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NPB and Industrial League News: June 12, 2012

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The Central League held a board of directors meeting on Monday.  The Yakult Swallows provide a report that detailed how they handled Wladimir Balentien and his in-game tweet.  There was discussion about creating a new CL/PL Agreement that includes a section on SNS usage, but neither league is currently planning to make a new agreement.

And the following topics were discussed at the NPB Executive Committee Meeting on Monday:

  • confirmed plans for digitizing video to provide umpires with better footage for HR instant replays
  • considered outlines for a training program that will allow retired NPB players to become high school/university coaches
  • proposed a girls division for the All-Japan Student Rubber Baseball Tournament
  • provided an update on Samurai Japan's business efforts
  • approved documents on their move to become an Ippan Shadan Hojin (general incorporated association)

Source: Sponichi 6/12/2012


Industrial League team JR Hokkaido is interested in Ken Kadokura and may opt to rent him from the Date Hijirigaoka Hospital Baseball Club for the Inter-City Baseball Tournament.  Source: Nikkan Sports 6/12/2012

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Industrial League: Ken Kadokura tosses seven inning perfect game

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Ken Kadokura, pitching for Date Hijirigaoka Byoin (Hospital), tossed seven perfect innings against Otaru Yakyu Kyokai on Friday. He was credited with a perfect game since the game was called after seven innings according to tournament rules.

7 IP, 21 BF, 70 NP

6 strikeouts, 6 ground outs, 3 infield fly outs, 6 outfield fly outs


  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R
Date Hijirigaoka Byoin 0 1 0 0 3 2 1     7
Otaru Yakyu Kyokai 0 0 0 0 0 0 0     0
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Ken Kadokura makes his debut for Date Hijirigaoka Hospital Baseball Club

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Thirty-eight year old Ken Kadokura made his debut for the Date Hijirigaoka Hospital Baseball Club team on Sunday: he entered the game in the 5th inning and gave up three runs (two earned) on four hits over four innings of work.  He faced a total seventeen batters, threw sixty-seven pitches, did not issue any walks, and struck out eight.  Kadokura did surrender a two-run homer in the 8th inning.  This was his first game since June 2011.

Kadokura was initially slated to pitch the last inning of the game, but after the team fell behind 7-0 in the 2nd inning, the manager decided to bring him in a little earlier.

FYI: Kadokura wore a uniform with the number 14 and the name "Masuda" on it because the team was not able to prepare his uniform in time for the outing (he joined a little late).

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Ken Kadokura to play for Date Hijirigaoka Hospital Baseball Club

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The Date Hijirigaoka Hospital Baseball Club announced the addition of 38-year-old Ken Kadokura today.  A press conference is scheduled for April 24.

The Date Hijirigaoka Hospital Baseball Club has existed in one form or another for thirty-seven years.  They officially joined the Japan Amateur Baseball Association in January 2006.

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Nippon Ham Fighters: February 8, 2012

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Bullpen Sessions


  • Ken Kadokura (tryout) threw fifty-eight pitches, including off-speed pitches. (Nikkan Sports)
Practice/Intra-squad Games



Ken Kadokura had his tryout with the team todaySanspo is reporting that he failed his tryout.


Yuki Saito faced Kenshi Sugiya and Masayoshi Kato during batting practice today and allowed five could-be hits on thirty-four pitches (all fastballs).  7th round draft pick Takumi Oshima caught the session.


Atsushi Ugumori started working out again today after missing time with the flu.


A group of umpires joined the Fighters for practices on TuesdayHideki Kuriyama spent some time going over balk rules with the umpires.


The last time a Nippon Ham Fighter manager was ejected from a game: Masataka Nashida in August 2009.

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Nippon Ham Fighters: February 6, 2012

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The team had the day off on Monday.


5th round draft pick Toshiharu Moriuchi and 7th round draft pick Takumi Oshima checked out some dolphins on their day off on Monday.

Oshima is expected to be called up to Ichi-gun on Tuesday in order to play in an intra-squad game.


Sho Nakata worked on his hitting for about forty-five minutes on his day off on Monday.


Hideki Kuriyama spent about ten minutes throwing into a net during his day-off on Monday.  Kuriyama is not scheduled to toss batting practice but wants to be ready in case something happens.


Kuriyama is looking for Kensuke Tanaka to step up and help lead the team this season.  He also wants Tanaka to feel free to speak his mind as if they were on the same level.


According to Sanspo, the 128 pitches Yuki Saito threw during his bullpen session on Sunday is the most he has ever thrown in one sitting since turning pro (spring camp and regular season games).  He also threw ninety-seven fastballs, nineteen sliders, eight change-ups, and four cutters.


Eiichi Koyano dropped twelve kilograms during the off-season.  He lost a couple more kilograms because of the flu and currently weighs eighty kilograms.  Since his ideal weight is eighty-three kilograms, Koyano will now work on adding three kilograms back to his frame before the start of the season.


The Fighters announced on Monday that they will give Ken Kadokura a tryout on February 8.

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Rakuten Eagles: February 6, 2012

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Batting Practice Bullpen Sessions



  • Takahiro Shiomi threw sixty-seven pitches, including off-speed pitches. (Sports Hochi)


Senichi Hoshino called over to a group of three kids after early morning practices on Monday and gave them his autograph.

Regarding Tsuyoshi Shimoyanagi, Hoshino said that they signed him not only because he can start, but also because others can stand to learn a lot from him.


Teppei spent about an hour in the batting cages (machine) after general practices on Monday.


Daisuke Kusano stood in the batter's box while Kenji Tomura tossed a bullpen session on Monday -- Kusano wanted a chance to see pitches from live arms.


Hiromoto Okubo told reporters on Monday that he was so far pleased with the way batting practices have gone and is hoping that players can continue to workout at the same high-level pace they have been going at over the first six days of camp.


INF/base-running coach Yasutomo Suzuki hit baseballs to Ginji, Shintaro Masuda, and Toshihito Abe during extra fielding practice on Sunday.


Ken Kadokura did not pass his tryouts with the team.


Team chairman Hiroshi Mikitani would like to put together a youth baseball team (under-18) made up of junior high and high school players not enrolled in the Japan High School Baseball Federation (JHBF).  The team would be coached by former professional ball players.  And since players would not have any connection to the JHBF, they could go straight to pro.

Assuming he can get proper clearance and permission, the ultimately goal would be to set up a youth league in the Tohoku region.

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Rakuten Eagles: January 31, 2012

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Before leaving for Kumejima, Okinawa, around 80 players and staff members attended a send-off party at Sendai Station.  About 1,500 fans attended the event.


The Eagles held a press conference for Jose Fernandez and Luis Terrero today in Kumejima, Okinawa.


The Eagles announced today that Hitoshi Taneda (40) stepped down as Ni-gun infield / base-running coach due to personal reasons.

They also announced the following personnel updates:

Makoto Kosaka - from Ikusei coach to Ni-gun infield / base-running coach

Yoshinori Okihara - hired as farm director

Tomoki Sano (? 佐野 朋生) - hired as an interpreter


Senichi Hoshino strongly denied reports that the team was going after Hideki Matsui.


Kazuo Matsui could become the next team captain.  He also plans to take part in early morning practices.


1st round draft pick Yoshitaka Muto found out on Monday that he will be starting at Ichi-gun spring camp, not Ni-gun spring camp.


The Eagles may decide not to sign Ken Kadokura because Hoshino is concerned about his conditioning/stamina.


Seven members of the 2011 draft class spent time introducing themselves to about 50 fans (they handed out business cards) at Sendai NAVIC in Aoba-ku, Sendai on Monday.

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