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Sadaharu Oh thinks Hiromitsu Ochiai is a good candidate for WBC manager

by on Jun.21, 2012 @ 6:24 pm, under WBC
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Sadaharu Oh told reporters on Wednesday that he felt Hiromitsu Ochiai was a good candidate for WBC manager.

"[Ochiai] is not an active manager and he has the credentials." said Oh.

When asked about Softbank manager Koji Akiyama, he replied, "It is no surprise that [Akiyama's] name has been mentioned, but I think candidates should be people not actively involved in baseball."

Akiyama also provided his thoughts: "No, no.  Even if they ask, I will turn it down.  It is a job that would be difficult for active managers.  It would be impossible."

Source: Sponichi 6/21/2012, Sanspo 6/21/2012

Softbank Hawks News and Notes: November 12, 2010

by on Nov.12, 2010 @ 4:15 am, under NPB
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Six pitchers, including Tsuyoshi Wada, Toshiya Sugiuchi, Takahiro Mahara, and Tadashi Settsu, ended their fall camp practice on Thursday and will spend some time (from the 13th to the 17th) at some hot springs in Kyushu for some rest and relaxation (treatment).


Nagisa Arakaki is scheduled to start a practice game against the Yomiuri Giants later today.


Munenori Kawasaki started practicing again on Wednesday (he had surgery on his right elbow on 11/5) -- he spent about 2 hours in the training room doing things like aerobics.


Sadaharu Oh will apparently take part in the Hawks' parade on the 20th.

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Wakiya scores a run in his 12th straight game to tie Oh’s franchise mark

by on Aug.02, 2010 @ 4:59 am, under NPB
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9:52am JST

Michihiro Ogasawara set the NPB record of 17 games back in 2001 as a member of the Nippon Ham Fighters.  Takao Sato set the Central League record of 14 games in 1952.

4:59am JST

Ryota Wakiya scored 3 times last night in a game against the Hiroshima Carp and has now scored at least one run in 12 straight games.  That ties the franchise mark that Sadaharu Oh set in 1963.

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Sadaharu Oh Baseball Museum

by on Feb.15, 2010 @ 10:00 pm, under NPB
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The Softbank Hawks announced on Monday that the Sadaharu Oh Baseball Museum (temporary name) will open in July 2010 and will be located within Yahoo! Dome (where The Big Life is located).

Various artifacts from Oh's long career in baseball will be on display.

More information will be released in late March.

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Sadaharu Oh elected chairman of Golden Players Club

by on Dec.14, 2009 @ 12:29 am, under Other
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The Golden Players Club (Meikyukai) announced on Sunday that Sadaharu Oh was elected chairman and Isao Shibata was elected representative director.

Masaichi Kaneda also officially stepped down as chairman and representative director of the Golden Players Club.

Koji Yamamoto, Hisashi Yamada, and Osamu Higashio will take over as vice chairmen, positions previously held by Oh and Shigeo Nagashima.

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Around the NPB Horn: Yomiuri Giants on the verge of clinching Central League

by on Sep.23, 2009 @ 8:01 am, under NPB

Chiba Lotte Marines

...Shunsuke Watanabe announced prior to his start on Tuesday that he will donate 10,000yen for every inning he tossing this season to the World Food Programme.  That's 1,350,000yen for 135 innings of work so far this year.

...The Marines will invite current Ham Fighters' Ni-gun battery coach Kiyoshi Yamanaka to be there Ichi-gun battery coach next season.  The Fighters' current Ichi-gun battery coach, Hidetoshi Hakamada will likely be made a general Ni-gun coach.

Hanshin Tigers

...Tomoyuki Kubota has tossed 12 innings in 10 games and given up just 1 earned run at Ni-gun since moving into the bullpen at the end of August.  He hasn't given up a run in his last 8 appearances.

...Tomoaki Kanemoto recorded his 9,204th plate appearance during Tuesday's game against the Yokohama Bay Stars and took over sole possession of 14th place on the all-time list, above Shigeo Nagashima's 9,201.  He also tied Katsuya Nomura's career 1,252 walks with his walk in the 1st inning.

Nippon Ham Fighters

...The Fighters' Magic Number is 10.

Softbank Hawks

...Sadaharu Oh had laparoscopic hernioplasty surgery and laparoscopic gallbladder surgery on Monday (腹腔鏡下内ヘルニア根治術・胆嚢摘出術).  They surgery reportedly was a success and will require a stay at the hospital of about a week to 10 days.

According to the Hawks, Oh complained of pain in his abdomen on the 11th and 13th and was admitted to the hospital on the 14th for testing.  There was nothing found in the testing, but while he was hospitalized, he suffered an intestinal obstruction due to a hernia and gallstones and it was decided they would operate to address both.

...Tsuyoshi Wada made an appearance in relief on Tuesday against the Chiba Lotte Marines and gave up a run (earned) on 3 hits, a walk, and 5 strike outs over 4.2 innings of work.

Yomiuri Giants

...The Giants' Magic Number is 1.

...Kiyoshi Toyoda earned his FA rights for the second time in his career on Tuesday.

In 2005 he exercised his FA rights and went from the Seibu Lions to the Yomiuri Giants.

...The Giants have prepared 3,000 cans of beer and 240 bottles of champagne for their victory celebration at a nearby hotel.  They have also prepared carbonated water for the under-the-drinking-age player, Daisuke Nakai.  The Giants will also sell out as many standing-room tickets as possible.

Nippon TV will carry the game and will provide news coverage of the game and the celebration during their news program in the evening if they win.

NBP: Oh becomes Japan’s baseball amabassador; and more…

by on Feb.27, 2009 @ 3:35 am, under NPB

...In preparation for a couple of exhibition games (2/26 & 2/28) against the Lotte Marines, the Rakuten Eagles have sent pitchers Kenta Satake, Darrell Rasner, Kanehisa Arime, Marcus Gwyn, Matt Childers, infielders Fernando Seguignol, Makoto Kosaka, Rick Short, Norihiro Nakamura, outfielders Kochi Isobe, and Kenshi Kawaguchi to train with the Ichi-gun squad.

Two players with the Ichi-gun squad, pitcher Takashi Ishida and infielder Jobu Morita, are being dropped to the Ni-gun squad.

...Maximo Nelson (Chunichi Dragons) tossed 222 pitches in his bullpen session yesterday (he spent an hour and half throwing). Nelson's previous high was 216, set on the 21st.

...Yoshinori Sato (Yakult Swallows) hit 152km/h on the radar gun againt the Lotte Marines on Wednesday, his second pre-season start this year. He tossed 4 innings, gave up 2 hits, walked 2, and didn't give up a run.

...Rakuten Eagles manager Katsuya Nomura has placed a ban on his players from going to the visitor's dugout before games to pay their respects.

Said Nomura, "All my players do is bow here and there before games. And it's only our players. None of our opponents have ever come to see me before the games."

I just can't get enough Nomura...

...Seibu Lions manager Hisanobu Watanabe is feeling so good about his team's training session, he's given them a rating of 99 (the same mark as last season).

"I'm really feeling the energy from the youngsters right now. I think we've been able to raise the bar," said Watanabe.

...G.G. Sato has finally agreed to terms with the Seibu Lions. He received a 30M yen raise and will make 67M yen, plus bonuses, this year.

"I'm relieved. I left negotiations up to my agent this year so that I can focus on my practices. ... The exhibition games will be starting soon so I'm glad this was settled this month," said Sato.

...Hiroshima Carp manager Marty Brown is also feeling good about his team's camp session so far.

Said Brown, "Competition is really begining to heat up. At the same time, I'm seeing more of everyone's individuality as well. I think it's the best camp I've had in the 4 years I've been here."

...The Hanshin Tigers will start the year with Norihiro Akahoshi, Kentaro Sekimoto, and Takashi Toritani as the first three hitters in the starting lineup. While the speedy combination of Akahoshi and Sekimoto were together last season, they should have more opportunities to run this season as Akinobu Mayumi loves the running game.

After that, Takahiro Asai and Tomoaki Kanemoto (the "AK Canon") will mostly like hit 4 and 5, followed by the newly acquired Kevin Mench in the 6 hole.

...The Tigers were hoping that either Shinobu Fukuhara and Satoru Kanemura (or both), would be able to help out in the rotation this year, but both pitchers suffered setbacks in their latest practice game appearances. Fukuhara gave up 4 runs on 7 hits over 3 innings and Kanmura 1 run on 2 hits over 2 innings.

...The Orix Buffaloes have 12 spots on the roster for pitchers. Of those 12 spots, 7 have been more or less filled: starters Satoshi Komatsu, Shogo Yamamoto, Kazuki Endo, Yoshihisa Hirano, Mamoru Kishida, and closer Daisuke Kato.

...Tuffy Rhodes (Orix Buffaloes) complained of some discomfort in his right knee during practice the other day. It doesn't seem serious at this point though. Said Orix manager Ohishi, "It doesn't sound like it's that bad. I told him not to push things too hard and to just be ready by opening day."

During yesterday's practice, he worked out with the rest of the team, skipping only dashes.

...Hideo Nomo was on the mound again for BP. He started off doing some light throwing, but as he continued, he slowly began to use his signature "tornado" delivery and ended up tossing about 100 pitches.


...The WBC continues to grip the whole of Japan. Over 500 fans (along with about 50 reporters) gathered at Osaka Station to see Samurai Japan players off to Tokyo. Station officials weren't ready for such a large crowd and qiuckly scrambled together about 20 employees to help with crowd control.

The crowd at Osaka Station...

"No one told us about this so we had to rush in order to round up enough people to help out around the Shinkansen ticket area," said a station official.

...TV ratings from the Samurai Japan vs Australia games on the 24th and 25th for the Kanto region: 20.8% and 18.1% respectively.

...Katsuhiro Miyamoto, a professor at Kansai University, is claiming that another WBC Championship could generate 50B yen for Japan's economy.

Incidentally, the first WBC generated about 36B yen.

...Yesterday was an off-day (more like a travel day as the team moved from Osaka to Tokyo) for Samurai Japan.

...A day after getting struck in the arm, Norichika Aoki was at Jingu Stadium working out. He played catch and took about 30 swings of the bat.

Said Aoki about getting hit, "It's just a little swollen. I'm ok. It actually might help me ease up a little."

He also added, "Now that I'm in Tokyo, it's finally beginning to feel like the WBC is near. I'm ready for the next 2 practice games. ... I don't want to be passive at the plate. I want to attack the pitch every chance I get."

...It's been mentioned a number of times on the tv and in the press that Bob Davidson won't be part of the WBC umpiring crew this year. I guess the Nishioka tag-up play remains strongly etched in the minds of more than a handful of fans.

...Australia's manager Jon Deeble said it was too early to judge Daisuke Matsuzaka and that his batters returned to the dugout saying that they couldn't hit his slider. He also added, "We came to Japan with a pretty young roster. We had four 18-year-olds. The WBC roster will be completely different."


...Sadaharu Oh was choosen by Foreign Minister Hirofumi Nakasone to become Japan's official baseball ambassador yesterday.


...Training camp photos from February 26th (Sanspo).