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[3/23/2016] Kyosuke Takagi suspended for a year

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The NPB's Investigation Committee released their gambling punishment proposal for Kyosuke Takagi on March 22. They felt a one-year suspension was fitting because he bet on fewer games over a short period of time, turned down other opportunities, and ultimately cooperated with investigations. Their proposal also included a five million yen fine for the Yomiuri Giants.

NPB commissioner Katsuhiko Kumazaki reviewed the proposal and agreed with the punishment.

Source: Sponichi 3/22 @ 15:10, Nikkan Sports 3/22 @ 15:19, Sponichi 3/22 @ 18:01, Tokyo Sports 3/22 @ 18:53, Sponichi 3/23 @ 05:30


The Giants held a press conference at a hotel in Tokyo on March 22 and announced that they decided to release K. Takagi. They also released findings from their recent internal investigation:

  • They interviewed 299 personnel (players, coaches, staff) and discovered that fourteen bet on mahjong, forty-two on golf, and twenty-three on cards.
  • K. Takagi admitted that he visited an underground slot machine facility multiple times between 2013 and 2014. The organization issued a stern warning to an unnamed player that accompanied him.
  • Eight people, not including Shoki Kasahara, Satoshi Fukuda, Ryuya Matsumoto, and K. Takagi, knew Man B after they visited a restaurant he operated. Five met Man B outside of his restaurant. Three admitted to betting on golf with Man B. One coach met Man A during a meal.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/22 @ 20:13, Tokyo Sports 3/22 @ 21:32, Sponichi 3/22 @ 22:55, Daily Sports 3/22, Sponichi 3/23 @ 05:35

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[3/8/2016] K. Takagi admits to gambling on baseball, Watanabe, Shiraishi, Momoi to step down

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The Yomiuri Giants announced that Kyosuke Takagi is suspected of being involved in baseball gambling. Team president Hiroshi Kubo made the announcement from the organization's offices on March 8.


  • Former teammate Shoki Kasahara introduced Takagi to gambling before a game in early April 2014.
  • Takagi does not remember specifics about the bets he placed, other than that he more or less followed what Kasahara was doing.
  • Takagi did not meet Kasahara's gambling partner (herein Man B) in the beginning, but he did know that he was a gambler that operated a restaurant.
  • Kasahara placed Takagi's bets with Man B using his mobile phone.
  • Takagi ended up placing bets three to four times on eight to nine games until early May 2014.
  • Takagi stopped after he lost about 500,000 to 600,000 yen (100,000 to 150,000 yen per game).
  • Takagi was invited to gamble two or three more times after he decided to stop. He was also invited to bet on the 2015 Spring Koshien. He did not accept either invitations.
  • On October 5, 2015, Man B visited Takagi at his home and reassured him that he would not be investigated. Man B continued to contact Takagi about once a week with updates. The two met before fall camp. A third person was also present and asked Takagi if he knew any scandals that could be used to "erase" what he did.
  • Takagi was told to say that he let Kasahara "borrow" his name when gambling.
  • Man B advised Takagi to get a new mobile phone right after the start of training camp in February this year. He was also told Kasahara was going to talk to a magazine about why they were the only ones that were targeted and punished.
  • Takagi replaced his phone and participated in the NPB's gambling awareness lecture on February 6. After the lecture, he felt it would be best if he severed ties with Man B and asked that he not be contacted.
  • The organization began investigating Takagi on March 1 after Shukan Bunshun asked about him on February 29. He told the organization that Kasahara borrowed his name (as planned). Man B contacted Takagi on March 5 and 6 and Takagi spoke about how the organization was investigating him and how they confiscated his mobile phone. About two hours after their last conversation, Shukan Bunshun contacted the organization by fax to confirm some facts from the conversation.
  • Takagi lied to the organization when he was questioned again on March 7. But after speaking to family and friends, he decided to tell the truth. Man B tried to persuade him to stick to the original plan, but on March 9, Takagi admitted to gambling on baseball.

Senior advisor Tsuneo Watanabe, team owner Kojiro Shiraishi, and team chairman Tsunekazu Momoi will be stepping down from their respective positions. Takagi has been suspended. A final punishment will be handed down by the NPB. Rallies scheduled on March 14 and 16 have been canceled.

The Ichi-gun team traveled to Fukuoka on March 8. Players and staff were told they were not allowed to go out further than the convenience store located in front of the team's hotel.

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[UPDATE 3/10 @ 1:13am]

Takagi held a press conference in Tokyo on March 9. He issued a formal apology then briefly spoke about what happened.

Source: Daily Sports 3/9/2016, Daily Spots 3/9/2016Daily Spots 3/9/2016

[UPDATE 3/10 @ 5:22am]

The Giants received about eighty email and fifty phone calls through to the evening of March 9.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/9/2016

Yomiuri Shimbun Director, Senior Advisor Shoichi Oikawa is slated to take over as new owner of the team on March 11. Former Director of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office Noboru Matsuda will take over as acting owner.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/9/2016, Sponichi 3/9/2016

[UPDATE 3/10 @ 8:09pm]

The Giants filed a report on Takagi with the NPB commissioner on March 10. The NPB announced that Motonari Otsuru (lawyer), Yoshitaka Kato (Yusei Audit), and Kazuhiko Yoshida (lawyer) will be in charge of investigating the case.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/10/2016, Nikkan Sports 3/10/2016, Sponichi 3/10/2016

[UPDATE 3/12 @ 2:36am]

The Giants announced that they accepted resignations from senior advisor Tsuneo Watanabe, team owner Kojiro Shiraishi, and team chairman Tsunekazu Momoi during a special stockholders meeting and board of director meeting on March 11. They also announced the following additions/updates:

  • Yomiuri Shimbun Director, Senior Advisor Shoichi Oikawa - Owner
  • Former Director of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office Noboru Matsuda - Acting Owner
  • Yomiuri Shimbun Representative Director Senior Management Toshikazu Yamaguchi - Non-Executive Director
  • Operating Officer General Manager, Chief of Baseball Operations Tatsuyoshi Tsutsumi - Director General Manager, Chief of Baseball Operations

Source: official announcement

[7/11/2014] Injury Report: Kyosuke Takagi (Yomiuri), Wladimir Balentien (Yakult)

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Yomiuri Giants

  • Kyosuke Takagi was involved in a car accident on Friday and suffered a bruise on his right arm.  The incident took place at 6:55am on a road in Kawasaki, Kanagawa.  Takagi was on his way to practices at Giants Stadium when an oncoming car suddenly swerved into his lane.  The driver in the other car told police he turned the steering wheel to avoid a car that was trying to merge into his lane in front of him.  The driver was not hurt. Source: Nikkan Sports 7/11/2014

Chunichi Dragons

  • Masahiro Araki (right index finger) played in a Ni-gun rehab game against Hanshin on Friday.  He got the start at second and batted second.  He went 1-for-1: doubled to left in the 1st and walked in the 2nd.  This was his first rehab game. Source: Sanspo 7/11/2014

Yokohama Bay Stars

  • Tony Blanco (left hamstring) is still only at about forty percent.  He will remain at Ni-gun until he is fully healed. Source: Daily Sports 7/11/2014

Yakult Swallows

  • Wladimir Balentien (left Achilles tendon) played in his first Ni-gun rehab game on Friday.  He was the starting designated hitter against Yokohama and batted third.  He went 2-for-2: infield single in the 1st, single to center in the 4th.  He was replaced by a pinch-runner in the 4th.  It was his first game since June 13.  He will get three at bats and the start in left during Saturday's Ni-gun game against Yokohama.  If everything is okay, he could join the Ichi-gun team on the 13th. Source: Nikkan Sports 7/11/2014, Sponichi 7/11/2014 ... Junji Ogawa told reporters on Thursday that they would consider calling Balentien up after he plays in at least two Ni-gun games, gets at least five at bats, and also has a chance to show he is ready on defense. Source: Sponichi 7/11/2014
  • Kazuhiro Hatakeyama (left biceps femoris) was scratched from Friday's Ni-gun rehab game because he was still favoring his leg while running the bases.  He should be okay for either Saturday or Sunday's Ni-gun game. Source: Nikkan Sports 7/11/2014
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Yomiuri Giants News and Notes: March 21, 2013

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Shuichi Murata did not play in Thursday's exhibition game against Yokohama because he was not feeling well (fever).  His flu test came back negative.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/21/2013


Ryosuke Miyaguni will likely get the opening day start.  If he does, at twenty years and eleven months, he will be the second youngest pitcher in franchise history to start the first game of the year.  The youngest: Masumi Kuwata in 1988 at twenty years and zero months.

Source: Daily Sports 3/21/2013Sanspo 3/21/2013


1st round draft pick Tomoyuki Sugano is scheduled to start an exhibition game against Rakuten on the 23rd.  Assuming the same pitching schedule, he could make his first regular season start on the 30th against Hiroshima.

If Sugano makes the start, he will become the first rookie pitcher in franchise history since the introduction of the draft in 1965 to make their first start within the team's first two games of the season.  Koji Uehara (1999), Hiroshi Kisanuki (2003), and Hirokazu Sawamura (2011) hold the current record with starts within the team's first three games of the season.

Before 1965: Yoshiaki Ito (1959) and Kunio Jonouchi (1962) both got opening day starts in their first years.

Source: Sponichi 3/21/2013


Kyosuke Takagi will begin the year as a reliever.

Source: Sanspo 3/21/2013


Hayato Sakamoto and Shinnosuke Abe worked out at Giants Stadium on Thursday for the first time since returning from the WBC.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/21/2013Nikkan Sports 3/21/2013


Toshiya Sugiuchi threw sixty-one pitches in the bullpen at Giants Stadium on Thursday.  He could pitch in an exhibition game against Rakuten on either the 23rd or 24th.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/21/2013


Hirokazu Sawamura threw thirty-seven pitches to a standing catcher in the bullpen at Giants Stadium on Thursday.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/21/2013


Kabuki actor Tojuro Sakata will throw out the ceremonial first pitch on the 29th.  Ski jumper Sara Takanashi will throw out the first pitch on the 30th.

Source: Nikkan Sports 3/21/2013

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Yomiuri Giants News and Notes: February 20, 2013

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Shuichi Murata strengthened the protective fingernail cover on his right middle finger on Tuesday with additional layers of silk and acrylic.

Source: Sponichi 2/20/2013


Kyosuke Takagi is scheduled to make a start against Samurai Japan on the 28th at YafuOku Dome.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/20/2013

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Yomiuri Giants News and Notes: February 17, 2013

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Bullpen Sessions / Batting Practice


  • Kyosuke Takagi: bullpen, 130 pitches

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/17/2013


Ryosuke Miyaguni is scheduled to pitch in an exhibition game against Hiroshima on the 23rd.

Source: Daily Sports 2/17/2013


Kyosuke Takagi is trying to prepare for a potential role in the starting rotation by throwing a lot.  He threw 132 pitches in a bullpen session on the 14th, tossed three innings during an intra-squad game on the 16th, and then threw 130 pitches in the bullpen today.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/17/2013


Seiji Tahara hurt his lower back during an intra-squad game on Saturday.  He worked out separately from the rest of the team today and ended workouts early.

Source: Sanpso 2/17/2013


1st round draft pick Tomoyuki Sugano is slated to pitch in an exhibition game against Rakuten on the 24th.  He is hoping to get through three innings in under fifty pitches.

Source: Sponichi 2/17/2013, Daily Sports 2/17/2013

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Yomiuri Giants News and Notes: February 14, 2013

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Bullpen Sessions / Batting Practice


  • Kyosuke Takagi: bullpen, 132 pitches, at about eighty percent, this was the third 100+ pitch session since the start of camp
  • Toru Anan: bullpen, seventy-two pitches

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/14/2013, Nikkan Sports 2/14/2013


Eddie Jones, head coach of the Japan national rugby union team, visited spring camp in Okinawa today.  He also spoke to players for about twenty minutes after their intra-squad game.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/14/2013, Sponichi 2/14/2013


NPB commissioner Ryozo Kato visited Giants' camp today.

Source: Sponichi 2/14/2013


Kyosuke Takagi is scheduled to pitch three innings in relief during an intra-squad game on the 16th.

Source: Nikkan Sports 2/14/2013


Tatsunori Hara hit forty-six grounders to Daisuke Nakai over about a twenty minute period during workouts on Wednesday.

Source: Sponichi 2/14/2013


There are currently twenty position players attending Ichi-gun camp.  That will drop to about eighteen after an intra-squad game on the 16th.  If Michihiro Ogasawara and Yoshitomo Tani are ready, they will join Ichi-gun camp on the 23rd, when the Giants play an exhibition game against Hiroshima.  That will likely lead to two more demotions.

Source: Sponichi 2/14/2013, Nikkan Sports 2/14/2013


Keun-Woo Jeong (SK Wyverns) appeared on JTBC TV (Korea) and said he was interested in playing for the Yomiuri Giants.

Source: Sponichi 2/14/2013


Former Yomiuri Giant Koji Goto is reportedly working as a special spring training instructor for the New York Yankees.  After that, he will report to Single-A Staten Island.

Source: Sponichi 2/14/2013

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