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[10/4/2013] Rakuten Eagles Senryokugai: T. Hoshino, Fujiwara, Hashimoto, Inoue, Sadaoka, five others

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The Rakuten Eagles announced today that they will now sign the following ten players to contracts for the 2014 season: Tomoki Hoshino (36), Hiromichi Fujiwara (28), Yoshitaka Hashimoto (33), Yusuke Inoue (27), Takahiro Kato (25; Ikusei), Kengo Kimura (21; Ikusei), Hiroaki Yamamoto (25), Koki Kanno (21), Takuma Sadaoka (26), and Hayato Kawaguchi (28).

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Rakuten Eagles: January 14, 2012

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The first block of training camp for the 2011 draft class ended on Saturday.  Workouts lasted about five hours and included warmups, fielding practice, playing catch, BP, and lower body strengthening exercises.  2nd round draft pick Yoshinao Kamata told reporters that he planned to stretch his arm out a little more during the next block by increasing the distance when he plays catch.


Ikusei pitcher Kengo Kimura worked out at Kleenex Stadium on Friday.  His workouts included running, stretching, playing catch, and fielding practice.  Kimura has been working out at Kleenex Stadium since 1/10.


Manabu Mima is currently working out with Daiki Enokida (HAN) at the Tokyo Gas training facilities.


Kazuo Matsui is using an iPad 2 to check on his batting mechanics (the team handed them out in May last year).