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[12/18/2014] Rakuten Eagles, Seibu Lions, Softbank Hawks, Orix Buffaloes, Nippon Ham Fighters

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Rakuten Eagles

Seibu Lions

  • Hideto Asamura wants to focus on second base and is willing to give up short. Source: Sponichi 12/18/2014

Softbank Hawks

  • Kimiyasu Kudo is planning to add tire flipping to spring camp workouts next year. He feels it will be a good way to break up the monotony and make things fun for players. Source: Sponichi 12/18/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/18/2014

Orix Buffaloes

  • Former Hanshin Tiger Naohisa Sugiyama will join the staff as Hiroshi Moriwaki's media relations manager and personal assistant, effective January 1. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/18/2014

Nippon Ham Fighters

  • The Fighters held a press conference to announce that Masao Kida (46) will join their staff as an assistant general manager, effective January 1, 2015. Source: official announcement, Sponichi 12/18/2014
  • Yuji Arahari's wife gave birth to the couple's first child, a girl weighing 2,982 grams, on December 17. Source: official announcement

[12/16/2014] Chiba Lotte Marines, Softbank Hawks, Orix Buffaloes, Nippon Ham Fighters

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Chiba Lotte Marines

  • Lotte has decided to take advantage of third round draft pick Kandai Terashima's good looks by putting his face on flags and face towels. The items will be available during the first sale of the year on January 4. The Marines decided to sell Terashima merchandise after receiving requests from female fans. He will be the first member of Lotte's 2014 draft class to get his own merchandise. Source: Sponichi 12/16/2014, Daily Sports 12/16/2014

Softbank Hawks

  • Kimiyasu Kudo is planning to hold study sessions for all coaches during spring camp next year. Topics could include injuries and rehab. Kudo wants coaches to understand proper training methods and rehab procedures because he does not believe trainers should be the only ones to have that information. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/16/2014
  • Shota Takeda wants to push his weight up to 100 kilograms. Source: Daily Sports 12/16/2014

Orix Buffaloes

Nippon Ham Fighters

  • Shohei Otani has been throwing baseballs from the wind-up since the start of the off-season. He threw about 100 while playing catch and roughly twenty while throwing into a net during workouts on Monday. Source: Sanspo 12/16/2014
  • Mitsuo Yoshikawa is planning to start a three-day fast on the 17th. Source: Sports Hochi 12/16/2014

[12/15/2014] Rumors: Takashi Toritani, Alejandro Segovia, Shunsuke Watanabe

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Takashi Toritani is expected to give the Hanshin Tigers his final decision during their next meeting. He is said to be talking to the Toronto Blue Jays and San Diego Padres. Both teams might be willing to sign him to an MLB contract, but neither will likely go more than a year with a team option. Source: Sanspo 12/15/2014

The Tigers could have someone check on talent in Venezuela some time in January. They are also interested in Shunsuke Watanabe (38). He is currently playing for Leones del Caracas. He wants to make it back to the Majors, but could be open to returning to Japan if he gets no offers. Source: Sports Hochi 12/15/2014, MLB.com Player Page

Yoshio Itoi (33) met with Orix officials for salary negotiations on Monday and agreed to a 100 million yen raise. He is slated to make an estimated 350 million yen, plus incentives, in 2015. He was also selected to become the next team captain. Itoi is still interested in the Majors, but is currently more concerned about winning a championship with Orix. Source: Sports Hochi 12/15/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/15/2014

The media learned that the Rakuten Eagles are planning to sign Alejandro Segovia (24) to an Ikusei contract. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/15/2014

Hiroshima's Kenta Maeda (26) apparently told fans at a dinner event on Sunday that pitching in the Majors and winning a championship with the Carp were both his goals. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/15/2014

[12/13/2014] Orix Buffaloes introduce 2014 Draft Class

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Ord Name JPN Team DOB HT/WT POS T/B Level Uni Bonus Contract Date
1 Yamasaki, Sachiya 山崎 福也 ORI 1992/09/09 187/88 P L/L Meiji University 17 100,000,000
15,000,000 12/03
2 Mune, Yuma 宗 佑磨 ORI 1996/06/07 181/77 INF R/L Yokohama Hayato High School 6 60,000,000 7,000,000 11/13
3 Sano, Kodai 佐野 皓大 ORI 1996/09/02 182/68 P R/R Oita High School 12 50,000,000 6,000,000 11/18
4 Takagi, Ban 高木 伴 ORI 1990/06/01 180/80 P R/R NTT Higashi Nihon 36 50,000,000 10,000,000 11/27
5 Saito, Koki 齋藤 綱記 ORI 1996/12/18 181/83 P L/L Hokusho High School 48 35,000,000 5,000,000 11/21
6 Sakayori, Seiichi 坂寄 晴一 ORI 1990/04/05 180/73 P L/L JR Higashi Nihon 43 30,000,000 10,000,000 11/28
7 Nishino, Masahiro 西野 真弘 ORI 1990/08/02 167/68 INF R/L JR Higashi Nihon 39 25,000,000 10,000,000 11/28
8 Oda, Yuya 小田 裕也 ORI 1989/11/04 172/75 OF R/L Nihon Seimei 50 25,000,000 10,000,000 11/26
9 Suzuki, Yu 鈴木 優 ORI 1997/02/05 181/76 P R/R Yukigaya High School 68 10,000,000 4,800,000 11/14


Source: official announcement, official draft info

[12/11/2014] Rakuten Eagles, Orix Buffaloes, Nippon Ham Fighters

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Rakuten Eagles

  • The Eagles are planning to set up a multi-purpose room near the third base dugout at kobo Stadium. Senior adviser Senichi Hoshino will be able to use the room as needed. It will also double as a room for entertaining VIP guests. Source: Sanspo 12/11/2014, Sponichi 12/11/2014

Orix Buffaloes

  • Orix scout Shintaro Yoshida travels about 47,000 kilometers and spend roughly 1,812,000 yen on transportation every year. He always carries a scorebook, a radar gun, a stopwatch, a video camera, a notebook, sunglasses, and a seat cushion. His bag weighs about ten kilograms and also includes a latop and umbrella. Source: Sanspo 12/11/2014

Nippon Ham Fighters

  • The Fighters announced that they added Yakult senryokugai Takehiko Oshimoto to their staff as a batting practice pitcher. Source: official announcement

[12/10/2014] Rumors: Rick VandenHurk, Kyuji Fujikawa, Yulieski Gourriel

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The Chiba Lotte Marines received Yakult's list of protected players on the 9th. Lotte has until January 6, but will try to reach a decision before the end of the year. They are planning to select a player as part of their compensation for losing Yoshihisa Naruse. Source: Sports Hochi 12/10/2014


Kyuji Fujikawa will most likely play in the United States next year. A source close to the situation told reporters that the pitcher did not have to consider returning to Japan because there was enough MLB interest. Source: Daily Sports 12/10/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/10/2014

The Softbank Hawks have reportedly agreed to a two-year deal with Rick VandenHurk (29). An announcement is expected within the next couple of days. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/10/2014

Yoshihisa Hirano (30) signed a three-year deal worth 900 million yen. At 300 million a year, he became the highest paid pitcher in franchise history. Hirano likes Orix and feels strongly about winning a championship with them and never considered playing for another team this year. He is slated to earn his international FA option after next season. He is planning to stay with Orix over the next three years, but was unwilling to commit to the organization for the rest of his career when asked by reporters on Tuesday. Source: Daily Sports 12/10/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/10/2014, Sports Hochi 12/10/2014, Sponichi 12/10/2014

The Yokohama Bay Stars may have offered Yulieski Gourriel (30) a one-year deal worth about 350 million yen, in addition to a two-year deal worth as much as 700 million yen. A representative is currently in Cuba handling negotiations. Source: Sports Hochi 12/10/2014

The Yakult Swallows may have offered Yuhei (30) fifty-eight million for 2015 (a raise of about forty-five million). The outfielder placed the offer on hold because he was expecting more. Since this was his first full season at Ichi-gun, he had his management company rate his season. There was a gap between what Yakult offered and what his management company estimated. The Swallows sweetened their deal during the meeting, but have no plans to add to it. Source: Sports Hochi 12/10/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/10/2014

Ryosuke Hirata (26) met Chunichi Dragons' officials on Wednesday for about ninety minutes and agreed to a deal worth an estimated forty-seven million yen in 2015 (twelve million raise). The amount remained unchanged since the first round of negotiations, but time and a better understanding of the team's rating system was enough to get Hirata to sign. Source: Sports Hochi 12/10/2014, Daily Sports 12/10/2014, Sponichi 12/10/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/10/2014

Atori Ota (25) agreed to a deal worth an estimated 9.5 million yen (a salary cut of three million) on Wednesday. It was Ota's second meeting with Yokohama Bay Star officials. It was the same offer he received during his first meeting. Source: Sponichi 12/10/2014

[12/10/2014] Orix Buffaloes: Chihiro Kaneko provides an update through his blog

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Chihiro Kaneko posted the following update to his blog on Wednesday:

To my fans...

Thank you for your comments.
I read each of them.
I am sorry for the concern I caused.

I also feel bad about my inability to express my thoughts and feelings during interviews.

Nothing has been decided and I want to avoid any and all possible misinterpretations/misunderstandings.

I wish I was able to better handle the situation...

I exercised my domestic FA option because I wanted to seriously consider my career.

I am struggling [with the decision] and am still thinking.

I might be thinking about the same kinds of things people consider about their future when changing jobs or schools.

In November, as the result of my thinking, I reached the conclusion that it might be okay to give up on the Majors this off-season.

More importantly, I realized I have a strong desire to bring excitement to Japanese baseball.

Unlike the players that make decisions during the season and quickly make announcements when the off-season begins, I want to listen to offers from other teams and take my time to decide. I want to struggle and discover my feelings in the process.

I am the type of player that can only focus on the one game in front of them during the season.

The only time I can think about my future is now and it might be my only chance.

Once I struggle and arrive at a decision after taking my time, I will let all of you know.

Thank you for your support.

Oh and by the way, the stitches in my right elbow were removed, it is going well.

Chihiro Kaneko

Source: Blog Post 12/10/2014

[12/10/2014] Rakuten Eagles, Seibu Lions, Softbank Hawks, Orix Buffaloes, Nippon Ham Fighters

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Rakuten Eagles

  • Shintaro Masuda gained about seven kilograms last winter and is working to make sure that does not happen again this winter. He has managed to keep his weight at eighty-five kilograms so far. Source: Sponichi 12/10/2014
  • The media learned on Tuesday that Takaaki Yokoyama had a tonsillectomy. He has already been discharged from the hospital. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/10/2014

Seibu Lions

  • Hotaka Yamakawa will have a chance to work out with Norichika Aoki in Okinawa in January. Yamakawa is trying to get his weight down to 100 kilograms. He has so far dropped six kilograms and has three more to go. Source: Sponichi 12/10/2014

Softbank Hawks

  • The media learned on Wednesday that former manager Koji Akiyama's wife, Chiaki Akiyama, died on Tuesday at the age of fifty-five. Chiaki had been battling an undisclosed illness since 2011. Akiyama was planning to attend the team's championship trip to Hawaii, but canceled to be with his wife. Source: Daily Sports 12/10/2014, Sponichi 12/10/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/10/2014

Orix Buffaloes

Nippon Ham Fighters

  • Mitsuo Yoshikawa is planning to fast for three to four days before the end of the year. It will be his first attempt. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/10/2014
  • Shohei Otani is hoping to get more playing time next year. Source: Sanspo 12/10/2014

[12/9/2014] Rumors: Yoshihisa Hirano, Yuhei

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Hanshin's Shintaro Fujinami (20) appeared on a variety TV show on Monday and admitted that he would want a chance to play in the Majors if he ever reached that level of play. Source: Sanspo 12/9/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/9/2014, Daily Sports 12/9/2014

Orix's Yoshihisa Hirano (30) agreed to a three-year deal worth 900 million yen. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/9/2014

Takeya Nakamura (31) met Seibu Lion officials for salary negotiations on Monday and agreed to a thirty million yen raise (from 350 to 380 million yen). Nakamura is now the highest paid Japanese player in franchise history. He started the day tied with Kazuo Matsui at 350 million yen. Source: Sponichi 12/9/2014, Daily Sports 12/9/2014

Yuhei (30) was not satisifed with the salary offer he received from the Yakult Swallows on Tuesday and decided to hold off on signing an agreement for the 2015 season. His meeting with team officials lasted about an hour and forty-five minutes. Source: Sponichi 12/9/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/9/2014

[12/8/2014] Rumors: Rakuten Eagles, Norihiro Nakamura

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Chihiro Kaneko

  • The Rakuten Eagles are planning to offer the uniform number 19 to Kaneko. The number was worn by former manager Katsuya Nomura between 2006 and 2009 and left out of the active rotation since. They could also offer him three or more years. Source: Sponichi 12/5/2014
  • Rakuten executive Hiroshi Abei was planning to attend the winter meetings in San Diego, but decided to cancel to make Kaneko his top priority. Others officials, like team president Yozo Tachibana, left for the United States on Monday. Source: Sports Hochi 12/8/2014, Nikkan Sports 12/8/2014


Munenori Kawasaki (37) hinted on Sunday that he was twenty-eighty sure of where he wanted to play next year (he did not spec. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/8/2014

Norihiro Nakamura (41) is still waiting for an offer from an NPB team. Source: Daily Sports 12/7/2014 ... Nakamura is planning to wait it out through to the end of spring camp. Source: Sports Hochi 12/8/2014

If the Yokohama Bay Stars are unable to re-sign Yulieski Gourriel (30), they could turn their attention to finding a closer. Source: Nikkan Sports 12/7/2014

Takahiro Okada (26) met the Orix Buffaloes for salary negotiations on Monday and held off on agreeing to their offer because he was unsatisfied with it. He will have his representative handle all future negotiations. Source: Daily Sports 12/8/2014 ... According to Sanspo, Okada was offered seventy-eight million yen (twenty-three million yen raise). Source: Sanspo 12/8/2014

Former Yakult Swallow Hiroki Sanada joined the Fukushima Hopes (BC League) as a player/coach. Source: official announcement

Former Yakult Swallow Chris Narveson (32) signed a minor league contract with the Marlins. Source: Sun-Sentinel 12/7/2014 via Nikkan Sports 12/8/2014

Freddy Garcia (38) wants to play in Japan. Source: Jon Morosi Twitter 12/7/2014 via Nikkan Sports 12/8/2014