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[10/15/2014] Rumors: Ginjiro Sumitani (Seibu), Chihiro Kaneko and Yoshihisa Hirano (Orix)

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Seibu Lions

  • The Lions are planning to meet Ginjiro Sumitani some time before the start of fall camp on November 6. Source: Daily Sports 10/15/2014

Softbank Hawks

Orix Buffaloes

  • The Buffaloes could be preparing to offer Chihiro Kaneko a three-year deal worth as much as 1.5 billion yen (includes all performance bonuses). They may also offer Yoshihisa Hirano a three-year deal worth a maximum 1.2 billion yen (includes all performance bonuses). Source: Nikkan Sports 10/15/2014, Nikkan Sports 10/15/2014 ... Sanspo feels the deals for Kaneko and Hirano will be three years worth a base 1.2 billion yen and a total 1.0 billion yen, respectively. Source: Sanspo 10/15/2014
  • Yoshio Itoi is expected to approach management about the possibilty of posting him to the Majors during the off-seson. Source: Sponichi 10/15/2014
  • The Buffaloes have an interest in possible free agents Naoki Miyanishi (29) and Masanori Hayashi (31). Source: Sports Hochi 10/15/2014 ... They may also be interested in Kila Ka'aihue. Source: Tokyo Sports 10/15/2014

[10/15/2014] Seibu Lions, Orix Buffaloes

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Seibu Lions

  • Norio Tanabe visited Seibu Tetsudo headquarters in Tokorozawa, Saitama on Wednesday to provide team owner Takashi Goto with his report on the past season. Source: Sponichi 10/15/2014 ... Tanabe will be in Miyazaki for four days, beginning on the 16th, checking on players participating in the Phoenix League. Source: Sanspo 10/15/2014

Orix Buffaloes

  • Players have off until the 26th. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/15/2014
  • Pitching prospects that can contribute right away will be the team's focus during the draft, especially since Chihiro Kaneko's fate is unknown. They may also check on pitching talent in Cuba. Source: Daily Sports 10/15/2014
  • Esteban German and Brandon Dickson will leave Japan on the 16th. Both players are in the middle of two-year deals and will be back next year. Source: Sponichi 10/15/2014
  • All Ichi-gun coaches will most likely return next season. An announcement is expected within the next few days. Source: Sponichi 10/15/2014
  • Shunta recorded a first-pitch lead-off home run during Tuesday's First Stage game against the Nippon Ham Fighters and became the seventh player to hit a lead-off home run during a Playoff/Climax Series game, first since Tsuyoshi Nishioka on October 13, 2013 (Central League First Stage, Game 2); the second player in franchise history to hit a lead-off home run during the Playoffs/Climax Series, first since Yutaka Fukumoto on October 19, 1973 (Pacific League Playoff, Game 1); the second player in Playoff/Climax Series history to hit a lead-off home run on the first pitch, first since Takumi Kuriyama on October 8, 2005 (Pacific League Playoff, Game 1). Source: Nikkan Sports 10/15/2014

[10/14/2014] Rumors: Yoshihisa Naruse (Lotte), Hitoshi Tamura (Yokohama)

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Yokohama Bay Stars

  • Hitoshi Tamura re-earned his FA option in August. He already spoke to the Bay Stars earlier this month and told them he was not planning to exercise the option. Tatsuhiko Kinjo also re-earned his option and will likely stay put. Masanori Hayashi is considering his options. Source: Sports Hochi 10/14/2014, Sponichi 10/14/2014

Chiba Lotte Marines

Softbank Hawks

  • The Hawks could offer former Rakuten coaches Yoshinori Sato and Yasutomo Suzuki jobs on their coaching staff. Source: Daily Sports 10/14/2014
  • Atsuya Furuta and Kimiyasu Kudo could be among managerial candidates under consideration. Source: Sponichi 10/14/2014

Orix Buffaloes

  • Chihiro Kaneko and Yoshihisa Hirano refrained from making any sort of real comment on their FA options after Tuesday's loss. Takahiro Mahara and Tomotaka Sakaguchi also have options and have yet to make decisions on what to do with them. The Buffaloes are plannning to ask all four to return next year. Source: Sponichi 10/14/2014

[10/14/2014] Rakuten Eagles, Seibu Lions, Orix Buffaloes

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Rakuten Eagles

  • There were rumors the Eagles might try to offer Senichi Hoshino some sort of a position in the front office, but it seems he might be leaving the organization for good because he was not happy with how management was dragging things out with the hiring of his replacement. Source: Daily Sports 10/14/2014 ... Fall practices at kobo Stadium began on Tuesday. Hoshino made an appearance and addressed players on the field one last time. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/14/2014
  • The Eagles announced that they will not offer pitching coach Yoshinori Sato, infield/base coach Yasutomo Suzuki, and battery coach Takashi Miwa contracts for the 2015 season. Source: official announcement ... Sato and Suzuki are leaving because of the team's poor performance. Miwa has been offered a job in the front office. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/14/2014
  • Ni-gun chief pitching coach Tsutomu Sakai and Ni-gun pitching coach Hiroshi Takamura are expected to get promotions to Ichi-gun. Source: Sports Hochi 10/14/2014

Seibu Lions

  • Fall practices began at Seibu Dome on Tuesday. They are scheduled to end on November 4. Fall camp will take place in Nichinan, Miyazaki between November 6 and 20. Source: Daily Sports 10/14/2014

Orix Buffaloes

  • Keiichi Hirano was taken off the active roster on Tuesday with an injury to his right hamstring. Source: Sports Hochi 10/14/2014
  • There were no plans for Wily Mo Pena to leave Japan early. The Buffaloes are interested in signing Pena to a new contract and have already spoken to his agent once. Source: Daily Sports 10/14/2014
  • Monday's game was canceled because of Typhoon #19. The last domed stadium game that was canceled was between Lotte and Seibu at Seibu Dome on September 16, 2013 (typhoon). The last domed stadium postseason game that was canceled was between Chunichi and Seibu at Seibu Dome on October 20, 2004 (typhoon). Monday's cancellation at Kyocera Dome was the third in stadium history. The other two times: Orix vs Kintetsu on August 21, 2001 (typhoon); Seibu vs Kintetsu on September 7, 2004 (typhoon). Source: Nikkan Sports 10/14/2014

[10/14/2014] Orix Buffaloes 2015 Ni-gun Coaching Staff

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Ni-gun Coaching Staff

Position Name JPN Name ENG Age Uni
Manager 岡本 哲司 Okamoto, Tetsuji 53 77
Pitching Coach 吉田 篤史 Yoshida, Atsushi 44 73
Pitching Coach 平井 正史 Hirai, Masafumi 39 72
Hitting Coach 大島 公一 Oshima, Koichi 47 76
Hitting Coach 下山 真二 Shimoyama, Shinji 38 74
OF/Base Coach 塩崎 真 Shiozaki, Makoto 41 86
INF/Base Coach 辻 竜太郎 Tsuji, Ryutaro 38 79
Battery Coach 鈴木 郁洋 Suzuki, Fumihiro 39 82


Source: official announcementNikkan Sports 10/14/2014

Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters 2 – Orix Buffaloes 1 (October 14, 2014)

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Nippon Ham Fighters vs Orix Buffaloes @ Kyocera Dome - 18:00
Starters: Mendoza, Luis (HAM) 7-13, 3.89 - Nishi, Yuki (ORI) 12-10, 3.29

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 R H E
Nippon Ham 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 2 9 1
Orix 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 7 1

Attendance: 32588 | Time: 4h17m | Nippon Ham leads series, 2-1-0

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[10/13/2014] Rumors: Brad Eldred, Deunte Heath, Wily Mo Pena

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Hiroshima Carp

  • The Carp would like to sign Eishin Soyogi (34) and Shogo Kimura (34) to contracts for the 2015 season. Deunte Heath (29), Brad Eldred (34), and Rainel Rosario (25) will likely return (Rosario will be in the second year of a four-year deal next season). Zach Phillips (28) might get asked back as a starter. Brian Bullington (34), Kam Mickolio (30), and Kila Ka'aihue (30) are still question marks. Source: Sports Hochi 10/13/2014 ... Hiroshima holds 2015 options on Ka'aihue and Phillips. Source: Daily Sports 10/13/2014 ... Eldred, Bullington, and Heath will be returning to the United States on the 14th. Hiroshima holds an option on Eldred for the 2015 season. Source: Daily Sports 10/13/2014
  • Katsuhiro Nagakawa (33) earned has an international FA option, but will likely return next year. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/13/2014

Orix Buffaloes

  • According to Sanspo, the Buffaloes are planning to part ways with Wily Mo Pena and will shift their attention toward the talent pool in Cuba. Source: Sanspo 10/13/2014

[10/12/2014] PL Climax Series: Softbank Hawks, Orix Buffaloes, Nippon Ham Fighters

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Softbank Hawks

  • The Hawks thought they played Saturday's intra-squad game without an audience, but later learned it was streamed over Ustream. The players and coaches were not notified ahead of time. Source: Daily Sports 10/12/2014, Sponichi 10/12/2014 ... Over 9,000 watched the stream. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/12/2014 ... Sunday's game was not streamed. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/12/2014
  • Saturday's intra-squad game: Kenji Otonari, Shota Takeda, and Tadashi Settsu each threw two shutout innings. Kenichi Nakata gave up a run on three hits over three innings of work. Source: Sports Hochi 10/12/2014 ... Yuya Hasegawa (right ankle) was the starting designated hitter and batted fifth. He went 1-for-3 with an RBI. He will most likely be used as a pinch-hitter during the Final Stage. Source: Nikkan Sports 10/12/2014

Orix Buffaloes

  • The Buffaloes announced that they could postpone Monday's game to Tuesday, depending on the severity of Typhoon #19. Tickets will still be good if Game 3 takes place on Tuesday. Source: official announcement
  • Sunday's game drew 36,012 fans and set a new high for an Orix game at Kyocera Dome since 2005. The previous high of 35,982 was set earlier this year on June 1. Source: Sponichi 10/12/2014

Nippon Ham Fighters

  • At twenty years and three months, Shohei Otani became the third youngest pitcher to record a Playoff/Climax Series win, behind Kimiyasu Kudo (nineteen years and five months) and Yu Darvish (twenty years and one month). Source: Sanspo 10/12/2014 ... Otani suffered a cut on his right ring finger while warming up in the bullpen before Saturday's game. Source: Daily Sports 10/12/2014 ... Otani could make it into Game 3 as a hitter. Source: Sponichi 10/12/2014, Nikkan Sports 10/12/2014

[10/12/2014] Orix Buffaloes Injury Report: Wily Mo Pena, Keiichi Hirano

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Wily Mo Pena was taken off the active roster today. The Buffaloes informed the media that Pena complained of pain in his right chest during practices on Friday. He was examined at a hospital in Kobe after Saturday's game and diagnosed with inflammation in the right pectoralis major. It is unknown how long it will take for a full recovery. He was not at the stadium on Sunday and was recuperating at home.

Since Pena was taken off the active roster, he will not be eligible to return until the 22nd, at the earliest. This means he will not be able to participate in the Final Stage of the Climax Series, if the Buffaloes advance.

Source: Sports Hochi 10/12/2014, Nikkan Sports 10/12/2014, Sponichi 10/12/2014, Daily Sports 10/12/2014


Keiichi Hirano left Sunday's game with tightness in his right hamstring. He started feeling the tightness after running out a grounder to second in the 1st inning. He was removed from the game on defense in the 2nd. He received ice treatment and did not go to the hospital. The Buffaloes will take a wait-and-see approach.

Source: Daily Sports 10/12/2014, Sponichi 10/12/2014, Nikkan Sports 10/12/2014