fell backward as his helmet flew off.  He was given first base and Tadano was tossed for throwing a dangerous pitch.

Nippon Ham Fighters' manager Hideki Kuriyama rushed onto the field in attempt to get the call reversed, but failed.  He gave up the argument because he did not want to be tossed for a delay of game (one of the umpires came over to him to let him know he was getting close to the time limit).

Home plate umpire Koichi Yanada later told reporters that he judged the ball as hitting Kato's helmet.  Source: Sanspo 11/1/2012

Fans at Sapporo Dome booed Kato during his next at bat in the 5th inning.  It did little to rattle him as he hit a two-run double to left.

Not sure how long they will be up, but there are a few vids over at YouTube.


Someone also posted some videos of fan reactions at 2-chan and NicoDo.


And videos of the fans booing Kato



UPDATE 11/2 @ 8:14am - Some updates...

Kato on the play: "I was so absorbed in the moment, I had no idea what was going on.  I saw [the ball] come near my face...  I was hit in the head once before.  I felt like I did not know what was going on."  Source: Sanspo 11/2/2012

FYI: Kato took an HBP off his head on September 4, 2009.  Source: Sponichi 11/2/2012


When the umpire explained why he made the call as he did, Kuriyama was not satisfied with the answer and continued to ask "What exactly did you see?"  When reporters later ask what the umpire said, he replied, "I cannot say.  Just that his opinion and the opinion of the people in our dugout was different, so I asked him what he saw.  If he had just said he saw the ball hit him, then I would have walked away.  But he said something else so..."

Kuriyama also apologized for the disruption, but not necessarily for arguing a call he was not satisfied with.

Source: Sanspo 11/2/2012

Sports Hochi has some slightly different quotes.

Kuriyama: "His bat was out, so even if it hit him in the head, it should be a strike.  Eject me if you like!"

Yanada: "It hit his helmet.  This is not something for instant replay.  It was a difficult call and I made it in that exactly moment.  I do not think it was over the plate."

Source: Sports Hochi 11/2/2012


Catcher Shinya Tsuruoka on what he saw/heard: "It did not sound like the ball hit a helmet. ... It sounded like it hit the bat.  I am not sure what to say."

He continued, "Yanada-san first said it was a foul, but that changed after [Tatsunori] Hara came [out of the dugout].  I can not really comment on the ruling."

Source: Daily Sports 11/2/2012

Nippon Ham Fighters: February 5, 2012

by on Feb.05, 2012 @ 11:58 pm, under NPB
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Batting Practice Bullpen Sessions


  • Sho Nakata swung the bat fifty-two times and hit ten over the fence. (Nikkan Sports)


  • Yuki Saito threw 128 pitches.  He also mixed in his off-speed pitches. (Sports Hochi)
  • Naoki Miyanishi threw sixty-four pitches. (Sanspo)


  • Tomoya Yagi threw 105 pitches.  It was his second bullpen since the start of spring camp. (Sports Hochi)
  • Kazuhito Tadano threw 169 pitches.  It was his second session since the start of spring camp. (Sponichi)


Today was the end of the first block of spring camp for the Fighters.  The team has the day off tomorrow.


The Fighters held a youth baseball clinic after practices today.  Eleven players coached 228 kids from fifteen different teams.


Keisuke Tanaka was seen using a slightly larger glove during fielding practice today.


Eiichi Koyano rejoined the team for general practices today (returning from the flu).


Yuki Saito originally planned to toss about fifty pitches during his bullpen session today.  After general practices, he did about fifteen minutes of running along the coast.

Saito is currently scheduled to toss batting practice on February 7.


Pitching coach Masato Yoshii was not thrilled at how many pitches Kazuhito Tadano threw and how he went forty minutes over the limit on Saturday.

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Nippon Ham Fighters: January 17, 2012

by on Jan.17, 2012 @ 11:16 pm, under NPB
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5th round draft pick Toshiharu Moriuchi tossed 30 pitches in bullpen today (standing catcher).  7th round draft pick Takumi Oshima caught the session.


Kazuhito Tadano started practicing at Kamagaya on Monday after returning from Arizona (training) earlier in the morning.  His workouts included running and playing catch.  Tadano told reporters he was hoping to secure a spot on the active roster with the new pitch he has been working on.


Atsunori Inaba appeared at a dinner show in Sapporo on Monday.


The Fighters are thinking about having members of their cheer-leading squad compete for the "center" position via fan voting, similar to the way AKB48 decides who stands in the center of their unit.

AVEX helped the Fighters run auditions this year and the twenty members of the 2012 squad (FTS20, FighTerS20) will be released later this month.

FYI: about 400 people auditioned for the squad.

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Nippon Ham Fighters News and Notes: December 18, 2010

by on Dec.18, 2010 @ 10:38 pm, under NPB
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The Nippon Ham Fighters re-signed Kazuhito Tadano to a contract worth 8M yen (down 27M yen from this past season) yesterday.  They also assigned him a new number: 65 (from 16).


The Fighters announced that Ichi-gun pitching coach Kazuyuki Atsuzawa was reassigned to be a pro scout.  The team also hired former Softbank Hawks' Ni-gun INF / base-running coach Takaya Hayashi to be an amateur scout for the Kansai region.  The current scout for the Kansai region, 64-year-old scout Hidetaka Togin, will be stepping down from his post.


Eiichi Koyano was a banana ambassador for the day today.  As part of being an ambassador, he participated in an event at a shopping center in Sapporo sponsored by Dole.

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Nippon Ham Fighters News and Notes: December 17, 2010

by on Dec.17, 2010 @ 2:34 pm, under NPB
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The Nippon Ham Fighters will try to meet with Yu Darvish and agree to a 2011 salary before the end of the year.  The team is currently in the process of setting a date for their negotiations.


It seems the Nippon Ham Fighters will be re-signing Kazuhito Tadano to a new contract.

The Fighters released Tadano after a season in which he appeared in only 2 games because of an undisclosed health condition.  They also didn't want to continue paying Tadano at his current pay rate and decided to risk losing him to another team by releasing him.  But with no teams interested in him, the Fighters will be offering him a new contract (at a lower pay rate).


Trey Hillman made an appearance at an event (in a hotel in Hokkaido) on Thursday that also featured Makoto Kaneko and Atsunori Inaba.  About 400 people attended the event.

Hillman is currently in Japan in order to participate in a number of event in Hokkaido and will return to the US on the 20th.

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Softbank Hawks looking into Kazuhiro Tadano (HAM) and Mitsuru Sato (CHU)

by on Nov.03, 2010 @ 3:45 pm, under NPB
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The Softbank Hawks are currently looking into Nippon Ham Fighters' senryokugai player Kazuhito Tadano.  The Yokohama Bay Stars also have their eye on Tadano.

The Hawks are also said to be interested in Chunichi Dragons' senryokugai player Mitsuru Sato.

2010 Season Kazuhito Tadano

Ni-gun 12 1 3 0 - 0 0 .250 164 38.1 49 7 3 0 0 26 2 0 26 26 6.10
Ichi-gun 2 0 1 0 0 0 0 .000 39 8.2 10 0 3 0 0 8 1 0 5 5 5.19

2010 Season Mitsuru Sato

Ni-gun 10 0 3 0 - 0 0 .000 87 20.0 21 2 5 0 1 9 2 0 10 7 3.15
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